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In the world of mental health, emergency hospitalization can be a loaded topic. For some people, the image of a psychiatric hospital brings to mind movies like "Girl, Interrupted" or "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Listen Listening Shock I can still remember what led up to that day, about a year and a half ago. I found myself in that tiny, gray room, peeling an orange and pouring sugar into a cup of coffee that smelled so sweet it made my stomach churn.

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

For perspective on what I went through, I talked to Jeff Futo. No Promotions models agency knows what causes schizophrenia. When we arrived at the intake center, the officer helping me told me I had pknk go in. Rias pink slip not I was looking for someone who had shared my experience. Tricka Claus is in the house aka Mr. The state is moving mental health and addiction services for low-income Ohioans into Medicaid-managed care by July 1.

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  • Made some edits to the previous chapters, nothing major, just consistency for the most part in the speech patterns of Grayfia and Kuroka.
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Come to think of it, wasn't Sona…? Perverse Family Site Ranking -. Grayfia recovered her composure with a quiet, long-suffering sigh. Where can we see more of her? But sometimes, a wish goes ungranted so that it can make way for something more.

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip

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Before she could take even a single breath, tiny arms encircled her waist with crushing force, and something pressed against her stomach. Shaking arms lifted themselves of their own accord to wrap around the tiny form pressed tightly to her. With a quiet sniffle, JB wound her way around the wailing girls, who had just collapsed to their knees.

Gently, slowly so as not to startle him, she wrapped her arms around the waist of her target, and leaned her head against his shoulder. Her smile widened a touch when a teary-eyed Akeno, from across the way, shot her a grateful look, before a significantly more apprehensive gaze fell on JB's charge.

He really did work too hard, didn't he? Gradually, the hug was returned in his awkward, wooden manner. What do you mean? It seriously looked like someone put a light-spear or something in the wall.

What were you trying to do, anyways? You're not supposed to punch girls in the- wait, what do you mean that was your fist!? Briefly, because the second her head hit said desk, she shivered from head to toe and sat up perfectly straight, eyes slightly wider than they had been a second ago. Somewhere from among the watching adults at the back of the room, an appreciative chuckle slipped out. She, Kuroka, was dead, and residing in the closest thing to a happy afterlife one could have when one was a literal creature of Hell.

Her darling little Shirone was, without a doubt, the cutest thing that had ever existed in the history of anything. The way she sat up straight in her cute little desk, the way she kept her tone of voice carefully level when she perfectly answered the teachers questions, the almost unnoticeable to anyone but her big sister waver in her cute little voice as she tried not to be self-conscious around her Onee-sama.

Kuroka did her best to suppress a squeal, either not noticing, or not caring, that the parents watching the class alongside her were enjoying watching her just as much as watching their children. If she'd been able to see her little sisters face, she would have been shocked and indescribably happy to know that since entering the room, the smile had never once left Koneko's face, to the confusion of her peers. Of course, it's not like everything had just fixed itself. This was the first step, no more, no less.

She, Rias Gremory, was dead, and even for a literal being of Hell, there was something like eternal damnation awaiting her in the afterlife. They knew damn well that her hearing was better than a human's, so they must know that she could hear every whisper! Even Ane-sama was feeding into it, whose sick joke was it to call a bully like Grayfia an 'ice queen'!?

Akeno too, she hoped she pulled something with all the effort it took her traitorous Queen to keep the laughter in! She knew this was going to be a good day when she'd woken up cuddling with both Rias and Grayfia, but this was even better. Her family embarrassed her every year, without fail, and Rias would squirm and protest and act like she was dreading the next occasion. It was just that she was very much a daddy's girl, and a mommy's girl, and a big brother's girl, and a-.

So yes, Rias looked forward to classroom visits every single year, even as she made her 'displeasure' known. And every year she, Akeno, would cherish the sight of her closet tsundere of a best friend, doing her best not to act like she wasn't over the moon with all her loved ones fawning over her. Every year, that adorable sight helped Akeno keep at bay the wishes that her parents were there to embarrass her.

Honestly, she didn't really understand 'classroom visits' all that well, since by her very nature, she, Raynare, had never had a chance to meet her Father regardless of His status , and the closest she had to a mother was also her teacher, but now she thought they were amazing! He'd 'ignored' JB the whole time he'd been in class, a tall order since, as he was seated the farthest row back and she was barely out of arm's length, but she could tell.

She definitely wasn't the only girl who would enjoy the many, many replays that would surely follow. She was even paying attention to her, Asia-chan, and Xen-chan as well, even if she'd hardly had any chance to speak with their newest addition.

