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Home Breast Health. Do you need to schedule a formal, sit-down monthly breast self exam to inspect every single centimeter? Fibrocystic breast changes—in which breast tissue is overreacts to hormones, which results in lumps and cysts—affect 50 to 60 percent of women. You should always see your doctor any time you spot anything abnormal. In , the United States Preventive Services Task Force came out with controversial guidelines about delaying mammograms to age 50 from 40 and getting them every two years instead of annually.

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

We know it sounds annoying, yes, but if you tend to be full-chested, you might want to consider wearing a comfortable t-shirt bra as you catch Max private investigators zzz's to maintain your desired boob shape, says Grotting. Not Helpful 4 Helpful I felt devastated. In the Eucharist service, there is a prayer at which the bread and the wine are offered to God and made holy. James Breasts which felt down gallery. I just gave birth 3 months ago and once I was feeding my baby when I felt a big lump in my right breast, underneath the breast and on the side. It is always best to have reassurance that things are fine, or the proper series of investigations and tests as soon as possible if your doctor agrees that there is cause for concern. Breasts which felt down gallery not unusual to develop breast lumps for a short duration of time; most often, these are related to the menstrual cycle they are called "physiological breast lumps" and come and go each month in sync with your menstrual cycle.

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Many years later in a very different kind of magazine I read that a good breast is a breast that feeds and feels. Lesbian Orgy. I don't want to wear one, Cuckhold wife video I guess I am afraid I might need one. I am self-conscious about my large areola and the asymmetry of my breasts. However now I feel much more comfortable with myself, and their size has in no way impeded any of my endeavors. Angela Smith. Getting Ready. I galkery weight in high school and now I'm about pounds and 5'9". Frlt could a person's arm get stronger if always in a cast? I expect it to only get better with time. Nothing is squeezing anything out. No more lumps since then either.

By Maria Masters September 14,

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By Maria Masters September 14, Pin ellipsis More. Getty Images. From changes in nipple sensitivity to increases in self-esteem, we rounded up everything you can expect from this procedure. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, doctors performed , breast reduction surgeries in women in alone. While there are some potential drawbacks to the procedure, the results are often positive.

Women who opt for a breast reduction may end up feeling more confident , sexy , and attractive post-surgery than they do before the operation, according to one review by researchers from Ohio State University. Here's what you can expect post-surgery. Even the logistics of working out can be tricky for women with large chests. She had grown out of a G cup and decided to undergo the procedure in March of Second, heavy breasts can put increased stress on your neck, back, and shoulders, which can make it hard to even walk for long periods of time, let alone run on a treadmill.

But one study in the journal Annals of Plastic Surgery found that when people who are motivated to work out get a breast reduction , they see an increase in their physical activity levels after the operation.

Andrea Moreira, MD, a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reduction at Cleveland Clinic, says she sees many women who have large chests but smaller bottom halves.

These patients often have difficulty finding shirts and dresses that fit them correctly. Moreira explains. Post-surgery, it's a different story: All those previously off-limits outfits are now fair game, says Sandy, 36, a member of the RealSelf community who lives in California. She had the surgery in March , and went from a 36G to a 36D. Now I can even go braless, which is amazing. Oh hey Victoria's Secret. Haven't seen you since seventh grade.

Not fair. Another problem with ill-fitting bras: The weight of a woman's breasts rests almost entirely on the upper ridge of the shoulders, under the straps. After years of inadequate support, women can develop a groove or indentation in the tissue under that fabric. In some women, this can look almost as if it were a rut in a road. Naturally, that groove can be cosmetically unappealing to some patients; if that's the case, they can undergo a fat transplantation procedure to smooth out the tissue.

There's no getting around the "knife" part of "under the knife. Everyone's scars look different and fade at different rates, says Dr. It takes about 3 months for you breasts to "settle" into their new shape, says Liza Wu , MD, an associate professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.

Since your breasts may swell and shrink, Dr. Wu recommends that patients hold off on purchasing any new bras during that time. But here's something else to keep in mind: Once your bra size does stabilize, there's a chance that you breasts might be slightly bigger or smaller than you were expecting.

