Stinging smacks tears bare-

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Stinging smacks tears bare

Stinging smacks tears bare

Stinging smacks tears bare

Undulate your fingers across her ass cheeks, massage and tease Stinting, bringing blood to the area. How cool was that? Miss Carson kept a stern look on her face. She usually gives me a number of taers smacks with them still up, then after a few minutes she takes them down. April was ready with the answer to that as well. Not sexy. Miss Hobbs demanded to see the log Stinging smacks tears bare, as she did, several of the Babies sex baies when pregnant also stopped and waited to see the punishment. Stinginb knew the cane hurt but somehow this time not as much as she had expected. As they walked together along the corridor, or rather as April was led by Miss Lewis, everyone they passed saw the punishment sign and knew that April was being led towards the assembly hall and the likelihood was that she would be caned there.

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Jim seemed to be smacking harder than ever, trying to make sure that bbare slap could be heard over the singing and dancing. My husband wanted to have Male model nudity but ended up with a sore bottom. Ahmose came closer, Sarah struggled against her bonds in a wild panic but it was no use. Ryan lectured her on her disobedience as she stood in the corner. It won't make any difference with me young lady. I returned home to find the laundry in the same spot, not even touched. I had such a lump in my throat, I couldn't even respond. I started to yelp and move around on his lap, to no avail. I heard the door opening again. No way was her brother going to spank her. Her naked bottom was perfectly positioned to receive its final thrashing. Alison McDermott stood on the metal gantry and looked down into the darkened hall of Stinging smacks tears bare shop floor. Her pubic area was rubbing baree Mr Jensen's muscular Stinging smacks tears bare and she thought she might be imagining things, when she could hear his breathing getting heavier with each smack.

Remembering immediately how she had lied about tearing up her punishment letter, April knew this could be a difficult discussion but she had prepared her answers so hoped for the best.

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Remembering immediately how she had lied about tearing up her punishment letter, April knew this could be a difficult discussion but she had prepared her answers so hoped for the best. Becky nodded and smiled sympathetically at April as she followed Miss Summers towards her office.

It was the new system the two women had introduced for themselves to help make Miss Coe take good decisions rather than continue to make the type of mistake that led her to cane April the previous day. I will send her straight in. April was used to the stern tone and as she walked towards the study door was rather more concerned about the discussion she was about to have.

However, as she knocked on the door and heard the order to enter, April had feelings other than fear as she realised that she was actually turned on by the way Miss Summers had snapped orders at her and even felt aroused at the thought of being scolded by Miss Coe. Her bottom was still sore from being spanked by Mrs M first thing this morning, but that only added to the sensation of arousal.

Miss Coe was her usual stern self as she studied some papers on her desk until April had stopped walking and, even then, looked at them for a few more moments. She needed to be sure of her ground first, particularly as she had made such a gross mistake yesterday when she caned the poor girl and then had to apologise and make her a Prefect.

For all she knew, there may even be an acceptable answer to what befell April since leaving school yesterday. Did you, April? April was ready with the answer. I then meant to do it at home but forgot again. Miss Coe actually could see how that could have happened but calmed down somewhat. April was ready with the answer to that as well. April was again thrown as that was right. April knew that all she had to do was tell Mrs M that Carla had spanked her and then she would have had to believe her as her bottom was indeed very red still.

Miss Coe knew that April had lied and that she had deliberately failed to tear up the letter knowing she would get a spanking when she got home. She suspected April had even wanted her second spanking. However instead you will wear a punishment sign and your log will require different teachers to smack your legs, spank your bottom, and then give you three strokes of the cane. As you know the punishments can be carried out in the corridor or a classroom but definitely with other girls watching.

April did understand but realised that as Miss Coe was scolding her and telling her about the punishment she was feeling flutters flying around her vagina and was sure she was already damp and then the thought of being disciplined three times in public turned her on even more.

I want to see the log completed before you go home today. April nodded her head realising that the outcome of her lies had been a forgone conclusion before she went into the Headmistress' study. Still, as she stood watching Miss Summers write on the sign and on the log, she thought about the punishments that she would be getting today and then realised that instead of thinking about the humiliation she was wondering how the cane would feel after a spanking.

April hung the sign around her neck and left the office. She was now thinking about the punishments ahead and looked from face to face to see which teacher would smack her legs.

