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Edie Smith made her first appearance on 12 May She is portrayed by Eileen O'Brien. Edie alienated her daughter so much that she ran away from Stockport to escape her. Mary moved to London after becoming pregnant, and chose not to inform her family about her child. When Mary's father tracks her down and discovers he has a granddaughter, Mary makes him promise not to tell Edie.

Edie smith model

Edie smith model

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She couldn't escape from it either. Matthew Safe sex information videos rushed to hospital, and Junior finds it difficult to come to terms with what he has done. She contacts her mother to bring Annie back, but Edie keeps refusing. Months later, it emerges that Edie smith model has murdered Luke and had him dumped in the canal and had his teeth removed and kept in a box, despite Phil only wanting him scared off. Murat is the youngest of the three children. Ben publicly confronts Luke at work before dumping him. Linda tells Mick that she does not trust Fi. Family Wife Naima Edie smith model. Sign up for the Biography newsletters to receive stories daily and weekly about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. Maxine Roberts Carmel Jackson.

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  • We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Edie.
  • Edith Blanche Campbell [3] [4] born 25 September is an English model.
  • Edie Sedgwick was born in Santa Barbara, California, to wealthy highborn parents.
  • The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in , by order of first appearance.

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By the end of the year, the two start a relationship, much to the shock of Sharon's parents, Den Leslie Grantham and Angie Anita Dobson. Despite Alice's struggles in giving birth to Edie, Francis encouraged his wife to continue expanding the family—partly in the hopes of having more boys and, according to Saucie, partly because he liked the idea of "producing a spectacular number of children. Eddie is ok, but to me is all boy. When Max proposes to Fi, Luke and James reveal that they have used him as they have doubted his loyalty and burn his cheque. By , Edie had begun toying with the idea of domestic life, and on June 24, , was married to Michael Post, a fellow patient at Cottage Hospital, where she had been admitted when she returned to California in

Edie smith model

Edie smith model

Edie smith model

Edie smith model

Edie smith model. Quick Facts

I think I prefer Eddie though, because ee-dee doesn't really sound like a name to me; it actually kind of reminds me of E. How is this pronounced? I've been pronouncing it Ee-dee. Eddie is ok, but to me is all boy. Edie Ee-dee fits with Evie I have a thing for twins with alliteration names. This is adorable! The best spelling. I actually think that Eddie would be a cute nickname for Edna.

Edie is so cute! I actually really like this, but it just struck me how similar it is to Eddie Logout My Stuff Login Register. Share Edie on Facebook Share on Facebook. Share Edie on Twitter Share on Twitter. Favorite the name Edie Favorite. Dislike the name Edie Dislike. Follow Edie Follow Follow Edie. Login Register. Yes No. Find other names based on Edie using our baby name generator. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community.

Cancel Save. Carolinekalmes Says: T Felt the same way-- what about Eden? WiseBird39 Says: T I love this name, but I don't think it would in my opinion really be able to stand on it's own. ThistleThorn Says: T it's pronounced like -ee-dee. I feel like a lot of people might mispronounce it like Eddie. Waverly Says: T How is this pronounced? Despite Tina's protests, they pack her bags and insist she move back to Ilford with them.

She is first seen on screen in February Emine and her siblings play pranks and get into trouble, often letting their pet boa constrictor named Crush loose to scare the residents of the Square. They move out of the Square in May that year when their father returns, but occasionally show up on the Square to cause more trouble for their parents. In November , Guizin hears that Emine has been injured by a firework , in a storyline that hoped to highlight the dangers of children playing with fireworks.

Emine's last appearance is in March , but after her parents have a huge argument, Emine and the rest of her family move to Northern Cyprus in March He is first seen on screen in February Rayif and his siblings play pranks and get into trouble, often letting their pet boa constrictor named Crush loose to scare the residents of the Square.

They also have a penchant for playing on arcade games and fruit machines , and they occasionally sneak away to play on them against their mother's wishes. Rayif's last appearance is in March , but after his parents have an argument, Rayif and the rest of his family move to Northern Cyprus in March He is first seen on screen in February after his father gambles away their home and then disappears, so Murat, his mother, sister Emine Pelin Ahmet and brother Rayif Billy Hassan , are forced to move in with Mehmet's brother Ali Nejdet Salih and his wife Sue Sandy Ratcliff.