Since your breasts are partly made up of fat tissue , it makes sense that if you have the surgery and then gain weight, you'll see an increase in your bra size, says Dr. We should also point out that many times, a woman's bra size isn't consistent with her weight. If you plan on undergoing the procedure and slimming down, it's a good idea to tell your doctor, she says. If you want to drop a lot of weight, the surgeon might want to hold off for a period of time so you can get closer to your desired body shape.

Alas, we're all mortal. It's possible that after you undergo the procedure, you'll feel some kind of change in nipple sensation. Some women actually feel more sensation, but there are also a fair number of women who experience a decrease in feeling. That said, one study found that, while there might be a loss of sensation at first, most women will regain all that feeling after 12 months.

Bigger doesn't always mean better. But now I don't have to worry about my boobs falling out every time I bend over to pick something up. If you undergo a procedure that removes the nipple from the breast, you won't be able to breastfeed, says Dr. But if you're keeping the nipple intact, the odds might be higher than you'd think. In fact, one study by researchers at McGill University found that the chances of women being able to breastfeed after a breast reduction were about equal to those of every other female in North America.

Moreira, however, isn't totally convinced. When you don't like the way your body looks, the last thing you want to do is jump between the sheets with someone. In fact, they often report feeling more attractive, confident, and sexy sans clothing, too. Or, as Cassandra says of her post-surgery days: "I just felt normal. I just wasn't aware of how much pain I was in before. I didn't realize how abnormal I felt. But if you're wavering, keep this in mind: Despite the drawbacks, most women who opt for the procedure believe they made the right decision.

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I am overweight and large breasted. Thanks: ". I gave birth to 4 beautiful children and went into menopause in my mid-forties. This is how I found BreastNotes. My bra size is 34E USA size but recently my bra has been too small. I have no real "scientific" proof that there have been improvements to my life without it.

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

Breasts which felt down gallery

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I am also a little rebellious in nature. I try not to fall into the marketing traps. Companies tell you "If you buy my product, you will be more attractive. I tell myself that I know better, but I sometimes cave in to it anyway, and usually I'm disappointed. This attitude applies to wearing bras, and I feel I don't need a bra or a certain brand of bra to make me feel more attractive.

I have chosen to talk about this issue for several reasons. I would like to encourage women who want to go bra-less to make the intelligent decision to do so. I don't want it to appear that I'm pushing women to go without a bra, because I don't feel that it is right to push my beliefs on someone else.

These are MY reasons why I have decided to go bra-less. I hope to put a human element to this topic by later describing my feelings, some of my second thoughts, the reactions from my employer and friends, etc. I hope to hear back from other readers concerning this topic.

Please address your comments and questions for me to Skye here at BreastNotes. I hope to not only learn from this bra-less experience but from others who write in as well. Skye, Thanks for your insightful comments on the subject of going braless and your willingness to share. I turned 31 on December 30th and until last September I had always worn a bra.

I just thought that was what we did. I thought that breasts stuffed into those tortuous contraptions was just the picture of boob health and was just us doing our reps. But how could it be? How could a person's arm get stronger if always in a cast?

How could a paralyzed person experience anything but atrophy? How could any body part strengthen from lack of use? Then my husband and I began reading about how bras restrict lymphatic circulation, cause us to retain toxins, and greatly increase the odds of getting breast cancer. It was just logical and made sense. It also scared my husband to death because like you, I had an aunt who died from it.

We talked about and agreed that intelligent people change their course of action when new facts disprove their previous notions. We talked about how the evidence did not show that bras kept the breasts from sagging. Billy wanted me to start going totally bra free. I knew it was for the best. I really did. But I fell back on the safety of the known and lobbied for a reduction in bra-wearing. Bill was not crazy about half-ass measures. We have this way of making decisions or submitting new ideas.

One of us will say new rule and suggests their idea. If it's agreed on, it's binding and can only be changed if we both agree. Billy submitted a new rule that both for the health benefits and for his pleasure in enjoying giggling boobs that I would be "forbidden" to wear a bra. I could have said no or countered, but I agreed unconditionally. This was for the best because I needed to do this, but could have wimped out.