She hardly knew any of them, really, but she was still doing her best to make them feel appreciated. If he agreed, she'd take on that downtrodden, kicked-puppy look as if it was somehow her fault, and if he denied it, she'd be happy….

Until his lack of creativity came back around to bite him in the ass, and then when she saw the shapeless lump of modelling clay that would surely remain….

Asia would assume he'd just been trying to make her feel better, and then feel guilty about making him do that…. Having bought himself time with Xenovia's noble sacrifice, Yuuji stared blankly at the shapeless lump sitting on his desk. Wrapped up in his own thoughts about how to explain to JB the nature of something that always seemed to wind up more sexual than it should be, it took several minutes for Yuuji to notice.

Try as he might, none of the false memories Yuuji could recall from the Arsenal included sculpting. Loose, careless bangs framed the gently smirking face of the woman who had emerged from the clay, her high ponytail seeming to drift behind her in an unseen breeze.

She gave the impression of being tall, almost larger than life, despite the sculpture being just under a foot in height. She was also gorgeous, full breasts and wide hips complimented by a tight, toned stomach and long, gracefully muscled legs, stretched out before her as she reclined against the rock he'd apparently seated her on.

Just the right blend of lean muscle and womanly curves, as if she was a world-class athlete who had shifted her ambitions to a modelling career. Hehe, probably for the best she hadn't, really… she'd have driven a lot of women out of business. Meanwhile, Raynare, her attention caught by the noise, had a very different line of questioning in mind. If you accounted for the fact that he hated crowds, noise, or being herded without clear instruction.

The current of chattering bodies eventually swept its way into the gym, disgorging the young man into the gymnasium. Adorning a rather pretty young woman, who kind of made him think of a slightly older and way less mature Sona, smiling cheerfully as she danced and spun and waved to the crowd.

Yuuji wasn't sure whether to be disturbed or impressed that this So she was probably someone important, judging by her carefully contained aura of overwhelming might, flat, taut stomach and pink underwear. Unbeknownst to Yuuji, the gymnasium had lapsed into a confused and somewhat chastised silence, shying away from Sona Sitri's piercing gaze as the magical girl…. Those blue eyes of hers were sparkling like jewels, and she seemed to be shaking with pent-up energy.

Suddenly the magical girl was airborne, in the midst of a huge leap that someone pretending to be human shouldn't be pulling off. Of course, nobody noticed the pink comet sailing the length of Kuoh Academy's rather large gymnasium, because the eyes of every single human in the room had gone glassy and dull.

The two women collided in a suspiciously gentle fashion, that while seemingly safe still ended with a furiously blushing Sona pinned to the floor, underneath a cooing pink creature rubbing cheeks with her. Levia-tan was feeling super-duper extra lonely! Give Onee-chan lots of love! Abruptly Yuuji found his vision cleared, as the supposedly glamered hand, that had been covering his eyes a second ago, was being held palm-up and scrutinized by the magical girl. The flustered girl, still lying on the floor, must have noticed it too, for the hesitant quaver in her voice.

The magical girl politely asked, halting her manhandling of his prosthetic and turning to regard Yuuji with a friendly, attentive sort of curiosity. The shell-shocked magical girl recoiled, tears welling up into the corner of her eyes as both hand clapped over her stinging nose.

The Satan complained, still clutching her nose with one hand and pointing the other in accusation. You'll make your sister sad if you ignore her like that, So-tan.

No one will judge you too harshly in your first year. That friendly gesture had the unexpected side-effect of fraying through Sona's last nerve, because she promptly left to her feet with an odd series of quivers going through her body, and a hint of moisture at the corners of her eyes.

With that, the wailing young girl, that Yuuji had never seen before in his life, turned on her heel and ran from the room. With a loud sniffle, the magical girl lifted her head up to him and flashed a dazzling smile, eyes glittering suspiciously once again. Yuuji enquired, faintly impressed by the polite greeting from the pink whirlwind of insanity before him.

I saw a crying girl running past, so I assumed it was your fault. If I work hard, then you can be my manager if you feel like a career change. She also does all her own stunts. Yuuji shrugged, and then found himself watching in no small amount of confusion as JB turned away and began slowly, methodically banging her head against the wall. After classroom visits, the members of the household, as well as the adults who had visited them during the day, had ended up back at the dormitory, sitting around a truly massive TV in the common room.

