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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Underwear: You wear it every day, so you better get it right much like jeans and white tees. Whether you prefer bikinis , high-waisted briefs, or thongs, the ideal pair of underwear is one that takes you through the day without requiring much thought. And to ensure we left no pairs behind, we also culled our archives for underwear recommended by other interesting people Amber Rose and Barbara Corcoran, to name two. Three women we talked to named underwear from newly launched brand The KiT as their current favorite.

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

Attractive colors too. Rrt had been such an enjoyable surprise to get that awaiting me once i woke up today. I bought 2 packs and just love His favorite panties fagorite and the quality. No VPLs, no riding up, great selection of colors, and true-to-size. Egretta Garzetta Hipster Panties. Bryder breastfeeding panties are very high quality material; solid, but soft and stretchy. My wife thinks I am gay. Hot damn.

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Around I enjoyed seeing my sexy older sister in her plain nylon panties. Both are working on another for you. She required me to shave and go to her company Halloween part dressed as a nurse and her as a Doctor. Check the details here. Is Anyone Still Active Here? I started wanking to pantiies sister's panties and bikini bottoms 82 months ago permalink. Sign Up Explore. Too funny - and glad you like your name favortie this is important!! I discovered a slinky peach colored bra and panties and decided to Mistress hypnosis stories them favoritw in the full-lengyh miroor in the bedroom. It was nothing compared to when she was Thanks, Ken for His favorite panties in and commenting! I guess I found what I was looking This service allows you to His favorite panties up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. Pantyhose, corsets, and control panties all add to our fun.

What are the best panties for men?

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Underwear: You wear it every day, so you better get it right much like jeans and white tees. Whether you prefer bikinis , high-waisted briefs, or thongs, the ideal pair of underwear is one that takes you through the day without requiring much thought. And to ensure we left no pairs behind, we also culled our archives for underwear recommended by other interesting people Amber Rose and Barbara Corcoran, to name two.

Three women we talked to named underwear from newly launched brand The KiT as their current favorite. Created by stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche — who, as the Cut notes, have plenty of experience working with undergarments that fit seamlessly beneath outfits — the brand offers bras, bodysuits, pasties, bandage tape, and eight kinds of underwear that come in neutral shades.

Maisonette co-founder Sylvana Ward Durrett is one fan of the brand. Nell Diamond , founder of Hill House Home, agrees, saying she loves that The KiT was created by stylists because it means she worries less about whether her underwear will show under a dress or if her bra is the wrong shape. Several of the women we spoke to named Commando as a go-to underwear brand, whether it be for briefs, bikinis, or thongs.

If you prefer something lacy, Hanky Panky is a classic underwear brand that remains a favorite of several of the women we talked to. Cora Harrington a. Man Repeller deputy editor Haley Nahman , who conducted her own extensive research about the best cotton underwear, told us that this pair from the Gap is her favorite.

In the end, Gap won. I have every color Calvin in these cuts. She told us she orders the bikinis in a large to get her preferred loose fit. I hate those. More exactly, they swaddle you. Why are you buying such expensive underwear?

Model and creative director Alexandra Spencer says that her everyday G-strings are from Cosabella. Viviani notes that despite its comfort factor, sometimes high-waisted underwear can be unflattering.

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Account Profile. Sign Out. Panties for everyone. Photo: Courtesy of the retailers. The KiT Bikini Brief. The KiT Classic Thong. Commando Cotton Bikini. Commando Microfiber Thong. Natori Bliss Cotton Girl Briefs. Photo: Reid, Hilary. Pansy Low Rise Underwear.

Logo Cotton Stretch Bikini. Hanro Cotton Sensation Mini Bikini. Egretta Garzetta Hipster Panties. Photo: Retailer. Negative Underwear Silky Brief. Baserange Red Bell Pants. On Gossamer Mesh Bikini. High Rise Hipster. La Perla Freedom Brazilian Thong. Nude v1 Essaouira Thong. Cosabella Dolce G-string. Marieyat Black Bex Thong. Tags: the strategist women's clothing panties lingerie and sleepwear clothing underwear ask a cool person More.