This made it policy around here. And I'm in full accord with that. I experienced a bra withdrawal. I am not quite as big as you, but am a C. I worried that my breasts would sag from the lack of support. My husband sort of my coach on this encouraged me to stay the course. He told me that these health benefits were not limited to kids and the flat chested, and that full-figured women probably needed it more because they needed to increase circulation over a larger area. Also, I did not sag.

My boobs have remained high, firm, and upturned, which makes me question the bra's function of providing support. I now look at September 6th as the day my husband liberated my boobs from the bra and I have asked that he never let them be taken prisoner again!

I knew the bra didn't feel good and I always looked forward to taking it off Catch a couple of Christie's YouTube videos about her going bra-free at the following locations:. I liked having my breasts free. I remember, as a 9 year old with budding breasts, sneaking into my bedroom to remove the undershirt my mother insisted I wear.

Looking back, I think she was concerned about my larger nipples showing through my dresses. I didn't like wearing the shirt because I couldn't feel the outer fabric caressing my nipples, or the breeze blowing through my shirt when I was wearing it. Because my nipples were so sensitive I missed the pleasure their stimulation provided to me. Then as my breasts grew, I was always looking at them and marveling at what beautiful things they were.

I graduated into wearing a bra at 10 years old again at my mother's insistence and that was it. Other than losing that nice sensation, I never questioned wearing a bra I never slept in one though, and loved the feeling of my nipples being naked under my night gown when I took the bra off at bedtime. As an adolescent and throughout high school, I was hyper aware if my large nipples would stick out through my bra. At one point I tried using Band-Aids over my nipples inside my bra to hold them down.

I was mortified to have anyone look at them. I would hold my school books over them when in the hallway, or wear super heavy clothing to hide them. They were always so sensitive to everything still are , and reacted to everything by poking straight out.

I was diagnosed at age 13 with ovarian cancer. They only found it because I had a cyst the size of a football on my left ovary. I have been cancer free to this day. I gave birth to 4 beautiful children and went into menopause in my mid-forties. I was widowed at 24 while I was 7 months pregnant with my third child. I remarried two years later to a real 'breast' man, and after having breastfed three babies, my breasts had shrunken down to be quite small an A-cup.

My new husband wanted me to have a breast augmentation surgery, and I agreed because I felt inadequate for his taste being so flat-chested. The implants were silicone, a C-cup size, and became hard very quickly. After that I had one more child which I also breastfed. Fast forward 13 years I was divorced with four teenagers at home. I went for my first mammogram at age 38 only to find the silicone implants had ruptured.

I had them removed and replaced them with saline implants which I still have. Unfortunately the surgeon did not remove all the free floating silicone in my body. More about that later. Throughout my adult life, I have been plagued with fibroid breast cysts. The results of my mammograms for years required a follow up ultrasound, luckily showing nothing of a worrisome nature, but I continued to have the breast cysts. Still it's scary and stressful - waiting close to a month from the time of the mammogram to the final results othe ultrasound.

As my menopausal weight gain came along, my breasts grew, and with that came more and more cysts. Nothing to cause concern, but still that scary waiting period after each annual mammogram.

With each treatment my breasts would enlarge to the point that I now have a 36DD bra size. With the weight of my breasts increasing, I found grooves in my shoulders from my straps, and deep red marks from the under-wire bras I was wearing to bear their weight.

I started ditching my bra the minute I'd walk in the door, and never wore one when I was home unless I had company coming over by then I was a single empty nester with four grown kids and 5 grandchildren. I tried to go out braless frequently when my attire wouldn't give me away only for the sake of comfort. Then I'd feel self-conscious about myself so I'd strap myself back in for the sake of convention.

About two years ago I was researching being bra-free on the internet, including here on BreastNotes. So I bit the bullet and shed my bra. It was a very scary lifestyle transition for me. What will my children think? What if my nipples show? What will the general public think?

Because it's not just taking off a piece of clothing, it's making a complete change in your lifestyle. Your wardrobe needs adjusting, you have to figure out how not to be self-conscious around others, and you need to embrace the liberation. And on top of all that, you have to accept the natural shape of your breasts and how your body looks.

It takes time. I got through it - occasionally wearing a snug tank top under some tops - but mostly being "out there" with nipples blazing. Someone once equated transitioning into bra-lessness to quitting smoking - it takes time and fearlessness to do it.