Yuuji and Kiba had dug it out from the third floor basement storage, after Sirzechs desire to take advantage of the first basement floor's amenities had been soundly rejected by Rias. Watching a recording of your school day in a private movie theater, worth more than the average Japanese household, seemed like a bit much.

Sirzechs and Zeoticus Gremory, as he'd introduced himself, seemed to immensely enjoy their recordings of Rias and Akeno in class, the ever adaptable JB easily joining in on the excitement, while a much more composed, but no less focused Grayfia sat by the Satan's side. The next most excited was Suu, who didn't seem to have any idea what was going on, but people she liked were on the screen and people around her were happy, which was more than enough for the Slime.

Rias, for her part, looked like she was ready to ignore the negative side-effects and start praying, while Akeno would bounce between giggling when the focus was Rias, and blushing and squirming when the focus shifted to her. Yuuji was rather enjoying things, until the video ended, and JB flashed a victorious smirk at him, when Grayfia rose from her seat to change the disks.

Then Hell opened wide it's hungering jaws, and Kazami Yuuji fell head-long into its eager, cruel embrace. Asia would enthusiastically watch each and every highlight, blushing furiously when it became Yuuji's turn, and covering her face with a high-pitched squeal when it was hers.

Raynare, bewildered by the attention, had short-circuited and was currently sagged in the couch beside Kalawarner, who seemed to be having at least as much fun as JB, proudly watching her students in such flattering displays without a shred of her usual decorum.

Xenovia didn't seem to understand what was going on at all, but her red cheeks signified that she understood just enough to be embarrassed. It's not like he could easily slip out either, as both Akeno and Rias had cunningly trapped him when their wits recovered, seizing control of an arm each.

That sort of forlorn, haunted look had no business being worn by her precious little White Sound. She really, really wished she'd had the strength to rip all the wings off that filthy crow. Kuroka took another deep breath and prepared to push on, but Shirone's whisper wiped the thoughts from her head in an instant.

For just a few short hours, she'd let their reunion be joyful, as if only time and distance had laid between them. That desperate, wounded scream hit her with such force that Kuroka honestly thought she might have blacked out for a second.

The next, the chair she was seated on cracked loudly against the wall as the strength of a Rook sent it tearing through the carpet, leaving the taller Nekoshou pinned against the wall, as thin arms sealed her into her seat like steel bars.

Part of her, deep down had hoped that there was some secret reason that Kuroka had done what she'd done. Some deep dark part of her had hoped that her beloved Nee-sama hadn't left her behind because she wanted to, she'd dreamed that one day, Kuroka would appear out of nowhere, her name cleared and their family restored. A small, fragile piece of Toujou Koneko's heart had denied, with all its strength, the possibility that the awful things they'd said about her precious sister were true.

Kuroka was standing then, looming over her much smaller sister with an eerie light in her golden eyes. Every single one of his peerage, our own efforts didn't interest him. He didn't want us to improve ourselves, he wanted to pick us apart and add in a few extras when he put the pieces back together. He experimented on us, drugs and needles and strange wires. He realized how much stronge r I could be, how fast I was growing with only a little nudging, and he wondered…".

There was sickness in the air, the space around her sister writhing and thrashing as the power of a Nekoshou brought Kuroka's rage to life like a physical thing. Cute little Shirone, always so understanding , so eager to please. If he'd asked, you would have gone right along with it, and it would have torn you apart. It was only dumb luck that I overheard him. Your power would have shattered you, and even if you lived you would have been nothing more than a wild animal, or if you were lucky, bedridden in agony for the rest of your short, miserable life!

As if their thoughts had been in sync, Kuroka seemed to realize it too, as the oppressive air vanished like mist and Koneko let out a great, gasping breath, reeling away from her sister. The vicious, seething rage gave way to hesitant, fearful confusion as the older Nekoshou reached out weakly for her sister.

Kuroka's hands slapped over her mouth to muffle the stuttering sob that slipped out, as in a mirror of her sisters earlier actions, she shook her head wildly, as if to dispel the vision before her. Panicking, Kuroka's eyes latched onto the glass patio door of Koneko's room, and she spun on her heel and fled, aiming to smash through the glass and escape.

Gradually a sigh slipped from Kuroka's lips, a far gentler sound than anything she'd uttered before. Kuroka's hands dropped onto Koneko's arms, flinching briefly as they contacted at first, as if afraid to touch, but then gently settling onto her sister's arms. The second they'd loosened enough, Kuroka spun on her heels, facing her sister and wrapping one arm around her shoulders, as the other came to rest against the back of her head, rubbing soothingly.

