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We have three boys and one little girl. Last week, we were talking about the things that no one tells you about parenting a teenage boy. I learned several years ago that those years between being a boy and being a man are the important ones. When our sons are not quite little boys anymore, yet not quite grown. Your job from now on is to shut up and listen.

Just turnd teen

Just turnd teen

Here are five major ways the law impacts new adults. Explain to students that the idea for this exercise came from an old Middle Eastern legend in which two princes Judt at war for many years. Find us on Instagram: Just turnd teen. Caring for your teen Printer friendly Link will open in a new window The choices you made when your child was a baby — breast or bottle, cloth or disposable — probably seem easy now that you're faced with the challenges of parenting a teen. I hope you have one of these for girls too — girls are often harder to raise Just turnd teen boys.

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This post offers 25 nuggets of maternal advice I want to pass along to my teen.

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We have three boys and one little girl. Last week, we were talking about the things that no one tells you about parenting a teenage boy. I learned several years ago that those years between being a boy and being a man are the important ones. When our sons are not quite little boys anymore, yet not quite grown.

Your job from now on is to shut up and listen. I remember feeling a bit defensive the first time I heard this counsel. I had so much knowledge yet to share! And besides, things change—how would I offer my wisdom on future problems? Things change. We give our kids more because we think it will make us all feel better, but it actually places a higher value on things than on relationships.

Teach your children to make friends across color, sex, and religion… and do the same yourself. When kids see that you socialize only with others just like you, they will question your credibility. It can also help to discuss situations that your teenager might see in TV shows with fictional characters. Ask them if they relate to a particular person in the show and why. Then, ask them what other characters might be thinking and feeling.

This musical tells the story of the wicked witch in the Land of Oz from a very different viewpoint! Modeling is very important. For example, tell them a story about a time when you might have suspected a friend was in trouble, what you were thinking about at the time and what you did to help.

It is important for our children to know that not everyone will like you. No matter what you do, there will still be people who do not like you. I remind my kids that as long as their FAMILY is with them, they always have people loving them, so that can be enough. Rejection is a part of life. My friend, Samantha, once told me that she never expects her kids to stop what they are doing and instantly do what she asks.

She always respects the fact that her children need a minute to finish what they are doing before they can move onto her tasks. Be open to looking at things from another viewpoint. First, have students look at the number 6 and then the number 9. Explain to students that the idea for this exercise came from an old Middle Eastern legend in which two princes were at war for many years.

One prince looked at the image on the table and said it was a 6, while the other prince said it was a 9. The war came to an end, and the princes became firm friends. When dating understand that No means No and not try harder. Think before you react. If you take your date out for drinks and she drinks a little too much, take her home, help her to the door and then tell her goodbye.

Call and check on her in the morning. Remember the legal drinking age is 21! Lastly, Abuse of any kind is a sign of weakness. Real men do not need to build themselves up by making another person feel weak.

In the same point, NO means NO when your son says it, or when he thinks it. Teach him that he has the power to say NO and he has the power and the right to follow his instinct when he feels like it is not the right decision. Sometimes, I need to take the call, but I find my kids are happier if I keep it short and offer an apology. And if they do accidentally scratch the paint on your car or dent a golf club, they need to know they are more important than any object.

When kids feel valued, they value their relationship with you. Follow-up studies over the next 40 years found that the children who were able to resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow grew up to be people with better social skills, higher test scores, and a lower incidence of substance abuse.

They also turned out to be less obese and better able to deal with stress. Take responsibility for the wins and for the losses. Take responsibility and work hard to fix it. I am a teacher turned play therapist and stay at home Mom. I love to share my organization tips, kid ideas, money-saving tips and recipes with you. Becky Thank you so much for this great read! I started to just give up but your advice makes so much sense now! I love your articles and Facebook posts thanks for all your hard work!

No means no. No boy needs to feel that he cannot also say no and mean it… even if his body seems to be saying yes. THIS is the most overlooked issue facing boys when it comes to relationships and dating: Say no to her, first. Mean it. Voice it. Stand by it.

Then also say no to your body and get out of the situation immediately. Walk away. You will be proud later. Hi Becky I loved reading your tips and some of them I have already put in practice for a long time. Mother of two teenagers, one girl of sixteen and a boy of thirteen. My teen girl is very self oriented, quiet, responsible and became more optimistic. Our son he is all that but has more self confidence and too optimistic, he sees always the bright side of the things and if something is not good he just find the solution for it very quickly.

He is very calm and has answers for everything. He loves reading books and play tablet games or board games. He is very well organized student and knows what he wants. He is an excellent student only with As, behave at school is the best we could wish for a son and student. He is very polite with teachers and classmates. But I am worried is at home, I am worried with the way he answers back to us, aggressive and with no empathy when we are by our own at home.

Sometimes he reacts like he is the one that is the parent or thinks that we are all the same age. He is most of the time selfish even with things that we share with him. We have already tried and still trying conversations, open ones trying to understand his behavior towards us and change the way we act. But it is becoming unbearable because I think how will be in the future with other people.

This is why read your article and some I will try with him. Good info. Regarding the car tip. If you are talking on the phone in the car, you are not paying attention, is one thing. You are also modeling distracted driving. I hope you have one of these for girls too — girls are often harder to raise than boys. AND girls are often way more pushy relationally, emotionally and intimately than boys. I had to quit whatever I was pestering him about.

He was only about 7 or 8 at the time. I really enjoyed your article. However, the talk about consent is incomplete. I teach consent in higher education and also investigate situations that are alleged to be nonconsentual. They need to their partners and make sure they are clearly onboard before anything happens, and if they say nothing they should take it as a no. We are going a poor job of teaching this to our sons. As a mother of boys I find it sad and terrifying for them.

This is a great article. When our kids become teenagers it seems there is a new set of parenting rules. This is a very good read.

As a mother of 3 girls and one boy, I went through the pre-teen and teen stage with my daughters and it was hard but we survived. My son, my only son who I have always praised and doted on, is now a full blown teen. My question is, you seem to have a good circle of support, I have always had to work in healthcare and often long hours, my husband is disabled but very interactive in our sons life. But honestly society is cruel, my son battles waking up each day going to school, he struggles continuously with self esteem and often says this world would be better off without him.

When he was younger he played football and basketball before his asthma became so bad and when he did those things he was accepted by the school but I even home schooled him one year, he only has one more year until graduating and I want him to have good memories, what can I do as his mother? Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Just turnd teen

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Turning Teen Workshops are geared to engage your child in learning about their body with you by their side. Our programs are interactive and even fun and provide age appropriate, medically accurate information that your child will understand.

We ask and answer! We are pediatricians and mothers ready to facilitate comfortable, fact-based, personal conversations between parents and children about our changing bodies.

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