The good news is - my Cooper's Ligaments became stronger and have lifted my breasts quite a bit if you are not aware, some methods of saline implant insertions do produce a very natural sag, so yes even though I have implants they do droop very naturally.

I'm still a DD-cup, I bounce a lot, and yes, my nipples still peek out a bazillion times a day, but I even go to the gym sans bra - no sports bra or tank top.

I'm sure this has contributed to my Cooper's Ligaments doing their job again. If you are on the fence, maybe some of what I am about to share will help you to remove your breast shackles and empower yourself to be the beautiful, healthy, natural woman you were born to be!!

Did this lifestyle change make my breasts healthier? My annual mammograms no longer require follow up ultrasounds. I no longer am getting the fibroid cysts in my breasts, and the ones I still have are getting smaller. However I do have a collection of silicone apparently the silicone seeks it's own and clumps together in your chest but until I have to have them removed I am just living with them. They don't hurt, and they're not causing any problems at this point.

I learned just before taking the plunge into bra-freedom that the type of ovarian cancer I had in my youth is very similar to many breast cancers, and having improved mammogram results already is well worth being bra-free. I will do anything in my power to keep my 'girls' healthy and well. Did I feel weird and strange going braless in the beginning? Once you embrace it, however, you will feel so empowered and womanly!

It will make you a stronger person in every way, because it's unconventional, and it takes a lot of guts to do unconventional things. Do my breasts look better? Oh yes they do! Breast sagging is reduced as you let your body do what it's supposed to do naturally. The photo below is recent - and for a pair of DD's they're looking pretty good - especially considering I am a year old grandmother of 8!

They weren't as perky in the beginning after I eliminated the bra, but I learned to love them when first bra-free for their shape. Now I love them even more. I have had to make adjustments to the style of tops I wear. I find some of those empire blouses that don't tuck in tight under the bust-line don't work anymore my breasts hang in the middle of the line.

I have to be careful in professional and family settings to ensure I don't wear anything too clingy or see through, or wear anything that will show my nipples which are VERY large and obvious in the wrong tops.

I have learned patterned blouses, t-shirts and dresses are the best route. The patterns camouflage nipples very well. You just have to go to the stores and be brave and try on clothes until you find what fits you best.

Winter is easier as you can layer sweaters, scarves and jackets over your 'girls' and nobody's the wiser. Summers here in AZ are very hot and are more of a challenge.

Just get creative. Just think - you get a new wardrobe to go with your new lifestyle. Make it fun!! Don't fall into the trap - the tic in your brain that says you have to wear only sack-like clothing because your breasts are large and not being held up towards your face.

There are so many fun fashions out there for every imaginable shape. It might take a while to find your new style, but eventually you will. The point is never to let yourself get discouraged enough to put the bra back on. I don't wear cammies or a bra replacement. Nothing is going to restrict my breasts. I want to feel every sensation - the wind, the brush of the fabric, everything.

It's my personal choice. Some will prefer cammies, an extra shirt, etc. A lot of women find going bra-less makes their breasts hurt. Most of what I experienced, and what I have read about other women's experiences, after making this lifestyle change, the pain you initially feel will be gone within a few weeks.

Just take it easy with the jumping and exercise in the beginning, and you'll become so comfy you will wonder why you didn't remove the bra from your life years ago! I feared the 'taboos' of being bra-less. My mother told me I'd sag like my old grandmother who sagged to her waist if I didn't wear a bra.

Like I said earlier, going bra-less is unconventional. I was initially afraid of being without a bra when I'm with family. Finally I had the guts to just do it. My daughters noticed, but my mother never has. I explained to them why I wasn't wearing a bra, and they accepted it. My older daughter has also adopted a bra-free lifestyle as well. She knows its the healthier choice. Just try not to think about what the moral majority might think or say. If you are not being self-conscious crossing your arms or always looking down at them to see what "they're" doing , but are walking tall and letting your nipples lead the way, nobody will notice you are bra-free.

Trust me! They won't know the difference. If your job doesn't have a dress code that requires a bra, just be conservative and confident. Nobody will notice. I sometimes get admiring glances from people when I am out shopping or out to dinner with friends in public on weekends.