Nee-sama tries her best, but that nasty Devil messed up her head a little, nyaa. We can't stay together all the time yet, Nee-sama is still a criminal, but I promise that I won't disappear, no matter what. I'll live with the Gremory's as long as they'll let me, and maybe one day, we can be together again. Kuroka carefully released her grip just a little, creating enough space so that their eyes could meet.

Warm golden eyes gazed deeply into Koneko's, accompanied by a smile she'd long since given up seeing anywhere but her fondest dreams. Softly, she drew her little sister into her embrace once more, slowly guiding them both to a kneeling position, and then deftly sweeping up Koneko's legs to leaver her cradled in her lap. Tenderly, she held onto Koneko as the dam broke for one last time, rocking gently as the little Rook cried her heart out.

She'd almost intervened a few times, but surprisingly, it was Yuuji who had held her back every time, shaking his head slowly, even as his lips curled into a soundless snarl. Each and every one of Koneko's cries had cut deeply into her heart, the pain and worry was driving her crazy. The first thing to greet her eyes was a gentle smile, and a slender finger pressed across it in the universal gesture for silence.

With a far-away gaze, Yuuji whispered something under his breath, almost as if the words had never been intended to be voiced aloud. Grayfia, standing behind the couch where the two Gremory men were seated, merely allowed the corners of her lips to tug upwards a bit. Thank you for keeping them safe. While it's regretful that your wounds were so severe, it's immensely reassuring to have someone so capable, and so willing to risk their safety, by the side of Rias and her peerage. Zeoticus' expression grew stern, the kind of look Yuuji imagined a father would give when his words were expected to be heard and understood.

Regardless of how much, or how little, you value your own well-being, you would do well to remember that said well-being does not concern you alone. The trio of adults watched him carefully for a moment, before any sense of tension was erased by the relieved smile of the Gremory Patriarch. We'll speak no more of it for now, then. More importantly, have you slept with my daughters yet?

Grayfia didn't have time to express her shock at that blunt question, because Yuuji fired back with zero hesitation, even if inwardly he was once again surprised by the openness towards intimate pursuits that many Devils seemed to display. I was merely surprised you would respond so bluntly… which was foolish on my part, in hindsight. Zeoticus commented mildly to a smiling Sirzechs, the two men watching the exchange with no small amount of amusement. Grayfia opened her mouth to respond, but when no words escaped the lips of the quietly shocked maid, she relented with a soft huff.

Perhaps I'll ask the more important question now, if you don't mind, Yuuji-kun. More than a little surprised, Sirzechs went to interject, but his father stopped him with a raised hand, carefully watching the dark-haired boy seated across from him.

Unseen by all, behind the two men, Grayfia's impassive expression softened just a touch, though why was anyone's guess. I have the chance to live far longer than I ever imagined… and I want to spend all of it with them… isn't that…?

Yuuji trailed off, something in his voice suggesting he wasn't quite asking those questions to anyone in particular. Yuuji lifted his head to blink mutely at him, as if he'd forgotten that he wasn't alone in the room. So I suppose the last thing I'll say for tonight is… welcome to the family, Yuuji. They left him alone, in the small basement lounge they'd commandeered for the purpose of their conversation.

It seemed like a poor time to leave Yuuji alone… but she would leave such things to those who knew him best. She all but flung herself from the bed, ignoring Akeno's giggle who was actually just as excited as she was , and taking a brief second to compose herself before opening the door to greet-. Rias straightened in surprise, Akeno dutifully slipping from the bed to take her proper place at her King's side.

We have made the final decision to use Kuoh as our meeting place for the Three Factions Conference, and you would do well to have all of your servants prepared. Sona Sitri and her peerage will be requested as well, and we'll have you serve as the escort for Leviathan and I, alongside Grayfia. Ah… and the two Fallen Angels, Raynare and Kalawarner, have been requested as well.

They are being sought as an affected party, nothing more, and I'm sure the value the treaty has for them need not be said. Is there any other way I can be of service, Lucifer-sama? He and Grayfia exchanged simple nods, before the Satan went on his way, returning to his own room. I'm happy for her, but that seriously stressed me out. The exhausted siblings, when she'd last checked, had curled up in Koneko's bed together, years of tension draining gradually from their sleeping faces.

