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Karen Ann Hunter recently let the riffs out of the bag once and for all in a recent Detroitrocknrollmagazine. Karen should know, as she is Steve's wife. The story goes that Jack Douglas, co-producer of Get Your Wings , the Aerosmith album on which the track appeared, found Hunter outside the Record Plant Studios taking a break from another session and dragged him into Aerosmith's room. Jack popped his head out of Studio C and asked 'Hey, do you feel like playing? I had two run-throughs, and then Jack said, 'Great—that's it!

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner

We offer advice and management, we have a label for the distribution of the records, we have a studio where we can make the records, and then at some point, if they can get their fan bases building so that they have actual potential for real success, then I can help them Elizabeth blowjob deals, you know, push them on to where I can't really help them anymore, where somebody else can help them out. The talent is inherent. Steve hunter and dick wagner And we opened about 20 dates for Beck, Bogert, and Appice. Book Category. I don't think Alice was ever hateful. Columbia didn't send anyone out here, they were Steve hunter and dick wagner calling me and talking about it. Whenever I hear these guitar parts, I find myself thinking that that Explicit anal dildo the definitive rock guitar sound and style if such is possible. And we got stuck there - they had like 20 inches of snow in one night.

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Solos are an extension of the songwriting. LOG IN. The Nightmare Tour became the largest and longest touring rock show of the time. Glide Magazine. Guitar Aficionado. In some countries, those royalty payments will be backdated up to ten years — perhaps a small victory compared to the more than 40 years Hunter has missed out on performance revenue, but certainly Ashley hartman naked major triumph for the guitarist's reputation, official legacy, and future earnings. Dick would tend to go for a bright tone, and I would go for a warmer sound. Aerosmith Website. Asked what song he is most proud of, Wagner recounts this story When we came back, Cwb pussy cat dolls songs were either totally complete or Bob Ezrin wanted to add or change stuff. InWagner cooperated with the Italian rock singer Chris Catena in recording a cover version of "Theme for an Imaginary Western," the famous rock song Steve hunter and dick wagner Jack Bruce and Pete Brownwhich will be Steve hunter and dick wagner in the third album of the Italian singer around The Welcome to My Nightmare tour, with a road crew of more than 45 persons, private jets, technical wizardry, theatrical showmanship, and extravagant staging and lighting, became the biggest and highest grossing rock tour of its time. For example, I would play in one position, and Dick would just automatically go to another position without us having to talk about it. It was a joke and I liked it, so I kept it.

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  • It had been a rough few years for Wagner, who battled multiple heart attacks, brain surgery, a stroke, and other maladies, but he continued to compose, produce, and play music right to the end of his life.
  • Great balls of fire!
  • Sorry, Alice Cooper.
  • Karen should know, as she is Steve's wife.
  • Stephen John Hunter born June 14, is an American guitarist, primarily a session player.
  • His first band, called the Bossmen, was a favourite in the Detroit area and scored radio play with the Wagner-penned composition "Baby Boy", "You're the Girl for Me" and others.

Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by bhazen , Oct 2, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Steve Hunter or Dick Wagner on lead guitar? Location: Newcastle, WA. I've got a couple of albums with these guys playing lead guitar, and was wondering - which guy has the wonderful, rich midrange tone and Claptonesque vibrato?

Whenever I hear these guitar parts, I find myself thinking that that is the definitive rock guitar sound and style if such is possible. The albums in question are Berlin and Peter Gabriel his first. What other albums feature these guys with lots of cool solo guitar, that I should get? Location: Sweet Home. I believe they played with Alice Cooper solo for a while. Maybe on "Welcome to My Nigtmare"? I'm at work and can't look for credits. No Static , Oct 2, Location: Boston. Location: Eastern Iowa.

Location: Santa Rosa, CA. Steve Hunter also has several solo albums too. Location: New Jersey. I like them both pretty equally. Rock n Roll Animal is an excellent example of their musicianship. Their lead guitar phrasing and vibrato was second to none, up with the very best in the world.

They also had the best guitar tone I'd ever heard at that time. They both have that Clapton-esque vibrato. LesPaul , Oct 2, CBC , Oct 2, Thanks all for the replies, keep 'em coming! I just bought Rock 'n' Roll Animal for about the price of a cup of coffee on my lunch hour; can't wait to get home to play it! Are there any pix out there on the Web of them onstage with Lou Reed? I'd love to see the gear!