I'm getting a lot braver when it comes to my wardrobe. I'm not as concerned if my breasts bounce in an obvious way or if my nipples are 'out there'. After all, it is that bouncing that circulates the lymphatic fluids and flushes toxins from my breasts.

But at work I'm more careful. I don't mind appreciative stares from men or aghast stares from women, but if it bothers you, you can be very discrete with your wardrobe selections. When I first removed my bra, I viewed my 'new' body as an older body - boobs sagging lower than they did with the bra - and I thought it made me look old. However, over time, as my breasts have become rounder and have lifted a little bit, I find that I look slimmer. I always felt like a Jersey cow, all strapped up in a bra, with my breasts feeling like they're in my face.

I really looked so much heavier when wearing the bra. An additional bonus to being bra free, at least for me, is my catering to my extreme nipple sensitivity. I feel everything on my nipples, and as I stated earlier, they're very reactionary. But unlike when I was in high school, I am no longer ashamed of them. I am more brave and I let them show Their freedom and their sensitivity weighed very heavily on my decision to become bra-free.

So get healthy, and feel amazing stimulation. What's not to love? If you choose to make the journey to healthier breasts, you will experience rewards. Health benefits alone are worth it to me, but there are other rewards to being bra-free:. Personal strength. Personal power. You can help others make the healthy choice. You get to have a new wardrobe. You will find it makes you much more health-conscious in every other way.

Enjoy it. Let them stimulate your nipples and then you will be rewarded with natural oxytocin, which is a hormone released during nipple stimulation and orgasm you can read the article here on BreastNotes about nipple stimulation and breast health. Your confidence will go through the roof too. You'll feel more feminine and beautiful once you fully transition to the bra-free lifestyle.

My journey has just begun, even after two years. I have just started doing daily breast massage, some breast yoga, moisturizing, skin masks yes specifically for breasts - with ingredients from my fridge! I will post again at a later date and share my results as they transpire.

Ladies - love your breasts and guard your health. Let your body experience what it was created to experience, and I promise you will always be grateful. Good luck on your journey! Louise Comstock.

I was uncomfortable wearing the bras; I was uncomfortable NOT wearing the bras. I wore the bras to bed, but finding a position to sleep in was almost impossible. Over the next several months, I researched and read like a woman possessed, trying many new things and eliminating others from my lifestyle in an attempt to identify the cause or triggers of my FBD. After months, I did begin to note some very marginal improvement and by that time, I was no longer having to wear a bra hours a day although there were still very obviously palpable cysts in both of my breasts, many of which had been there for YEARS and had been increasing in size as time continued on….

One of the sources of information I consulted was a book titled Dressed To Kill by Sydney Ross Singer, which explores an alleged connection between breast disease including Fibrocystic Breast Disease and the regular wearing of a brassiere. After consideration and in the spirit of due diligence and because I was DESPERATE for relief from my constant discomfort , I approached a licensed massage therapist to inquire about MLD breast massage, which was subsequently professionally administered.

I went home afterwards, drank a lot of water as is customary following a massage of any kind, and went to bed, honestly not thinking much more about it. It is now three months later, and they have never re-materialized. In the days immediately following that life-changing experience, a light bulb went off in my head and I began to consider afresh the argument that the constant compression and specific restriction of a brassiere might, in fact, have untold negative consequences on breast health.

But…what to do when I had to go back to the office? This is how I found BreastNotes. Is this an easy transition? For me, NO. Not in the slightest. Try a day bra-free experiment and test the theory for yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but may possibly GAIN many years of good health as a result. Together, we can push the boundary and create the change that is necessary for the health of all women. Angela Smith. Experience Angela's learning journey of finding her new style of dressing that will minimize the fact that she is now Bra-Free by going HERE.

After the flu, I had a case of shingles on the right side of my back all the way to the right side of my stomach. After doing a lot of research, it was suggested by one website that fresh air was the best thing for the rash, so I stopped wearing a bra as I was staying home anyway because I was in pain. In fact, I wore as little as possible. Wearing a bra everyday was what my mother did and that was what I did, too. I never questioned why I should or should not wear a bra. I didn't think I had a choice; women must wear a bra if they are going to be modest.