Now, it was her turn to unwind… so that tomorrow, she could be as strong as they needed her to be. Then they turned on the carefully watching Grayfia with smirks on their lips and hands on their hips. Just thinking that Rias might have forgotten that my room is directly above hers… and how good the hearing of a Devil is. Bit more feelsy than anticipated, but I wanted to get things moving between the two kitty sisters a little lot earlier than in canon. Kuroka, here, is a little more damaged and a little less stable, fitting the tone of the story.

The whimsical stray we're familiar with is still there, she's just a little less firm in the act. Yuuji now has a back-up career in showbiz, is that perhaps his true calling? Tune in next time to find out maybe. Not gonna lie, I've been looking forward to writing dialogue between Yuuji and Serafall for a long time, so hope you enjoy as much as I did. If you look back at this chapter and the others, you'll notice the sentence structure has changed a bit. After waffling back and forth for a while, I decided to bite the bullet and do what I want in a more consistent fashion.

PS: Almost a year has passed since I published this story, huh? Thanks to everyone who's read and stuck around, and anyone who might join the journey in the future.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. An ordinary student at an ordinary school. A simple wish that would never be granted. But sometimes, a wish goes ungranted so that it can make way for something more. Classroom visits are here, among other things.

It felt like not all that long ago that he'd woken up with his chest feeling wet. Oh yeah, JB sometimes drooled when she slept.

That was fine though, that only happened when she was really relaxed, or drunk. Since it was the first option in this case, he couldn't say he minded all that much. She needed the rest, after all. She always did.

She really had slept well though, so she was feeling rather appreciative. And perhaps she'd been feeling just a little lonely, but he didn't need to know that. Are you awake? Yuuji looked to JB with one eyebrow raised. Smiling, JB called out in response. You mean you didn't? She's not even naked. Smiling playfully, Akeno pressed a finger against her lips and winked. There really are two of them, aren't there?

Akeno giggled. See you later then, JB. As the door shut, Rias allowed a grim expression to take hold. This sounds serious. As the rest of the group left the dorm, Akeno's merry, knowing laughter marked their passage. Which wasn't entirely wrong. Sirzechs, rather than immediately greet Rias as expected, instead let a rather blank gaze fall onto- Koneko?

He blinked once, twice, before turning his head to find- "Oh my. It appears we've been separated. Be right back then. He didn't notice at all. A mistake after all, huh? She couldn't do it. She'd caught one glimpse of that beloved white hair, and her nerves had failed her. All for nothing. The answer had made itself clear at the last possible second. Kuroka had no right to stand in front of her sister. Damn it all. Well, at least she'd gotten to see Shirone, even for a brief few seconds.

Her precious little sister was doing so well. The Gremory took better care of Shirone than she ever could. She wasn't needed. So, she would just stay out of the way. It wouldn't be too hard, would it? She had lots of practice hiding. Lots of practice running away.

So absorbed was she, Kuroka almost didn't react in time. Ah, you dodged it. A ruthless condemnation, like the judgement of a wrathful god. W-what's that got to do with you? You reminded me of someone.

Then…" "You're just going to run away, aren't you? What the hell do you know!? Do you think I wanted this!? Do you-" "Shut your mouth, you useless coward. No one moved. Tension weighed heavy in the air, pressing in from every direction. Eventually, he let out an aggrieved sigh, one hand squeezing the bridge of his nose.

I don't care anymore. You were separated too, weren't you…? Only, she'll never get the chance to come back and try again. Don't waste yours, idiot. I'm sorry…" A weak little meow slipped in at the end, as if that verbal tic had been forgotten until now. No…" He didn't respond, just stood there and stared. Slowly, Kuroka stood upright and let out a long, deep breath. Is it really…? That's the part where you're supposed to be encouraging! Satisfied, Kuroka looked up, and, for the first time that day, smiled.

Yuuji-kun, right? Run along then, I'll be right behind you. That so? Yuuji decided that expression suited her. I definitely owe you… more than you know. That was enough for now. Definitely weird. It was making her a little nervous, if she was being honest. Especially since Rias-nee-san, and Yuria-san seemed to be in on it. Nice save, Nee-san. Hey, something had caught their eye. Yuuji-senpai must be returning with whoever it was.

Pulling her face away from Akeno's side, she turned to see… No. No, it couldn't be. There was no way, no way, it wasn't it couldn't nononono- " I'm… please… I'm… so, so sorry… I… I c-can't-" That beautiful, warm voice that she could remember so clearly, had loved so dearly, was on the verge of breaking. There she was. The sister she'd adored more than anything. The sister who'd abandoned her. The sister who'd left her behind. Who'd left her alone. Swaying in an unseen breeze, as if she'd shatter with even a single false step.