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I can see that happening to my husband! Grateful for every moment of it! I demurely ask if there is anything he needs to tell me and after a few beats of stunned silence he briskly waves THAT off - whew I don't date a guy for long unless he will wear something special for me under his guy clothes. I love your life stories! Pop about choaked on his toast.

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

His favorite panties

His favorite panties. How My Husband Wound Up Wearing My Panties

Mother's and older sister. All that lace was so wonderful. I was maybe 8 and tried on some of my sister's panties. I was hooked. My mum found out and played hell but I've carried on. Women just simply have better clothes. I started out when I was around I saw my aunt's panties in her suitcase that were cotton floral and had to see how they looked and felt. Then one of my girl cousins caught me in her panties she was to put on when she came out of the bath.

She gave me that pair to keep and I have worn on and off ever since. My mom would let me watch her latch on her hose to her garters. I started with a pair of my mothers silk panties, then a pair of her satin panties when I was 8, and have been hooked ever since 98 months ago permalink.

I loved to watch my mum slip on her panties, girdle with suspenders and then roll up her stockings and attach them to the suspended. So so hot Mmmmmm 98 months ago permalink. I was a horned up teen boy of 14 and caught a glimpse of my cheerleader cousin's bright yellow panties laying in the corner of the bathroom.

They had a small stain and were still warm from her just taking a shower. Held them to my nose as i jacked the biggest load ever.

Slept in them that night and have been hooked since. Still wear now and then but not as much as I'd like to. I so loved looking through catalogues.. I was "just their little" brother. Wife's busted me twice. I caught my hubby wearing my pantiesonce, and it really turned me on.

I told him he was very naughty and said that if he was wearing my underwear then I would wear his. I took off my own knickers and put on his boxers that were lying on the floor where he had left them. We had the best sex ever and now we regularly swap underwear when we have sex. I live the way his cock sticks out the top of my skimpy panties and his boxers feel like french knickers 91 months ago permalink. When I was 13, my stepmom went out and I was alone in the house.

She was a knockout blonde with long hair and 40 D breasts and a great body. I was curious to see her lingerie drawer to see what she was wearing under those sexy clothes.

I discovered a slinky peach colored bra and panties and decided to try them on in the full-lengyh miroor in the bedroom. I got so turned on that I masturbated a huge load into the panties. I loved the feel of the soft stretchy nylon material against my cock and balls! I panicked afterward and threw them into the wash. When she did the laundry later, she knew that she had not worn the panties and confronted me about it.

I was so scared and denied any involvement, but she knew that I had a panty fetish and always remembered it to this day. Today my fetish is stronger than ever and I love wearing my panties on a daily basis, even exposing them to any women around me when shopping , just to get their smiles and reactions I love that!!

It's the little things in life that count! XGF, about 3yrs. Ago 83 months ago permalink. I fist became interested in them at Than one evening after taking a bath and finding a pair of her pink ones laying on top of the hamper, I tried them on and have been wearing panties ever since. I've have been wearing panties since I was 8 years old. I began masturbating when I was about 7. I loved sneaking Mom's panties, they felt so soft and silky on my young stiff cock.

Many time when visiting my Aunt's and Neighbor's homes I would sneek a feel of their panties. When I was older I would masturbating with them, then into them leaving a sticky mess for them to find. I never got caught but always wanted too. I have stolen about a hundred of them now in my collection. I like to be buy them on Ebay and in stores. I'm always looking for new places to buy some so if you have a favorit place I like to hear from you.

I have been sent many from othes I have chated with also. I'm always looking to find like minded people for cam fun or for real meetings for mutual pleasure.

Also looking for anyone that would want to trade panties. I started at about 7 years old getting excited by sisterss and mom's. I even wore sis' to school under my jeans one day. By highschool I was masturbating in mom's every afternoon. She wore lovely VF briefs that felt so good wrapped around my boner.

I would cream right into them and put them right back in her drawer. Eventually I figured out that I should wash them first, so I started doing that too. I stole lots from girlfriends, sisters, house guests and neighbors over the years.