After leaving the bra off for two weeks, my breasts felt much better which was an unexpected surprise and my rash was much better, too. I thought about this and if this feels so good to be braless, I need to do more research to see if bras are medically necessary. Much to my surprise, there were numerous articles about the benefits of going braless, and about cancer related to wearing bras.

I found out that bras were not even invented until by a woman. Since that time the bra industry has made women feel if they didn't wear a bra then they were not modest. The bra industry is a 36 billion dollar a year industry. If women stopped wearing bras, the bra industry would crash; instead it thrives. In fact, I own 45 bras and about ten of which I have never worn.

I read online to leave your bra off for three months and you would never go back to wearing a bra. I am on my sixth week of going braless and in three months I am going to throw all of them away. I do not plan to wear a bra again.

I have decided if my nipples show, then I won't look down, nor droop my shoulders, nor put my purse in front of my nipples.

Everyone has nipples, so why worry; I'm not going to cover them up with pasties nor Band Aids because that would make my nipples more obvious. I started leaving my bra off on February 15th.

I have been to the post office and stood in line with 20 people and my nipples were a little perky, so I didn't look down and no one seemed to notice. Today, I went to a funeral at church and no one noticed that I was bra-free, but it was cold and I had a coat on some of the time.

Nipples are natural, Band Aids are not for covering your nipples. Now, I sound pretty bold, but I have not been around my friends yet with my nipples showing as I may shudder over that, but I hope I have strength and commitment to let my nipples show around them.

I will write an update, so please check on BreastNotes. Also, there is a wealth of information on BreastNotes. Recently, I took a short trip and it is the first time in my life that I didn't pack a bra nor wear one the entire trip. It was amazing how good it felt to not be bound by a bra for a whole week.

This may have been the turning point for me as I did not even care if I owned a bra. I was encouraged that I had made a choice that was right for me.

Today, I went shopping, got a pedicure, went out to eat and being braless felt great. No one seemed to notice and my nipples were perky. I even went to the doctor braless and no problem. My sister-in-law has gone braless for years as she watched her mother struggle with breast cancer and eventually die from cancer. She said that when her nipples were perky, whoever didn't want to see them could look somewhere else.

I was very surprised that she had been brafree for years. My mother had a cyst removed from her breast and she always wore a bra. Mammograms really hurt her and they hurt me, too.

I usually check my breasts once a month. I have started massaging my breasts every morning and night. There is an article on BreastNotes. Massaging your breasts make them feel better, although at first, it seems odd.

Try to read all the articles on BreastNotes. I massage my breasts every morning and night. I use about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and warm it in my hands and massage one breast at a time. I massage around the areola and move my hand in a circular motion and then outward to drain toward my lymph nodes under my arms.

Next I bring the skin under my arms upward to my breasts. Then I massage in a circular motion around my entire breast. Then I massage my other breast taking about three minutes for each breast.

Lastly, I lift my arms to the sky inhaling and exhaling and staying with my arms lifted for several seconds and I do this ten times. This aids in lymphatic circulation in my breasts. It is going to be 80 degrees so I won't be able to cover my nipples with my vest. I have decided if anyone asks, I will share the research I have been doing.

I have some tank tops and a lace bandeau but I don't plan to wear them. This is my choice and I can do it. I am 5'4" and I did wear a D bra and I am a little chunky, but I have lost weight recently and I plan to continue losing weight. I am a Christian and attend church regularly. I like to play bridge and all kinds of card games. I live in the Southwest where it gets very hot in the summer, and it may be a little harder to keep my nipples from showing then, but I am resolved to let them show as they are a gift from God.

I am married and have grown children. I like to read and I like to go to the movies. To help you better understand that large breasted women can go braless, I am enclosing three images. I hope to update you on my experiences and to see if my sagging has improved. If you have any questions for me, please ask Ken at BreastNotes. Sally R. Last week I got together with several of my friends to play cards and I wore a colorful print top that was very sheer and unlined.

Because of the print, it was hard to tell that I was not wearing a bra. No one said anything to me, but I don't imagine anyone cared one way or the other. I had decided if anyone had said anything I would tell them about my research on wearing a bra. My next social event was to visit my sister and her family. I chose a thin black shirt, but I wore a vest over it. I am not as bold as I thought I was, however.

