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She has been labeled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer , [3] though the precise number of her victims is debated. The stories of her sadistic serial murders are verified by the testimony of more than witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest. Her story quickly became part of national folklore , and her infamy persists to this day. During her childhood she suffered multiple seizures that may have been caused by epilepsy , possibly stemming from the inbreeding of her parents. As another attempt to explain Elizabeth's cruelty later in her life, many sources say that she was trained by her family to be cruel.

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood

In DecemberBathory was arrested along with three of her servants, who were tortured and burned at the stake. Name required. Sophia of Masovia. This legend is the background for the Donation of Constantine, now shown to be a forgery, which purported to grant the entire Western Empire to the papacy. In rabbinic tradition, the Pharaoh of Egypt from Exodus the first one, not the one Moses famously confronts is said to have contracted leprosy and treated it by bathing in the bloor of Israelite babies, ordering one baby a day killed for this purpose. Vampire: The Bath in virgin blood has a bloodline of vampires called bllod Galloi who bathe in blood to make themselves more beautiful. New York: McGraw Hill. View Bath in virgin blood posts by Peter Vronsky. Nonetheless, when we narrow down the charges to the murder of approximately fifty girls, there is a logical consistency to the descriptions of the offenses from many different witnesses.

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In cases not involving outright vampiric entities, characters may be dabbling in The Dark Artsespecially Blood Magic. Stephen Telegdi Originally, Dracula intended to make Bathory his vampiric servant, but her baths in the blood of virgins had made her immune to Dracula's control, so they briefly agreed to form an alliance. All but one of the countess's servants testified against her. Asked in Blood Bath in virgin blood platelets cause blood to clot or prevent blood to clot? One chapter of the AD strip A Love Like Blood features the vampire king Karkossa lounging in The juggy girls naked appears to be a blood jacuzzi while also being entertained by female vampires. A Judge Dredd strip published in Judge Dredd Mega Special concerns a pop singer who retained his youth and good looks through The Dark Artshuman sacrifice, and bathing in blood—the literal blood bath being implied to be the most crucial step in the singer's rejuvenation rituals. Asked in Hypertension, Chlamydia Can chlamydia cause high blood pressure? Mikalojus Radvila the Old. In Lauralot's fic Adult yorkchon pictures Like We Are Fools, the Joker fills a bathtub with blood in a misguided, possibly intentionally traumatizing, attempt to alleviate Jonathan Crane's dislike of baths. Platelets cause clotting. Can herpes cause blood in your stool? Speed Demon has several scenes where men clad only in boxers perform a "purification ritual" that involves sensually washing each other with blood. Over the years Bath in virgin blood gave birth to seven children and Bath in virgin blood left in charge of her husband's properties, but she developed other passions as well — mainly of the sadistic and murderous variety.

You know how Count Dracula is usually said to be partially based on Vlad the Impaler?

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  • She has been labeled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer , [3] though the precise number of her victims is debated.
  • Now, I am all for trying new beauty products, especially those that emphasize anti-aging, but an animal blood bath seemed a tad extreme.

The most famous legend? The terrifying torture chambers and fragmented remnants of her victims understandably have lent themselves well to horror films about the demented countess.

Since the two are nearly impossible to kill, they find themselves entrapped in a terrifying and intense battle. Times are tough for those who need virgin blood to stay young and alive, but Mama Dracula keeps on trucking.

This seductive horror film will have you jumping out of your seat. The undertones of sexuality, desire for youth, and Eastern European wealth are all part of both stories. Want more scary movies? Sign up for The Lineup's newsletter, and get our freakiest flicks delivered straight to your inbox.

Delpy directs and stars in this blood bath of a biopic. It put us off PS2s for life. Over the years, many have suggested that the Countess was actually the victim of a framing. This pick is only for those with guts of steel. By Catherine Phelan. Photo Credit: Dalmata Films S. By Watch It Now. Photo Credit: Weirdsmobile Productions. Photo Credit: Showking Films. Photo Credit: Argos Films.

Photo Credit: Hammer Films. I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks. Photo Credit: Serenity Film. Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures. Photo Credit: Jakubisko Film Slovakia. Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

Priests, noblemen and commoners were questioned. Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia. Frequently, any blood used for this purpose will be a type of Applied Phlebotinum that is intended to cause some fantastic effect on the bather. High blood pressure is thought though not proven to be a leading cause of spontaneous human combustion. Follow TV Tropes. Barbara Butkai 4.

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood

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Her victims were not her political rivals or intimates but innocent peasant girls employed in her service or daughters from minor declining aristocratic families put in her charge. She was accused of having killed as many as girls—many tortured to death in the most savage and cruel manner before being drained of their blood for the Countess to bath in.

Yet there is a cruel curve to her mouth and her face exudes a sullen petulance that betrays an underlying rage. She was married by arrangement at the age of fifteen in to a wealthy Hungarian Count, Ferenc Nadasdy, five years her elder.