Murat is the youngest of the three children. Murat and his siblings play pranks and get into trouble, often letting their pet boa constrictor named Crush loose to scare the residents of the Square. Murat's last appearance is in March , but after his parents have an argument, Murat and the rest of his family move to Northern Cyprus in March Faulkner revealed that she would be departing the show when Boyde reprised his role of James Willmott-Brown and made her final appearance on 28 December Sophie and her brother, Luke Willmott-Brown Henry Power visit their father in March , but return to living with their mother in July.

They return for a guest appearance following James's release from prison in January In April , she returns to Walford under the alias Fi Browning as a business consultant employed by Grafton Hill, the new freeholders of The Queen Victoria , in an attempt to understand and improve the business.

Fi and Shirley meet again shortly later when Fi enters The Vic just as Shirley opens a bottle of champagne, which accidentally soaks Fi. Fi dries herself and introduces herself to the workforce, immediately telling Shirley and Woody Woodward Lee Ryan they have too many staff and need to cut back. Tracey does not turn up, though, and the customers decide to boycott the pub until she is reinstated.

Linda does not know who she is, but when she finds out, Linda accuses Fi of sacking Tracey but Fi tells Linda that she wants to improve the pub. Linda tells Mick that she does not trust Fi. She then follows Max to the bathroom where they have sex in a toilet stall which was overheard by Steven Beale Aaron Sidwell. When Max tells Fi that he feels guilty about using Carmel, Fi tells him that he needs a backbone. Linda then confronts Fi and she confides in Fi about the breakdown of her relationship with Mick.

Fi tells Linda that she hopes that her and Linda would be friends and that she knows what Linda is going through. When Fi decides to attend Ladies night she questions Carmel about her relationship with Max, and attempts to bond with the other ladies by buying them all Champagne, and later congratulates Linda on the evening.

Fi helps to plan for the Walford in Bloom event on the square, and later becomes upset when Max chooses to cancel plans with her in order to go to a council party with Carmel instead. Mick is suspicious when Fi begins acting strangely and ordering wine in the middle of the day. After being questioned, she reveals that it is the anniversary of her mother's death which she later explains was a suicide. She tells Mick about the day that she went home and found her mother's body and he applauds her for being brave enough to share such a personal story with him.

Fi misreads the signals and attempts to kiss Mick who gently rebuffs her. She then calls Josh Hemmings Eddie Eyre to arrange a meet-up. Fi promises James that she will get the sealed bids from Max and Luke promises to persuade Jay Brown Jamie Borthwick to sell the car lot land, though Luke doubts Fi's abilities. When Max contemplates getting the sealed bids from Carmel's work laptop, he phones James, refusing to go through with it.

Max meets up with James, Fi and Luke and tells them that he doesn't want Carmel to be involved in their plan any longer.

Fi turns up to see Max at Carmel's house, where they have sex. However, unbeknownst to Max, Fi accesses Carmel's computer and steals the sealed bids. When James finds out about Max and Fi's relationship, Fi presents him with the sealed bids to earn James's approval, declaring her and Max are a fling. A disappointed Max ends his relationship with Fi, despite her telling him she wants to be with him.

When the Carters are given a 5 week deadline to pay the bill, Fi gives the Carter's the option of selling the leasehold, but they refuse. After Hugo insults them about their personal lives and handling of the business over the course of the year, the Carters realise only Fi could have told him the information, realising she's been lying to them about her intentions for months.

Linda throws a drink in Fi's face before her and Hugo are ejected from the pub. When Carmel is suspended from her job pending investigation because of sealed bids being accessed by an unknown person, Max contacts Fi and tells her what has happened. The Carters accept her help to raise the money. Fi catches Luke throttling Josh and breaks them up and Josh is hurt that Fi is in on Project Dagmar whilst he is excluded. When Carmel finds a ring at her house left behind by Max, she thinks Max will propose and invites people to The Vic.

James reveals that they plan to turn their obtained buildings into luxury flats. When Max proposes to Fi, James and Luke reveal that they have used him as they have doubted his loyalty and burn his cheque. Kathy confronts Fi over what James did to her and about all the women James has destroyed, including her own mother.

Whilst James and Fi attend a press launch, Josh downloads files that can get the development stopped and Lauren gets arresting when she stages a protest at the launch to hold James and Fi up. When James returns, Lauren contacts Josh and James demands the downloaded files, so Josh decides to quit his job. Fi tries to get Josh to return, but he tells Fi that James has ruined and controls their lives just like with their mothers. When Fi attempts to question James over why he never allowed Josh's mother Wendy to get a job or why Elizabeth committed suicide, James pushes her to the ground.