So, this is to say anyone can pull off going braless if they dress with a vest or even a very sheer shirt as long as it is colorful or patterned. Now, in saying that, when I wear a shirt that my nipples protrude My husband asked me today if I was wearing a bra? He didn't think bras were good for women.

April M y breasts feel much better than they did three months ago. In fact, my posture is better because I am standing up straighter to keep my breasts up. However, the lingerie business promotes push-up bras that lift your breasts and push your breasts together so you can wear a low top and let your breasts show nearly to your nipples.

Shelf bras hold you up high, lace bras can be seen through sheer blouses so the bra industry is making you feel that you must have the latest bra to look good in your clothes and be modest. Are these very modest? Several of my bras have the underwire that have poked the side of my breasts until it has red marks that lasted for days. The push-up bras were so tight that I was relieved when I could get home and take the bra off. Most of my bras are made from petroleum based material that is not good for you.

Just think of the material that goes into making your bra. Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. It was developed in a 20th century laboratory. Nylon is a synthetic fabric made from petroleum products. It was developed in the s. The good fabrics are silk, cotton, and wool. Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. Cotton is a natural fiber made from the cotton plant.

Wool is the hair of sheep. Many of the chemicals in our bras and clothes are harmful to our skin and the skin covers our entire body. The skin acts as a physical barrier to many of the pollutants in the atmosphere. I have been noticing that more and more women are wising up and not following like sheep, but are making the decision to go braless. However, since the subject of breast cancer came up, I seized the opportunity to tell my friends of the possible connection of bras and breast cancer and that I had made the decision to go braless.

I am hoping that they will make the same decision. May Too many professional women are afraid of losing their jobs if they decided to go bra-free. I wear a thicker material or a vest on top of my blouse if I am going to church, a funeral, or a family gathering. When I take my dog for a walk, I wear a thinner material so that my breasts can wiggle to get a massage.

Also, I have found that most people are so busy with their own lives that they don't bother to look at my breasts to see if I am wearing a bra. Another reason is that I am more confident now without wearing a bra. I can't believe that retired women wouldn't want to enjoy that freedom. Eventually, I may be able to throw my bras away, but not yet, and I don't know why. I don't want to wear one, but I guess I am afraid I might need one.

I need help with that. Maybe after six months I will be able to do so. I am not one to say "never", but I will never go back to wearing a bra. I do not even think about putting a bra on at all. It is so comfortable without having a bra binding me. I feel much better about my breasts now, and my nipples. One was always inverted, so I put the suction cup on both nipples and it was easier for me to do at night see below. I have made up my mind that if they show through my garments… that is okay.

Everyone is concerned about themselves so much, that only a few notice. My husband and I both like my new nipples. And no, it does not change the way I am dressing. My husband took me out for Valentines lunch after church and we had an enjoyable dinner. The ladies that I see all the time do not mention bras at all.

One of my friends that moved away does go bra-free. My husband and I do like how my breasts look. I am very pleased that I made this decision. I can dress very modestly for church and other occasions by being careful on my choice of fabric and color. If I choose a light color, I can always wear a vest or sweater over it. I have worn tops in which you can see the outline of my nipples, but I just don't think about it and people don't seem to notice.

I am so happy that I am bra-free. I wish I had decided to go bra free twenty years ago. Inverted Nipple. I bought two small suction cups made for the nipple. I rubbed clear lip gloss on the nipple and inside the suction cup, then I put the suction cup over the nipple and gently squeezed on two sides, bringing the nipple inside the cup. I added 15 minutes every night working up to three hours. Some nights, I would put it on several times during the night. You can do this during the day or night, whichever is convenient to you.

You can see how this procedure helped my inverted nipple:. I have put on a bra twice and only because I was wearing white. The bra was so confining and the straps kept falling off my shoulders so I could hardly wait until I got home to take off the bra.

However, when I wear white blouses, if the material is sheer, I wear a brightly colored scarf or a large piece of jewelry to take anyone's eyes away from my breasts. I have not convinced anyone to go braless, but it comes natural to me now.

