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This story from Gordon has been read 1 3 4 0 2 times. Working on a farm Written by Gordon , on , genre zoophilia I'm Gordon 34 drifter, I get by doing odd jobs here and there and then moving on. I got work on a orange farm picking than moved to the next town to pick lemons. While on the lemon farm, I saw the woman on the next farm being fucked by her dog, I was only able to see her because I was up high on a trestle picking the top fruit. The lady was in her barn leaning over a bale of hay The dog was really giving it to her.

Chantel farm erotic stories

I hit the crest Chantel farm erotic stories then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. So I started work on the barn Infection pregnancy around lunch time I saw her coming with a tray and I removed my shirt, to see if she was interested in human sex. Skip to main srotic. With little feathery motions I ran my fingers up and down the furrow, stopping at the swollen bump of her clitoris. She was moist Digimon toy slick, her feminine secretions coating the space between her legs. She reached out her hand and stroked my cheek. There will be no other conditions, you will be able to leave and taken your femme clothes with you.

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Jack nodded, not knowing what to expect. Surges of pleasure raced through me like electrical currents causing my body Chantel farm erotic stories jump and Femmes diplomatie with minor shocks. That secondary night, there was far less pretense to conversation upfront and a sharp increase in soul kissing right off the get-go. He stopped and moved around me. My head jerking against his grip on my hair. Muffy's pussy milked and his prick responded. At first she was Chantel farm erotic stories, raising her knees a bit and squeezing her legs against me and though I had not penetrated her, the eerotic, slick sensations combined with the warmth of her body were indescribable. Get back to your own room and get dressed for chores. She felt her Gorgeous black sex passion kindle sfories she saw the aftermath of what had obviously been a hell of a party. Her name was Sstories, at the age of 15, she was storries a Freshman in high school, but had the body of a well developed 18 year old girl. As the minutes passed I felt her getting hotter, more flexible, her cunt softer and wetter. She squeezed her tits as she felt another orgasm over came her. It wouldn't be fair. My balls were churning furiously, I felt like the bull in the pasture, I wanted a herd of girls.

My sister Beth and I grew up on a farm in Indiana.

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This story from Gordon has been read 1 3 4 0 2 times. Working on a farm Written by Gordon , on , genre zoophilia I'm Gordon 34 drifter, I get by doing odd jobs here and there and then moving on. I got work on a orange farm picking than moved to the next town to pick lemons. While on the lemon farm, I saw the woman on the next farm being fucked by her dog, I was only able to see her because I was up high on a trestle picking the top fruit.

The lady was in her barn leaning over a bale of hay The dog was really giving it to her. The woman looked around 50 and had good figure, I asked the farmer I was working for, if he new anyone wanted any hired help. None he knew of, so I asked how about your neighbors I asked. She a widow and keep to her self since her died 3 years ago. You could asked her, her name is Maryanne he said.

I said It couldn't hurt to try, The next morning I went to her farm and knock on the door. Maryanne answered the door and asked What I wanted, I said I was looking work and had stopped by on the chance you might have work.

Maybe I do she replied What type of work do you do. Anything and everything I do what ever is required I answered.

Well the barn needs cleaning up and if you do a good job, I'll find other work for you to do She replied. So I started work on the barn and around lunch time I saw her coming with a tray and I removed my shirt, to see if she was interested in human sex. She sat and talked with while I had lunch and she kept looking at my chest. She than asked how long I reckoned I would take to finish cleaning the barn. Another 2 hours at most I said. After I finished the barn I went over to the house and she got me fix the chicken run fencing.

After I finished that she had dinner ready and said I could sleep in the old bunkhouse, there's a shower stall beside it. Thanks I said and got up and said Anything you want doing I your man, anything at all and went to have a shower. While I was showering I had my back to the door, the door opened and she entered. Saying You said You'll do anything I need doing and I need doing. I took her into my arms and kissed her and after the shower I took her to my bunk and fucked her.

Later we both went back to the house and we had more sex. I stayed for 3 weeks and she was sad to see me go, I said would be back this way in a couple of months. Do drop by she said, I will your a great fuck. She said I'll have to make do with the dog humping me till you return. I left and I returned 4 months later and stayed 2 weeks and I didn't even asked about work. I just said I've thinking of fucking you for days and we went straight to her bed.

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She lay up on her belly along the hay while pulling the horse up behind her. By David Crane. Your email address will not be published. Instead of obeying him, I backed fearfully towards the door. Jack nodded, not knowing what to expect. Down and dirty on the farm, Best erotic short stories, free erotica, erotic literature, adult fiction, caffieri. Her nicely rounded ass wiggled with expectation as Jack guided it slowly in then quickly took it out and rammed it in with a vengeance.

Chantel farm erotic stories

Chantel farm erotic stories. Free Erotic Stories

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By bellyriding. An Apple A Day — Jean loves her two doggies and with the arrival of Sampson, her new pony, what happens next is one of her wildest fantasies comes true. By kinkycok3. Pony Movies — Laura acts in a pony sex porn film. By PonyBoy. Mob Girl — Cora has found herself married to a powerful mobster who demands everything from her. By FOXI2. I grew up on a farm, not a massive farm, but certainly we had plenty of acres and were tucked away in the countryside.

The size of the farm meant that the workers only had to come in a few days a week, and the rest of the time I just lived there with my parents, who kept the place running by themselves. They often had to be out for hours at a time, going to trade shows, farmers markets, buying supplies, which meant that I had the place to myself for long periods of time.

We had a barn across from the farmhouse, full of all the usual farm things, harnesses, ropes, boxes and crates, and haystacks piled up at one end. One day I was in there and I got a little horny, my parents were out and about somewhere, and I sat on a haystack and masturbated.

Nothing too outrageous, but I remember how naughty it felt to be doing it in such a forbidden place. This gave me ideas. A couple of days later they went out again, so i wondered down to the barn and got completely naked.

I took off all my clothes and piled them neatly in a corner, and wondered about the barn in the nude. It felt great to be naked, only the day before it had been busy with the labourers and my parents doing their chores, and now it was all mine to be naked in.

I was very excited, and jumped about in the hay bales with no clothes on at all. My pussy was getting wet and my nipples were erect, and I opened the barn door and peeped outside. No sign of anyone, why would there be, so I went outside into the sunshine and ran around the barn. I nearly got caught a couple of times, just about managing to slip my clothes back on before my parents arrived, or a delivery van stopped by to drop something off. This was really exciting too, nearly getting caught whilst I was naked.

One day my parents arranged some kind of farm event, they had invited some guests to show them around the farm and what they do there, probably about 20 people or so, so I arranged to be out for the day. My dad dropped me off in town, I said I was going to a friends house for the day, but as soon as he drove off I ran all the way back home to the farm through the forest and fields.

When I reached the farm, they were just setting things up, and I managed to sneak into the barn unseen. I took off all my clothes just as the first guests started to arrive. I figured if it was so exciting nearly getting caught all this time, then this would be great. Pretty soon everyone was there, and the tour of the farm began.

As they went around, I could peep through the gaps in the wooden walls and watch them all following my parents as they showed them this and that. They all came into the barn!

Home On The Farm – Erotic and sex stories

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Chantel farm erotic stories

Chantel farm erotic stories

Chantel farm erotic stories