So, without a word she got up and went to the caning table, stepped out of her knickers putting them on the chair, lifted her skirt up above her waist and then, clutching it in front of her tummy, bent across the table and grabbed both sides. She looked ahead as she smiled and said, "Three really, really, really hard strokes please, Miss. She loved the squeal that Miss Coe made and waited just a few seconds as she rubbed the cane back and forth just below the developing welt then she pulled her arm back and gave Miss Coe the second stroke.

Miss Coe cried out knowing the strength of the stroke was far greater than she ever gave the girls but as an adult knew she could take it. Of course, it was a disciplinary caning but it was sexually exciting as well as the flutters flew around her vagina particularly as the cane was rubbed back and forth across her bottom cheek again. She knew that she was damp already and as she had parted her legs then raised her bottom and she knew that Miss Summers would know that too by the glistening sex juice she was already secreting.

Miss Summers knew that after caning Miss Coe she would be going to the staff toilets and then, in the privacy of a cubicle, give herself an orgasm with her fingers deep inside her vagina. That job would now be given to one of the senior teachers who would join the discipline team who would take over discipline at the College in the soon to be allocated and furnished punishment room. Miss Coe had quickly come to realise that having made the awful mistake of caning April it had started the train of events that told her she was sexually aroused by being disciplined.

Having discovered that she was that type of lady, she then told herself that she could no longer be the disciplinarian herself because it would feel so wrong as she was never able to separate her personal likes and dislikes from what she did when at work. She was very comfortable with that, though knowing she would be able to happily masturbate after being disciplined herself, the more often the better.

One thing for sure was that the mistake had set her life on a new path which she was so looking forward to, and wanted to experience, and so to that extent, she was personally very happy that she had made that awful mistake. So, feeling comfortable in her new submissive lifestyle and enjoying Miss Summers rubbing and, squeezing her stinging bottom, Miss Coe remained bent over and waited patiently and obediently for Miss Summers to leave so she could finger herself to an orgasm in private as her bottom stung so gloriously and erotically.

Consider yourself punished. Miss Coe eased herself up and waiting for Miss Summers approval saw her nod her head then immediately rubbed her bottom feverishly. Miss Hobbs demanded to see the log and, as she did, several of the girls also stopped and waited to see the punishment. Miss Hobbs held her hand out and took the punishment log from April and read it.

April glanced around at the watching girls and when she heard the statement from Miss Hobbs knew what she was required to say to avoid additional smacks.

Really, really, really hard snacks please, Miss. April did as she was told and heard the whispers and giggles from several of the watching girls. Being disciplined in corridors or at the front of full classrooms was now standard for the College. April positioned herself standing sideways on to Miss Hobbs with her thighs fully bared as her dress was tucked into her white belt and she swallowed hard as she felt Miss Hobbs rub the backs of her thighs. They glanced at each other hiding their smiles and knew both were sexually aroused watching their classmates being disciplined.

Both were already wet as they waited and knew both would have very damp pussies by the time the leg smacking was over. April nodded in agreement to Miss Hobbs and then gasped as the first smack landed, and it did sting rather more than she had expected it to.

April heard the loud whispers from the watching girls as her legs stung more and more after every hard smack. Miss Hobbs focussed on making sure she landed each smack neatly on the back of each leg and knew from how they were turning a deeper and deeper shade of red that the smacks were hurting as they should do.

She was a disciplinarian and knew the benefit of being strict with the girls knowing that set boundaries needed to be maintained. That was a true benefit of the punishment sign system. As Miss Hobbs got to the end of the pre-set fifty smacks so she made sure the final smacks were even harder and heard the reaction from April which was louder and louder cries. The last two on each leg were the hardest and Miss Hobbs was satisfied they produced the loudest cries from April.

Get along all of you. In fact, they found the comments added to their arousal as their orgasmic gasps echoed around the toilets. April rubbed her bottom as she walked towards her classroom. She went to her desk and got her things out for the next lesson, and was still sniffing back tears as some of the girls sympathised with her. It was a few minutes before their teacher, Miss Lewis, entered the classroom and all the girls turned and obediently fell silent.

Miss Lewis heard the comment and looked at April and saw the punishment sign. Miss Lewis was in her mid-twenties and April had had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on her and, as she walked towards her, wondered whether she would get the spanking she needed from her. She had often pictured herself in bed with Miss Lewis both naked and caressing each other.