Location: Australia. RichmondFC , Oct 2, Location: Milwaukee. Terry , Oct 2, The "Solsbury Hill" one. Location: Philadelphia, PA. It was reissued on CD as "Extended Versions".

Great stuff. Culpa , Oct 2, They ghost-played on many albums. Billion Dollar Babies for one. HE also did the electric and acoustic parts on 'I Love The Dead' all the while trying to keep from bursting out laughing at the lyrical content.

Very cool. So was Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton even on there? Location: Elizabethtown, North Carolina. From what I remember from an interview with Steve Hunter. You can really tell his tone and style once you know it's him. No other Aerosmith tune has a lead tone quite like that one.

Steve Hunter for me over Dick Wagner but Wagner's not too shabby either! Scott Strobel , Oct 2, Location: Nashville. Location: London, Canada. I like Steve's album Swept Away. Has a killer version of "Eight Miles High". Location: Atlanta. Koptapad , Oct 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page.

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He considered becoming a doctor but he enjoyed music so much he knew he would follow a career in music. The winds were 70 miles an hour, 24 hours a day. But his health continued to deteriorate. His book tour for Not Only Women Bleed took him to more than 40 states. I use it as the name of my publishing company Deacon Songs, so I use it a lot.

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner. Dave Mustaine to Sell Nearly 150 Guitars, Amps, Pedals and More on

Using session musicians was a common practice in the s and '70s, so there are no real bad guys here — that is, unless you count the United States of America, which, according to Karen Hunter, does not participate in the PPL collections. Once you enter the name of an artist you have worked with, a search will find any tracks that are applicable, and, even then, some of them will be no longer claimable.

For every record I located that remained currently claimable, I photographed the album cover and the musician credits, and then uploaded the evidence for each individual track. In order for PPL to find these royalties for you, they need evidence that you actually played on the record. They all took the time to help Steve, and, eventually, I had all the relevant statements to put in as evidence. It remains to be seen what will be paid out, but any performance royalties are welcome at a time when Steve needs it most, as he is going blind with Pigmentary Glaucoma, and touring is now impossible without assistance.

Track listing 1. Jack popped his head out of Studio C, and asked 'Hey, do you feel like playing? I had two run-throughs, and then Jack said, 'Great—that's it! Train Kept A Rollin. Aerosmith 'Get Your Wings' All rights reserved. Aerosmith Website. View on Mobile. He eventually switched to standard guitar and was influenced by the music of Chet Atkins , The Ventures and Duane Eddy.

Hunter continued playing guitar throughout high school where he played in a group called the Weejuns, taking their name from G. He subsequently joined the Light Brigade, a rock and soul group that played in the Decatur area. In , during the Vietnam War, Hunter was drafted into the Army, trained as an x-ray technician, and served in an air evacuation hospital in Okinawa, Japan where Vietnam combat casualties were being treated.

He considered becoming a doctor but he enjoyed music so much he knew he would follow a career in music. Upon completion of his stint in the Army, he returned to Decatur where he built a reputation as an outstanding guitar player. One day he got a telephone call from his Decatur friend, John "Polar Bear" Sauter , that changed his life. Hunter has had an illustrious year career as a session musician, band member and as a solo performer.

John Sauter called Hunter to tell him that he was playing with Mitch Ryder in Detroit and that Ryder was auditioning for guitar players. He suggested that Hunter come to Detroit and try out.

Hunter packed up his guitar and made the eight-hour drive to Detroit. Hunter made the cut and became part of Mitch Ryder's new band Detroit. There Hunter met and formed a long-time professional association with producer Bob Ezrin. Detroit released one self-titled album on Paramount Records.

Reed was so impressed with Hunter's arrangement and performance on that song that he recruited Hunter to join his band. In the s, he appeared on five Alice Cooper albums, all of which were produced by Ezrin. His first recording with Cooper was in as a session musician on the second-to-last and most successful album recorded by the Alice Cooper Group, Billion Dollar Babies.