Fi asks Kathy about the rape and her version causes Fi to be physically sick. When James shows Fi documents that could ruin him, Fi says she believes he did rape Kathy, causing James to throw her out. After reconciling with Max and confiding in him her inability to see her father for who he is until too late, Fi sneaks into James' office, trashes it and steals most of the documents. James suffers a heart attack while trying to destroy the remaining evidence pointing to him before the police arrest him and Fi threatens Hugo with the files into signing the company deeds to her.

Linda rejects this offer, calling it unrealistic and telling her that her family will get their comeuppance. Fi agrees and leaves Walford after visiting Kathy with a letter giving her the cafe back. Fi visits James in hospital, telling him she is not going to keep on trying to get his approval as she wanted his love.

As James reaches out for Fi, she tells staff that she is not his daughter and walks out on him for good. Fi is described as a "no-nonsense but sophisticated business woman with strength and vulnerability. It's an iconic show and I can't wait to play my part in it. Fi Browning is a hugely exciting character and I'm really looking forward to working with Sean and all the team, and revealing more about her. She's an extremely accomplished and hugely popular actress and we're very excited to have her in Albert Square.

Fi Browning is something of a departure for EastEnders; a no-nonsense but sophisticated business woman with strength and vulnerability. But does she have an agenda? And who—or what—has she set her sights on? William Boyde reprised his role as James Willmott-Brown after a 25 year absence in September and Fi was revealed to be his daughter Sophie.

Faulkner enjoyed working with Boyde and described him as "lovely". She felt she could not reject the role, although she was ordered not to inform anyone about Fi's identity. Luke Browning also Willmott-Brown , played by Henry Power in , an uncredited actor in , and Adam Astill in , first appeared in the episode broadcast on 31 March They return for a guest appearance, following James's release from prison in January When he is released from prison, Max picks him up and takes him home, where he is reunited with his sister, going by the name Fi Browning now Lisa Faulkner , his half-brother Josh Hemmings Eddie Eyre and his father.

Luke carries out an unannounced inspection at The Queen Victoria and tells Shirley about the damage. Luke and Ben never knew their identity to each other at first. Ben and Luke end up at The Arches and kiss. Luke, James and Hugo go through their development plans for Albert Square. Luke left, horrified after discovering Kathy is Ben's mother, when he met her.

Ben publicly confronts Luke at work before dumping him. Luke tells Hugo that Ben is Kathy's son. Luke meets Ben to ask him for another chance. Luke tells Ben he has been released from prison after four years and Ben tells Luke he served twenty months in youth custody for manslaughter.

Luke tells James that he and Ben are back together on his request and questions James's interest in Ben and Kathy. Fi promises James that she will get the sealed bids from Max and Luke promises to persuade Jay to sell the car lot land, though Luke doubts Fi's abilities.

Luke phones James and tells him that Phil is unaware. Kathy confides in Ian that James is back and Ian tells Phil. Phil visits James and realises Luke is James's son when he sees a photo of them.

Ben is angry with Phil for what he did and when Kathy tries to get Ben and Phil to make up, Kathy tells Ben that Phil was protecting him as James raped her. After struggling to process what he is told, Ben is determined to hurt James, but Kathy orders Ben to keep out of it as it happened to her and not him.

The next day, Ben confronts Luke with what he has been told and Luke tells Ben that James wants to meet him. Ben come face to face with James in his office and threatens him with a crowbar but Luke stops Ben from hurting James. The next day, Luke worries that Ben will break up with him as Ben initially decides to end their relationship, due to their parents' history but changes his mind after a heart to heart with Kathy.

Kathy is alarmed when Luke grabs her wrist. The next day, Luke is furious with Ben when he plays a prank over salt and furiously grabs Ben's wrist and threatens him before leaving. Later, Luke calls Ben and apologises. Ben finds a business card in Luke's wallet reading 'Project Dagmar' and when Ben asks questions about it, Luke chokes Ben when he demands answers.

Josh, who has no knowledge of Project Dagmar, also questions Luke. Luke throttles him before grabs Josh in the throat but Fi breaks them up and Josh is hurt that Fi is in on Project Dagmar whilst he is excluded. Lauren finds a Project Dagmar model, showing how Albert Square will be. Luke gives Ben an expensive car, which Ben orders Luke to remove. Luke physically attacks Ben and leaves him unconscious. When Max proposes to Fi, Luke and James reveal that they have used him as they have doubted his loyalty and burn his cheque.