Now my wife and I enjoy our panties together though she is not a fan of my lingerie, she tolerates my dressing when I am alone and knows I have a collection of pretty things well beyond just panties.

It's a good thing my boyfriend on the side likes me in panties I guess. I started wanking to older sister's panties and bikini bottoms 82 months ago permalink. Amerthyst : lovely 81 months ago permalink. High school days for me, finding panties in the lost property box in the girls changing rooms 71 months ago permalink.

When I was 4. I followed him, and still remember that wonderful sight staring up at his mothers panties. Been addicted ever since. Zach turned to retreat into the bathroom. He stood defeated and humiliated as she took a few more photos of him in his favorite pink panties.

She marched him back into her room and told him to get dressed. Zach didn't need an explanation. He knew she meant get dressed in her clothes. He tactfully picked out the most gender neutral outfit possible.

Grabbing an old pair of sweatpants from the corner of the room. When he was done putting the clothes on over her panties, Angie said, "Alright, let's go Please don't make me go out like this.

They drove to the mall with little conversation, just Zach pleading every once in a while, "Please, I don't want to be seen like this. To his surprise, no one seemed to notice him dressed in his sister's clothes. They b-lined for the Victoria's Secret outlet and again Zach stopped and begged his sister. Then Angie motioned to the poster and asked, "Do you need any bra's while we're here Zach?

She said this very loud but none of the other customers seemed to notice. Zach gave her a mean look but knew the only way out of this was to do what his sister wanted. So he started looking around. At one point Angie saw Zach fidgeting with the panties he was wearing and from across the store she called out to him while laughing. Soon, Angie came over with an iced coffee she had gotten from Star Bucks across the way from the lingerie store.

As she approached Zach from behind she was surprised to realize that he actually did kinda look like a girl. He was inspecting a pair of white see-through panties and she smacked his butt when she got to him. It startled Zach so much that he let out a high pitched squeal and everyone in the store turned to look at him.

Angie looked in his shopping bag and was surprised to see everything he had picked out.

30 Best Women’s Underwear | The Strategist | New York Magazine

We've all been there almost every morning in fact : Staring deep into your underwear drawer trying to decide which pair of panties to wear—and sometimes, wondering which pair a dude would like to see during a hot make-out session. Well, yesterday, we found out you're into boy-shorts these days , and today we reveal which panty style the boys like best.

And the winner is…. With bikinis coming in at a close second. Who would have thought that the sexes could almost unanimously agree on what was, well, sexy? The scenario: You've got a cute girl congrats in bed congrats x2 about to strip down to her skivvies cue applause. Nothing is sexier than a girl wearing girly underwear. Briefs and boy-shorts are for boys. Thongs look hot under your clothes, but look like anal floss up close.

Rob, I wear real boy shorts and they look nothing like that. Maybe I like them because I feel like they're the rarest breed of undies. My personal white whale. And for the record: thongs are scary. Sexy and cute, all you could want in a panty. Matt, Choosing between 2 and 3 is more of a body type question. I think they are not only sexy but they're super cute on most girls The thong will probably be the 1 response by most guys, but they can reveal too much and skip right past the mysterious part of hooking up.

The boy shorts show class, style, and a have sort of a "look but don't touch…yet" effect, which makes them even more sexy. With that said, not everyone who wears a thong is trampy, but you would expect a trampy girl to have on only a thong, which give the chick in boy shorts a nice differentiator. Are you surprised by their answers? Think you'll change your go-to hook-up underwear after reading this?

From your experience, think that their responses are in line with most guys' opinions? Ever been with a guy who liked one style way more than the others?

Let us know! Does a guy's opinion on underwear influence what you'll wear or buy? Wanna know what he thinks about your party dress?! And the winner is… Boy-shorts! By Tara Gonzalez. Topics boy shorts lingerie panties thongs underwear. Read More. By Glamour. By Samantha Leach. By Hannah Huber and Noah Silverstein.

His favorite panties