When Alice Cooper became a solo artist, Hunter followed and appeared on the groundbreaking album and live show Welcome to My Nightmare alongside guitarist Dick Wagner as seen in the film Welcome to My Nightmare. Released on home video in , it features the celebrated guitar face-off between Hunter and Wagner that formed part of Cooper's live show. Nice Guy Tour. His first collaboration with Lou Reed was for the Berlin album. Ann's Warehouse. I had a long wait between dubs and was waiting in the lobby.

Jack Douglas popped his head out of Studio C and asked 'Hey, do you feel like playing? I had two run thru's, then Jack said 'great, that's it! In , shortly after his work with the band on the live Reed albums, Hunter played guitar on former Cream bassist Jack Bruce 's solo album Out of the Storm. He played on Peter Gabriel 's self-titled first solo album that included the classic single " Solsbury Hill " which was likewise produced by Ezrin.

Hunter and Becker have remained the best of friends since. Additionally, he appears in the film Blame it on the Night , a movie co-written by Mick Jagger, featured as one of the guitarists in the band. Hunter's first solo album, 's critically acclaimed Swept Away , was produced by Bob Ezrin. Hunter opted to leave Alice Cooper's touring band in to concentrate on solo projects. A soundtrack of this will be available late Summer of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the musician. For the basketball player, see Steven Hunter.

Looking back: Dick Wagner in conversation with Geoff Ginsberg | Interviews

Written by Geoff Ginberg on 08 August The recent passing of legendary American guitarist Dick Wagner is as good an excuse as any to look back on his long and incredible career. Philadelphia-based record label head, manager, writer and all-round music maven Geoff Ginsberg conducted a landmark I Bar interview with Dick in It's reprised below.

Cub and I worked for the same company, not that I had met, or even seen him there. There were a bunch of different ventures under the one umbrella.

One of those was a web-zine. I was not involved in the web-zine. But I asked the editor, a famous guitar mag guy closely associated with one, Edward Van Halen, if he could get the Cubmaster to hook me up with free tix for the big Frost show.

Now, you have to understand, this editor was a guy who is operating on a whole different level than say, me. He's always thinking two moves ahead. So his manager and I set it up and I went up there a week before the big Frost show. And it really was a big show. Packed symphony hall - beautiful classic cars on stage - they got the key to the city - and the place generally went bananas. It was the first and really only interview of this type I've ever done.

I was to meet him at his studio - I've been in plenty of studios - no big deal. I walked in there and whooa - this studio was a giant room with 48 tracks - literally ready to record the symphony! I'll admit to being a little nervous. But he was so cool, so easy, an hour and a half flew by and I got some good info. Believe it or not they gave me a private gig [also known as their rehearsal] which to be honest, was emotionally overwhelming.

I unfortunately had to go and did not get to hear the whole rehearsal, but here's what I got out of the experience: Dick Wagner was a fuckin'A cool guy. They even let me record the music! The Frost concert as I said above was amazing. But also, speaking of departed heroes, I'd be remiss if I did not mention that it turned out to be the last gig Cub did before he passed away. The web-zine tanked before it ever even debuted. I got permission to take my Wagner piece elsewhere and where better than here - where the real rock lives Only Fingers Bleed.

E ven if you haven't have heard of him, the odds are that you've heard him. After starting out in one of the original DIY bands they went from store to store around the state of Michigan selling their records , The Bossmen, in the mid-'60s, Wagner formed The Frost in The Frost was hugely popular in Michigan, but their extensive touring was for naught due to really bad distribution of their albums.

During a short stint in proto-melodic heavy metal power trio Ursa Major, Wagner hooked up with producer Bob Ezrin with whom he continues to work on occasion. The pairing of the two guitarists would last six years. Very few guitar duos ever have matched the skill, feeling, power, and compatibility of Wagner and Hunter.

When it was time for Lou to take to the road, he had Wagner assemble the band and take care of the arrangements. The result was the live "Rock And Roll Animal", one of the greatest guitar records in existence. Combined with Reed's best songs and that's saying a lot! Welcome To My Nightmare, in particular, was huge, and a ballad Wagner originally penned in became "Only Women Bleed," a song that has sustained him financially over the years, as it has been covered by everyone from Etta James to Lita Ford, with about 20 other artists inbetween.