The marriage was a happy match. At their country estates and inside the walls of their castles they had life and death power over their servants and peasants. Elizabeth was often left alone in charge as her husband was away for years at a time fighting the Turks in the south, where he developed a distinguished reputation as a fierce warrior until his death in from disease.

According to the story, beginning as an adolescent, Elizabeth used her power to torture to death in the most horrific and sadistic ways her servants, mostly peasant girls; burning their genitals with a candle; biting them to death; ripping their mouths open with her own hands; burning them with heated metal rods and rivets; beating them with whips, clubs or iron bars; cutting and stabbing; throwing them naked into the snow and pouring freezing water over them; pouring boiled water on them and tearing away their skin; hauling them up in suspended barrels spiked inside and rocking and rolling them while showering and bathing in their blood below; or closing them in spiked Iron Maidens like in a garlic press to extract their blood.

This is said to have led to her downfall. In the wake of multiple complaints and accusations, when her castle was raided by authorities during the Christmas holidays of , it was reported that mutilated corpses of girls were found strewn in the courtyard and in the basement of the tower. When the arresting party burst into her chambers, according to legend, she was found sitting on a stool chewing on the mutilated dying body of a girl prostrate before her.

The Hungarian authorities ordered that Elizabeth be walled-in for the rest of her life in a castle apartment with only a small open port for food. After four years she died at the age of fifty-four still preserving her legendary cruel beauty.

There were no newspapers, pamphlets or broadsides to report on it. Elizabeth was not even allowed to appear at the trial and instead of a public execution, she was walled-in alive, in a room in one of her remote castles.

The indictments, trial transcripts and judgments were hidden away in closed archives. Her name was forgotten. To whose ancestors Elizabeth was actually remotely related through marriage. Turoczy restored the legendary female vampire to human form with a name, identity, a history and detailed descriptions of her crimes in an ecclesiastical book published only in Latin.

Laszlo Turoczy, Ungaria suis cum regibus compendio data, Nagyszombat: When Elizabeth wiped the blood away from her face, according to Wagener, she discovered that her skin seemed rejuvenated. From then on she would bathe her entire body in fresh blood and had some girls murdered for this purpose, Wagener claimed.

Moreover, the girls had to be virgins or of aristocratic origins before Elizabeth would believe in the renewing power of bathing in their blood. Something was not quite right with the story.

Nor were the bio-mechanics of bathing in blood adequately explained considering the tendency of liquid blood to rapidly coagulate into a chucky-sticky matter not exactly suitable for bathing. Raymond T. It was not until , that we began to get a more accurate glimpse of what crimes the Blood Countess was actually charged with, and the blood bathing became the first myth to fall.

Nowhere in the trial record was there any mention of bathing in blood. It was local gossip and folklore picked up by writers in the 18 th century and injected into the sordid history. But still, the likely explanation for how this myth took root bodes darkly for what Elizabeth was really into: she was thought to have bathed in blood because she was so covered in it after torturing her victims, it appeared as if she had bathed in it.

These could not be ignored as easily. Some of these minor aristocratic families were happy to send their daughters to Elizabeth, hoping somehow to raise the prestige of their family through an association with the Countess. But during their stay, several of the girls vanished.

When concerned parents began to inquire into the fates of their daughters, the Countess reported that one of the other girls had murdered the girls for their jewels and committed suicide. When her family demanded that the body of the girl be returned, Elizabeth refused, stating a suicide fatality had to be immediately buried unmarked on unconsecrated ground.

She explained other multiple deaths as being caused by outbreaks of disease, and citing the fear of an epidemic panic as the reason for secretly burying those victims. Reverend Janos was sent to replace the previous pastor who had recently died.

According to the legend, Janos investigated the reports of murdered girls, carefully collected evidence and eventually denounced the Countess to his church superiors who finally called in the civil authorities.

In the s, Professor McNally discovered a letter in the Hungarian archives from Janos to his superior describing how she Elizabeth the night before sent six invisible black cats and dogs to attack him in his home in the middle of the night. While complaints from peasant families were largely ignored, the reports of missing girls of noble birth were investigated by the Hungarian parliament, situated in Bratislava at that time the capital Budapest was under Turkish occupation.

It was the Christmas season and the Countess was celebrating the holiday in her manor house in the town when on the evening of December 29 one of her servants, a young girl named Doricza from the Croatian town of Rednek, was discovered stealing a pear.

Enraged, Elizabeth ordered that the girl be taken to the laundry room, stripped naked and tied. Elizabeth and her female servants took turns attempting to beat Doricza to death with a club. Elizabeth was reported to be so soaked in blood that she had to change her clothes. Doricza was a strong girl and did not die in the beating.

It was getting late into the night when Elizabeth tired of beating the girl and had one of female servants finally stab Doricza to death with a pair of scissors. As the party burst into the courtyard they immediately came upon the bloody, battered, and still warm body of the murdered girl.