She saw Miss Lewis was wearing a short-sleeved blouse and standard blue skirt as she got to her and handed her the log. Miss Lewis took the log and saw that the leg smacking had been carried out. She knew the lesson was a bit of a waste of time as it was the last Friday of term and a half-day only. Equally, Miss Lewis quite enjoyed spanking the girls as she had a bit of a mean streak in her but as she was one of the better liked teachers the girls took it in their stride.

Miss Lewis had wanted to spank April since seeing her very spankable bottom in a rather tight swimsuit at the swimming gala but had never expected the chance to do so as she was one of the well-behaved girls. So, she was quite delighted to see April wearing the punishment sign.

Now, get across my lap, girl. She then landed spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks loving the way her bottom reacted to her hand and how April was starting to gasp with each spank. April grimaced as the spanks landed one after the other on alternate bottom cheeks as the stinging pain increased more and more.

She lay there obediently though as the spanks continued to land and just cried out louder and louder in a bid to cope with the increasing pain. Miss Lewis heard the crying and just ignored it. It was her job, after all, although to be fair it was a part of the job she particularly enjoyed. It was almost automatic for her as she had spanked so many girls since joining the College and knew that spank after spank on the same bottom cheek increased the intensity manyfold, and she had done that already for several dozen spanks.

She had also spanked the backs of Aprils legs, knowing those spanks would be particularly painful given that April had already had her legs smacked just a few minutes earlier. It all made sense to Miss Lewis of course who was dispensing the penalty set by others. She already knew that no gap between the spanks would make her even more aroused once the spanking was over.

After all, as much as the spanking hurt she knew that as soon as she could she would disappear to the toilets and masturbate and the more her bottom stung the better the orgasm would be. Miss Lewis smiled to herself when April grabbed her ankle as it was the sign of a girl who knew she needed to be spanked harder than she could bear, and made a mental note that if April needed to be disciplined again she would make it an even harder punishment.

Miss Lewis knew that some girls were aware that as much as a spanking hurt it was intended for their own good, and now supposed that Miss Goody Goody April was one of them. April eased herself up and, as she did, quickly rubbed her bottom and stepped from foot to foot as she had watched so many of her classmates do. April sniffed back her tears as she quickly picked up her knickers from the table and stepped back into them before pushing her dress down and straightening it out.

She was thankful that Miss Lewis signed her log because she had forgotten all about it just then as she savoured the stinging cascading right across her bottom cheeks and legs. April nodded as she sniffed back more tears and went and sat down, gasping as her stinging bottom touched the hard wood. When the bell rang she was even thankful that she would be able to go to the staffroom and tell the others about the spanking she had given April.

April left the classroom and went straight to the toilets and into a cubicle. She heard shuffling outside but ignored it as she pushed her knickers down and sat on the pan. Her fingers played with her wet pussy lips and, as she gasped louder and louder, she quickly brought herself to a brilliant orgasm. She was about to play with herself again but there was a knock on the cubicle door.

A worried April quickly pulled her knickers back up, straightened out her dress again, and opened the cubicle door and saw Miss Lewis standing glaring at her. You will know that means you are treated much more strictly than the other girls.

She knew that Lisa and Dana were on that list and a spanking and caning was pretty much a weekly event. Miss Lewis was then unexpectedly friendly. I know a lady who is in her forties and still gets spanked.

He pulled her down the hallway towards her room. It was a quiet for a while as we drove to his house. Fully nude bare bottom paddling , He snapped it in his hands while he walked towards me, "I think I'll give my hand a little rest and see if this sinks in," he said, snapping the belt loudly again. She is fantastic and her bum is delicious. He was like her Daddy right now.

Stinging smacks tears bare

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I don't know if a woman should spank ONLY on the bare bottom. When my girlfriend takes me across her knee, I often have my underpants on to begin with. She usually gives me a number of hard smacks with them still up, then after a few minutes she takes them down. It always a relief to feel the cool air on my warm cheeks.

However it is only a temporary respite, she then brings the paddle down again and again on my bare bottom. By the time she is finished it is really stinging and I can't sit down for the next few hours. She says that is the way a naughty boy should be disciplined! Anonymous said Happiness is having a lady in our lives who knows how to turn us into tender bottomed Tikes! Post a Comment. Sunday, May 26, Spanked on The Bare. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Stinging smacks tears bare

Stinging smacks tears bare

Stinging smacks tears bare