Luke sacks Lauren for refusing to serve an eviction notice on Ian. Months later, it emerges that Aidan has murdered Luke and had him dumped in the canal and had his teeth removed and kept in a box, despite Phil only wanting him scared off. Oxley , played by Colum Gallivan, is the "Walford attacker".

A series of night-time assaults on women in Walford are reported in the news and people start to worry the attacker could start to target those in the Albert Square area. Eventually, Pat Wicks Pam St. Clement is brutally assaulted in February and left battered and unconscious in the middle of Albert Square. The police have no luck tracing the attacker, though Pat's ex-husband, Pete Beale Peter Dean becomes a suspect.

Later that evening, Oxley attempts to attack Debbie Wilkins Shirley Cheriton in the launderette but is warded off by her self-defence moves and is restrained by Pete, who hears Debbie's screams. The police are able to apprehend Oxley and he is arrested and charged. Reg comes to Walford to assess the problem. He wants the money that Den owes the brewery and demands to see the pub's invoices.

Den tries to avoid this by steering clear of the pub all day and leaving his bar staff to put Reg off. This plan fails due to Angie, who happily informs Reg where Den keeps all the pub's bookwork, just to spite her husband. Den is forced to sell his car to pay off some of his debt. Den fleeces him and manages to win a vast sum of his money, although he later gives him back half in return for a future favour. Sparrow is partial to monetary bribes and often turns a blind eye to Den's dodgy dealings.

In Pat Wicks Pam St. After they are instated, Sparrow continues to exert his influence over Frank, by persuading him to throw an exuberant birthday party at the Vic in his honour, and then disappearing without paying the bill. Magda "Mags" Czajkowski is played by Kathryn Apanowicz. Magda arrives in May and secures a catering concession at The Queen Victoria pub, which is where she meets and begins a flirtatious relationship with the married publican, Den Watts Leslie Grantham.

With Den recently separated from his alcoholic wife Angie Watts Anita Dobson , he is free to actively pursue Magda, which only infuriates his already fragile wife. Later in the year, Den goes on a trip to Morocco and whilst he is away, Magda starts flirting with barman Simon Wicks Nick Berry , who subsequently ends the relationship with his girlfriend Sharon Watts Letitia Dean to be with Magda. When Den returns from his extended holiday, he finds that Magda is no longer interested in him.

When Den discovers that she is seeing Simon, he punches him, sacks him and throws him out of his home in The Vic. Medford , and manages Symphony Food Catering on her own. With Den now out of the picture, Magda decides she wants a more serious commitment from Simon so she asks him to move into her flat with her, and he agrees. However, their relationship does not go smoothly. Magda is a bit older than Simon, and his immature tendencies often infuriate her, whilst her complaining infuriates him.

Simon has some family upsets over the coming months and Magda fails to support him adequately, so he turns to his former boss, Den, for counsel. On Den's advice, Simon proceeds to pursue other women, and then starts seeing the barmaid Donna Ludlow Matilda Ziegler behind Magda's back. By this time Magda is in love with Simon and his rejection hurts her. Den uses this opportunity to gain his revenge on Magda.

He feigns mock sympathy for her, then seduces her, but before he gets her into bed, he tells her that he has to go on an errand. He instructs Magda to "get ready" for him, telling her that he will be back soon. Clement , to inform her that he is otherwise engaged, leaving her humiliated. Magda tries to take her mind off things by attempting to purchase a new property, the house that James Willmott-Brown William Boyde is selling.

However, she receives another setback when James has a better offer and turns her down. She leaves the Square to share a flat with a friend in Fulham in March She appears between 12 May and 31 May A religious and strict woman, Edie alienated her daughter so much that she ran away from Stockport to escape her. Mary moves to London after becoming pregnant and chooses not to inform her family about her child.

Mary worries that her mother will interfere and take over. Chris pays heed to his daughter's wishes for several years. However, when he discovers that Mary has left her daughter Annie Smith alone in her flat to prostitute herself, he decides to take action.

He informs Edie and she comes to Walford in May to sort Mary out. Despite Mary's protests, she takes Annie back to Stockport to live with her, leaving Mary distraught. She contacts her mother to bring Annie back, but Edie keeps refusing.

Eventually Mary becomes so depressed that Rod contacts Chris and tells him Mary is considering suicide. A concerned Chris then finally brings Annie home to Mary.

Chris decides to move to London early in to open a haulage company. Things do not go according to plan and he spends much of his time drinking himself into a stupor. Eventually, Mary contacts her mother to come and help Chris and the Smith family finally manage to sort out their differences.