Since moving back to his hometown, Saginaw, MI, in Wagner has reunited with his old buddies from the Frost for occasional gigs. The Frost played an amazingly well-received and well-attended homecoming show in Saginaw, and received several awards in and , including the key to the city of Saginaw the only one ever given away! Wagner owns a truly spectacular 48 track digital studio Downtown Digital where he produces bands, and has a record label WMG. Wagner still takes his music career very seriously, but seems most concerned with developing new artists, helping them to avoid some of the pitfalls that he has faced in his career and, hopefully, getting them bumped up to another level.

Dick Wagner seems happy and healthy these days, and with his flowing silver hair, he looks a bit like Moses Chuck Heston version.

We got together in May and talked about the Frost and their reunion, Lou, Alice and the box set, and a bunch of other stuff. Wagner was easy going and forthright, and this is his story. D: I guess that would have been in late '66 or early ' Then I started adding all this material in and decided to change the name of the band to The Frost. He was playing with Bobby and Don. I just basically took the whole trio and jumped in with them. But, after a trip to New York to audition for Blood Sweat and Tears, I came back determined to make this band happen and to write original music, and I knew that I had to get rid of Smolinski.

He just wasn't cutting it. And I remembered seeing Gordy Garris in another band, I forget the name now, and I called Gordy and asked him if he wanted to join up with me too. He said yes and there you go - we had The Frost.

Dick with The Frost. G: The Frost signed to Vanguard , which was known mostly as a folk label at the time. How did that happen? D: Well, we were courted by two or three labels, but Vanguard had this guy Sam Charters flying in here every week from New York, and they were just like really putting the pressure on us, really wanting us to sign up, and really giving us the whole spiel, you know? And so we ended up going with Vanguard because of all the personal attention they gave us, thinking they were behind the whole thing.

They were really gonna do a number all over the country for us. You know, we had a chance to sign with Columbia Records , which we should have done, obviously, but that's the way it goes. Columbia didn't send anyone out here, they were just calling me and talking about it. They wanted to make a deal with us, but we had Sam Charters coming in here every week, wining and dining us and doing the whole thing. So we decided to do that. And really, when you stop to think, it was not a good move. We didn't have any management - I was basically managing the band and doing everything myself.

I pride myself on having made some good decisions in my life, but that wasn't necessarily one of them, although Vanguard did sell a lot of records in Detroit.

They knew we were going to sell records in Detroit, so they geared up for that. Other places in the country they didn't do any real promotion, but we sold 50, albums in the Detroit area in the first month.

And I think, realistically, it was probably within the first week. D: Everyone went out and bought it. I mean, we were already famous and people loved us. And when the record came out, man, Bang! It was number 1 for months and months on the radio stations and the charts in Detroit. Vanguard had the foresight to see that we were popular and they actually pressed up the records and had them in stores.

But when we toured, like when we played the Fillmore West in San Francisco, there were no records in the stores. So they didn't really follow us where we were going. We went to Frisco and L. We played all over Canada. We did a lot of playing where there were never any records.

G: Right, and that's a totally frustrating thing when you're a touring band, because that's why you're out there in the first place. D: It made us crazy. You'd never find any records, DJ's didn't know who we were, but we used the same approach as I did in The Bossmen. We would go to radio stations and just go in and meet people.

They would like us, you know, as people, because we were pretty nice guys, really, and then they'd take the time to take a listen.

In those days DJ's were still actually listening to records, and we'd get stuff on the air. Maybe it was one spin, maybe one hundred, I don't know. We were basically trying to do everything ourselves—booking our own tours. We were tied up with Vanguard which wasn't really distributing the records the way we wanted them to, although we were selling the records here in Michigan.

G: And this was the "Frost Music" album? D: This was "Frost Music", the first record, yeah. It was a real big song for us. And, as a matter of fact, Vanguard did a good job for us in France, because it was the number 1 song of there.

But we never toured Europe. We had no contacts for booking and stuff. So here we were, stuck, kind of doing this Mid-western thing. We were going to New England and Canada and knocking people dead at our shows, and there was hardly ever records for sale. It became kind of frustrating for us, you know? G: You would have sold more records if you did it like The Bossmen, and took them around and sold them yourself.

D: We should have been doing what people do today: Sell 'em out of the trunk of the car, you know what I mean? G: Exactly—and that way you keep the 10 bucks rather than getting about one dollar.

Steve hunter and dick wagner

Steve hunter and dick wagner