A weak, hurting, desperate gaze that she couldn't seem to tear away from her little sister. It still hurt. It hurt so much. Why did all the hurt, the loneliness, the fear… In this moment Why didn't it matter at all? She waited with bated breath. One word was all it would take. One word of rejection. Even a simple glare would do it, and that was all it would take to break her apart.

Her precious Shirone had never had the chance after all, had she? She had never had the chance to reject her face to face. To hate her. To fear her. To turn her back on her. That old, familiar sense of dread set in, and in response, Kuroka screwed her eyes tightly shut. She wouldn't run. She wanted to run.

She wanted Shirone to say something, anything. She didn't want to hear it. She needed to know. She was afraid to know. She just couldn't- A merciless strike drove the breath from her lungs, but she kept her eyes shut tight. Ah, Shirone could do that too. Shirone was strong now, and if Shirone wanted to hurt her, of course she would let her.

If Shirone decided that this would end with her death, Kuroka would happily accept. Being killed by Shirone didn't seem so bad. No, this wasn't so bad at all- Huh? Golden eyes drifted open, and then widened like saucers in pure, utter disbelief. The V5 document records who the Registered Keeper of the vehicle is; it does not establish legal ownership of the vehicle. These documents used to be blue on the front. Vehicle titles are also used for car title loans, in which a car owner gives the vehicle lender their vehicle title as collateral in exchange for a loan.

Car title loans frequently involve high interest rates, a short time to repay the loan often 30 days , and a loan amount less than the car's monetary worth.

The borrower also risks losing the car to the lender if the loan is not paid back. These type of loans are marketed as small emergency loans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some states have different versions of the same title.

The license plate number. Technical information about the vehicle to define its taxation regime, e. The name and address of the purchaser or "registered owner" who would normally possess and use it. If money is owed on the vehicle, the name of the lienholder or "legal owner" to whom this money is owed. BBC News. Retrieved 2 March Categories : Traffic law Property law. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links.

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In the world of mental health, emergency hospitalization can be a loaded topic. For some people, the image of a psychiatric hospital brings to mind movies like "Girl, Interrupted" or "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Listen Listening Shock I can still remember what led up to that day, about a year and a half ago. I found myself in that tiny, gray room, peeling an orange and pouring sugar into a cup of coffee that smelled so sweet it made my stomach churn. There was a table. A chair. A mattress, leaning up against the locked window. My hands were shaking. Was it the coffee or the nerves, rattling me from the inside, grabbing hold of my collar and screaming that this was my fault?

In order to be pink slipped, you have to represent a substantial risk to yourself or someone else. Aliyah Tucker, a former Kent State student, has been pink- slipped too. I was looking for someone who had shared my experience. I found her on Facebook. You can go, or we can make you go. And when I was being hospitalized, Reflection It was that same helplessness and fear that was gripping me in the police car taking me to my evaluation.

The trees and snowy streets passed us, flying by on either side of the car like a white and gray ribbon. The officer helping me seemed so cold. For perspective on what I went through, I talked to Jeff Futo.

He says the demeanor of the officer helping me that day was probably on purpose. We can empathize with them, but if we were to get too vested in it, you would be exhausted at the end of every day," Futo said. When we arrived at the intake center, the officer helping me told me I had to go in. I felt like I was caught in a rip tide, being pulled along. I remember how angry I was. Where was my right to waive treatment, especially when treatment meant the cold inside of the police car?

At first, I felt hurt for myself. But was I the only one struggling? Emily Ribnik at Kent State Stark says those in her position often just want to see a safer community. And sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I am dreaming about the gray room and the locked windows, and I wonder: Did the pink slip help me? It might have, it might not have. But I am here to tell this story. This story is an adaptation of a piece originally published in The Burr.

View the discussion thread. The state is moving mental health and addiction services for low-income Ohioans into Medicaid-managed care by July 1.

A survey of more than a hundred of those providers shows the redesign is straining their finances and could shut them down. No one knows what causes schizophrenia. Mental-health care can be hard to access in much of Ohio, especially away from the larger cities. Yet, for all its prevalence, many people dealing with mental health crises still face stigma and shame.

Clair brings us the stories of four people fighting the stigma. Clarke Fellowship Search. Share Tweet Email. Mental health. Navigating the Path to Mental Health. Series podcast. Wikimedia Commons. New research may find ways to help them. Editor's note: Mike Quirk was originally misidentified in this story. One out of five Americans, this year, will experience a mental health disorder.

Rias pink slip

Rias pink slip