Shortly after, Edie begins to consider moving to London permanently. This is too much for Mary to bear, however, and she begins to rebel against her parents once again. Edie tries to intervene, but Mary is hostile and tells her that she will kill her if she ever tries to take Annie from her again.

Shortly after, Mary decides to leave Walford. She takes Annie and jumps on a bus to an unknown destination. Edie refuses to waste any more concern on her unruly daughter and she leaves Walford to return to Stockport. After getting involved in criminal activity with Nick, Graham served time in prison, but it later transpires that Nick had committed the crime that he was imprisoned for. Graham never forgives Nick for allowing him to go to prison for his crime. Graham is very protective of his younger brother Barry Clark Gary Hailes.

Barry is afraid to admit to Graham that he is homosexual and in a relationship with Colin Russell Michael Cashman. He tries to cover this up, but is relieved when Graham reveals he had known he is gay and accepted it.

Graham marries a girl named Kate in after she becomes pregnant with his child. Graham is looking forward to the prospect of becoming a father and asks Barry to be Godfather. Kate miscarries weeks before the baby is due in November Graham and Barry are devastated.

Graham gets involved in the plight of Colin, who is targeted by the criminal organisation known as "The Firm". The Firm want Colin, who is doing jury service , to give a verdict of "not guilty" for one of their associates, and they use Den Watts Leslie Grantham to lean on him.

Graham intervenes, he along with a gang of thugs and his pet Alsatian, Prince, confront Den and order him to stay away from Colin and Barry. Nick had been hiding from Graham, but Charlie allows Graham into their house to confront him.

Graham orders Nick to leave Walford or face the consequences. Nick flees for his own safety. Graham is last seen in January , supporting Colin over his recent break-up with Barry. Johnny Harris , played by Michael O'Hagan , is a criminal associate of Den Watts Leslie Grantham , who shows up occasionally from June to liaise with Den about various scams they are involved with.

After one of his scams is uncovered by the police, Johnny is sent to Dickens Hill prison on remand, and Den joins him there in September Johnny is the "number 1" of the prison wing head prisoner , and before Johnny leaves Dickens Hill to attend his trial, he arranges for Den to take over his position of "number 1".

Naima had disgraced her family by divorcing her first husband following the demise of their arranged marriage. She is not open to embarking on another arranged marriage, but when she meets Farrukh, she is pleasantly surprised.

A successful lawyer in Bangladesh with political aspirations, Farrukh is in full support of Naima's desire to be an independent woman. He and Naima bond, and several months later he returns to propose to Naima. They marry off-screen in Birmingham and move to Bangladesh in November The Karims keep themselves to themselves, and don't mix much with the local of Walford. However, secretly Ashraf continues to have an affair with his long term mistress, Stella.

Sufia finds out and threatens to leave, but Ashraf promises her that the affair is over. However the romance soon restarts, and the family of Jabbar Ahmed Ashraf's arranged future son-in-law see Ashraf with Stella, and call off the wedding. With his family in disgrace, Ashraf decides to move his family to Bristol.

The Karims' last appearance is in June Rod Norman played by Christopher McHallem , is a modern-day hobo. He dosses in squats and never settles anywhere for long, although he does return to Albert Square several times.

Rod is a sucker for female hopeless cases and he tries to help out several 'women in need' over the years, although he is rarely thanked for his efforts. Rod is a greasy layabout, but underneath his scruffy appearance there is a kind-hearted, genuine guy, who will go out of his way to help anyone in need.

Darren has fallen out with his wife Darleen, and manages to persuade his sister to allow him and his children to move in with her at number 3b Albert Square.

Darren had attended school with Nick Cotton John Altman , Graham Clark Gary Webster and Rod Norman Christopher McHallem , none known for their law-abiding tendencies, and just like his wayward contemporaries, Darren also regularly dabbles on the wrong side of the law. Darren sets up various dodgy deals. He makes an enemy out of Den Watts Leslie Grantham for selling stolen goods on his patch; he gets involved in pornographic video laundering; instigates a counterfeit money ring; starts renting out an abandoned flat to squatters for a weekly fee; and holds a 'cultural evening' in the community centre, which is a front for a porn film screening and stripper — Dot Cotton June Brown accidentally wanders in and faints.

Darren wants membership into the gang, but after several attempts to gain favour, Brad warns him off by beating him. Darren provides them with equipment for a mobile disco , but the equipment turns out to be hired and further hire purchase payments are still owed.