A search of the premises revealed the body of two more brutally murdered girls in the manor house. Reportedly, a further search of the castle on the hill revealed numerous decaying bodies hidden at the bottom of the tower, which Reverend Janos had earlier refused to bury.

As was Elizabeth, who believed she was beyond the reach of the law. Aside from their reputation, much was at stake for the family if Elizabeth ended up being convicted for murder or witchcraft—which the rumors of the blood bathing suggested. If she was executed, the crown debt would be cancelled instead of being paid out to her surviving family members.

The news of Elizabeth arrest and charges did not become widely known. All the court officials and jury members owed their allegiance to Prince Thurzo. While the countess was locked away back in Cachtice, four of her servants were questioned at Bytca, including a session under torture to clear away any loose ends. Using the methodology developed by the Inquisition, which is said to be the first in history to use relational databases in investigative procedure, the same questions were put separately to each prisoner, and then their answers carefully cross-indexed and compared.

The four servants were put on trial three days later, on January 2 , Their testimony was entered as evidence against Elizabeth. According to the defendants, the Countess tortured her female servants for the slightest mistake.

With her own hands, she tore apart the mouth of one servant girl who had made an error while sewing. Everyday, young servant girls, who had committed some infraction, would be assembled in the basement of the castle for brutal torture.

Elizabeth delighted in the torture of the young women and never missed a session. The Countess stuck needles into the girls; she pinched the girls in the face and in other places, and pierced them under their fingernails. Then she dragged the tortured girls naked out into the snow and had the old women pour cold water over them. She helped them with that until the water froze on the victim, who then died as a result… Her Ladyship beat the girls and murdered them in such a way that her clothes were drenched in blood.

She often had to change her shirt…she also had the bloodied stone pavement washed… She had the girls undress stark naked, thrown to the ground, and she began to beat them so hard that one could scoop up the blood from their beds by the handfuls… It also happened that she bit out individual pieces of flesh from the girls with her teeth.

She also attacked the girls with knives, and she hit and tortured them generally in many ways…her Ladyship singed the private parts of a girl with a burning candle. The girls would be beaten so long that the soles of their feet and the surfaces of their hands bristled. They were beaten so long that each one, without interruption, suffered over five hundred blows from the women accomplices. It happened that the noses and lips of the girls were burned with a flat-iron by her Ladyship herself or by the old women.

The countess also stuck her own fingers into the mouths of the girls and ripped their mouths and tortured them in this way. She collapsed into unconsciousness. It is unclear exactly why she took this path but possibly because her reputation had spread by word-of-mouth among the peasants and few dared to come into her domestic service.

Indeed her last victims were girls recruited from the distant Croatia where nobody had heard of Elizabeth. But even this theory is cloudy as there was testimony stating that the servants sometimes washed, groomed and tutored peasant girls to behave as noble ladies when presented to the Countess.

That of course led to speculation that she believed only the blood of noble girls would serve the purpose of restoring her skin. Only problem with that theory is that the bathing in blood story does not appear in any of the affidavits or in the testimony at the trial. It might be entirely the stuff of peasant folklore picked up a hundred years later and reproduced in pamphlets and books dealing with Elizabeth. Elizabeth became brazen and careless towards the end of her killing career.

While staying in Vienna, she ordered a renowned choir singer from the Church of Holy Mary, Ilona Harczy, to perform privately for her at her apartments in the city on Augustinian Street. The girl was never seen again and witnesses claimed Elizabeth killed her when she could not sing for her either out of fright or shyness. As common practice in those days, the trial lasted only for a day. At the end of the trial two female servants were sentenced to have their fingers torn away with hot pincers before being thrown alive into a fire.

The male servant, because his youth was to sentenced to decapitation and his body also thrown on the fire. The fourth defendant was acquitted and vanished from the record. Unlike the January 3 rd lower court trial, the records of which were kept in Hungarian, the high court trial was transcribed in Latin. Thus the testimony of Zusanna might have been entirely contrived for that purpose. The high court held:. At the very entrance to the manor house they came upon things pertinent to this case.

There was a certain virgin named Doricza who had been miserably extirpated by pain and torture, two other girls were found murdered in similar agonizing ways with that very manor house in the town of Cachtice, which was under the control of the widow Nadasdy. His illustrious Highness [Prince Thurzo], witnessing this evident and ferocious tyranny, having caught the bloody, and godless woman, the widow Nadasdy, in flagranti of her crime, placed her under immediate perpetual imprisonment in Castle Cachtice….

You are in the last months of our life. You do not deserve to breathe the air on earth, nor to see the light of the Lord. You shall disappear from this world and shall never reappear in it again. The shadows will envelop you and you will find time to repent your bestial life. I condemn you, Lady of Cachtice, to lifelong imprisonment in your own castle. The exterior windows were bricked up and only several small opening for ventilation and food gave her the only contact she had with the outside world.

On August 21, one of the jailers observed the Countess collapsed on the floor. She died at the age of fifty-four.

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood

Bath in virgin blood