My breasts do not feel as if they have sagged anymore than they would have even if I had been wearing a bra. I am more aware of standing up straighter because I want my breasts to be in a more natural state and not droop.

My back does not hurt anymore because of standing erect. I enjoy going bra-free. Women did not wear bras until the early 's and young women wanted to wear this new invention. Do women realize that nylon hosiery was invented and every lady had to wear either a girdle, garter belt, or garters to hold the hosiery in place so they would look nicely dressed? Hosiery was worn to church, to work and even shopping.

Then panty-hose was invented, then knee-high hose, then anklets and now women have decided "Why wear those hot, expensive hosiery? Do you think men would wear a bra just to look good? Clothing fads come and go, but the bra industry makes so much money off of women that they want you to feel that you have to have the newest bra in every color. I had more than forty-five bras until I got rid of all but five.

I hope to be able to throw those five bras away after the first of the year. I do not plan to ever wear a bra again and I go everywhere without a bra. I am careful what I wear to church or other functions. For all you ladies out there, if you would only try going bra-less for a week, you would NEVER wear a bra again. I had been working in the health food business and studied the lymphatic system, and how movement helps cleanse toxins out of the body through these glands.

Many lymph glands are located in the armpits and I reasoned it would not be healthy for my breasts to be strapped in and prevented from moving and "breathing" all day. In the many years, I did wear a bra, I always felt tremendous relief, when at the end of the day, I took the "hot, smothering, slingshot" off my breasts.

I slowly started realizing how unnatural and unhealthy it felt to strap myself in every morning. It was not an overnight change, but my mother's death certainly accelerated the decision. I dress in slightly thicker, better quality, mostly cotton knit tops and dresses. V-neck and open neck shirts seem the most flattering. I always cover a thin fabric with a jacket or vest. If you do still feel the necessity for the status quo, I would suggest at least choosing unpadded, all cotton bras.

Our skin is another cleansing organ for the body and natural fibers allow the body to breathe much better.

Whichever is your choice, I wish you good health and a long, happy life. My mother had a cyst in her breast and had to have the cyst removed and it was very painful, but it was benign. However, later in life she had a form of Leukemia that the doctor was not going to treat as she was 84 years old.

My son has Multiple Myeloma cancer and I know a few women who have died of breast cancer, so I started thinking about cancer and wondered why they could not find a cure.

While I was recovering from shingles I decided to do research about cysts and breast cancer and found that wearing bras may contribute to breast cancer. The more I read on other websites and then on this website, I decided I must make a decision. I read most of the articles on BreastNotes. It was very hard at first, but it felt better as the weeks passed. I have been bra-free for several months now. My breasts are no longer as painful as they were before I eliminated my bras. I feel so much better that I do not plan to ever put one back on again.

I feel like I am breathing better. I am an asthmatic, but it has been under control for the last five years. It really feels like I am getting more air in my lungs since I don't have a tight bra on. I shared my findings with my friends and women that I meet. I have convinced one lady to not wear a bra as she has found a lump in her breasts and is waiting to see the doctor.

When I told her about the research she said she took her bra off immediately. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Social Science Gender Studies. Why do women like having their breasts felt? I am a woman and I love having my breasts felt, but I've always wondered why. I know that it's an individual thing, but lots of women love it. I know that no woman is willing to let guys feel her boobs. I just want to know the scientific I just want to know the scientific reason why women love it so much.

Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. I absolutely effing hate it. I don't mean to contradict you, but it is true. If you touch my nipples I will actually get angry. I wonder why that is. Maybe I am a freak. I talked to my sister and she said that she felt the same way. And nooo I am not a prude or frigid I just hate being touched there.

I don't mind holding babies or small animals close to my chest, or being hugged. It is men grabbing or touching my breasts that I absolutely despise. Sorry guys. To answer your question We are all wired differently. Maybe that chemical reaction is agreeable to you, and it isn't to other people.

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Sagging or drooping breasts are inevitable. It is a natural process that is bound to happen to all women, at some point of time. And considering that a recent UCLA study found that breast tissues age years faster than the rest of your body, you might want to start making smart choices and quit any habit sucking the life out of your boobs. Shop Now. Check Out. Buy Now. Comments 0.

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