Soon after, the hire purchase men turn up and take back all the disco gear. When Carmel finds out, she throws Darren out of her flat, after which, he disappears in July , abandoning his two children in the process.

Days before his departure, Darren is questioned about the torching of The Dagmar, following Kathy Beale 's Gillian Taylforth rape, and he purposefully implicates Den Watts as the culprit. Den, who is working for The Firm, is eventually forced to take the blame and is arrested for the deed. They later reveal that Darren had moved in with a girl, whose boyfriend then puts him in hospital. Vince regularly liaises with Darren by phone, and both are responsible for conning Frank Butcher Mike Reid in a motor scam.

Junior Roberts , played by Aaron Carrington , is a young tearaway, who idolises his wayward father. He is often getting into trouble and mischief around Albert Square. Junior proceeds to cause havoc around the Square, getting into trouble for stealing, graffitiing the square, playing truant, and gives everyone a fright when he runs away from home and almost gets into a car with a stranger.

Junior finds himself a girlfriend in , Melody Lyanne Compton , who is equally as troublesome. The two begin a scam where they steal dogs from people and then return them for a reward. They also manage to spark up a feud with the Karim children , with both sides swapping racist insults at each other.

Darren, a petty criminal, is not the best role-model for his impressionable son, and he is often unable to curtail his deviance. Junior idolises Darren and so he is devastated in July when his father abandons him and his sister and disappears without a word to anyone.

Junior is forced to move away from Walford and go and live with his Grandparents, but he shows up regularly to visit Carmel and gets into more trouble, such as stealing Colin Russell 's Michael Cashman CD collection and then selling them on to Rod Norman Christopher McHallem for a profit.

This act even leads to him getting arrested after Colin's boyfriend, Guido Nicholas Donovan , decides to teach him a lesson and informs the police. He gets off with a warning, but continues to make trouble for himself when he persuades Ricky Butcher Sid Owen to buy him alcohol, and is witnessed drinking by Dot Cotton June Brown.

Dot is appalled to see an underage boy getting drunk, and she promptly informs Carmel. By Junior has become so troublesome that his elderly, sickly grandparents can no longer cope and Carmel is instructed to take both her brother's children in again. This is met unfavourably by Carmel's new husband Matthew Jackson Steven Hartley , who freely admits that he dislikes Junior immensely. Matthew and Junior argue regularly and this puts a severe strain on Carmel's marital relationship.

Junior's dislike for Matthew stems from the fact that he rightly suspects him of abusing his aunt. Junior tries to put a stop to Matthew's violence by informing various members of his family about the abuse he'd witnessed, but despite their best efforts Carmel refuses to take their help and denies that anything untoward is occurring.

Things reach a head in July , when Junior, in an attempt to protect his aunt from Matthew's rage, stabs him with a kitchen knife. Matthew is rushed to hospital, and Junior finds it difficult to come to terms with what he has done.

Carmel eventually manages to reassure him that what he did was in self-defence and he is not to blame. The following month Carmel's father dies, and so the Robertses all leave Walford to tend to Junior's grieving grandmother. Junior is not pleased with this and makes an ill-fated attempt to run away from home with Melody, but he only manages to get as far as the front door before Carmel discovers his plan and forces him to leave with her instead.

Over the following months Junior shows up in Walford regularly to visit Melody and Vince Johnson Hepburn Graham , a friend of his father.

His last appearance is October when he attends a Halloween party in the Square. Aisha Roberts is played by Aisha Jacob , who is the real life daughter of Judith Jacob , the actress who played her on-screen aunt, Carmel Jackson.

She comes to Walford in August to live with her aunt Carmel, following the breakdown of her parents marriage.

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Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Eddie Smith's work have you seen? Mafia, No! Known For. The Nutty Professor Stunts. Live and Let Die Stunts. Do the Right Thing Stunts. Scarface Stunts. Mourner uncredited. Carwasher uncredited. Man at Picnic. Man at Records Office uncredited.

Carnival Patron uncredited. Hotel Guest uncredited. Forklift Driver uncredited. Commuter uncredited. Security Guard uncredited. Bar Patron uncredited.

Gambler uncredited. Casino Patron uncredited. Show Spectator uncredited. Interne uncredited. Spectator uncredited. Dog Show Spectator uncredited.

Juror uncredited. Townsman uncredited. Protestor uncredited. Arcade Patron uncredited. Baggage Handler uncredited. Party Guest uncredited. Premier Guest uncredited. Soldier uncredited. Show all 6 episodes. Fight Spectator uncredited.

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