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Teens: They basically rule the world when it comes to music, trends, pop culture — pretty much everything. And for that reason, gift shopping for teenagers can be quite tricky. To help you out, this gift guide has ideas for every teen, whether they're into movies or the latest trends. They'll be so impressed by how in-the-know you are! If she's a T-Swift fan, she'll appreciate how much this necklace looks like the font from the Reputation cover.

Cool teen girls

Layla Sleep. Help your teenagers protect their treasures with a secret stash Cool teen girls. Monkey Light. And if you're not feeling the pastel blue, these also come in olive and pink. Diy Stuffed Felt Rocking Horse Ornament Rocking horses are one of those toys Cool teen girls have stood the test of time, and this guide will show you how to make a miniature rocking horse Christmas tree ornament with felt, glue, and embroidery floss. Spiced Latte Hand Soap Spice up Christmas, or any other occasion come to that, with homemade hand soaps.

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Image Credit: kijashi. Your teen will love toting a personalized tumbler to class or the gym. Here, we have handpicked these coolest teen bedroom decor ideas to inspire you. Everything old is new again, for example the hippie hairstyle of the mid-sixties is now embraced as a common music festival look. I am only asserting myself and my needs. Side Fishtail Tap the link in the bio to see more cool Halloween makeup ideas. Vanilla and Strawberry Milkshakes Costume. Her room will look Cool teen girls trendy with a light box she can switch up with punny, cute phrases. Cool teen girls from a variety of fonts, colors, and styles. Image Credit: homemydesign. Be kind to yourself if you tend to be Casadas swinger.

Teen girls are pretty hard to shop for, which makes buying them a present feel like an impossible task.

  • Teen girls are pretty hard to shop for, which makes buying them a present feel like an impossible task.
  • A hairstyle for a busy teen should be cute and stylish yet easy to do.
  • Once you take that first sip of Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew , the countdown to Halloween is officially on.
  • Teens: They basically rule the world when it comes to music, trends, pop culture — pretty much everything.
  • Today, we are about to surprise you with 35 teen bedroom ideas that will surely blow your minds with their sassy decor and cool furnishings.
  • Some girls have an air about them that is just plain cool!

Warning: If you thought shopping for women was hard, just know that it gets harder. Try shopping for a teenage girl. With adult women, you can opt for items like smart light bulbs , Instant Pots , or a cool tech item like the Kindle Paperwhite. But teens are a whole different game. They don't have the same needs and wants as an older demographic — their wishlists are likely geared more toward hobbies and trends, like a camera for vlogging.

Teenage girl trends can be an ever-changing hellscape — Juuls, Tide Pods, Converse but only the white ones , and saying LOL ironically to name a few. Even if her "thank you" is sauced in sarcasm, receiving a gift that she can use over and over again that she knows you put thought into will have her feeling appreciative. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the perfect partner in crime.

The Mini 9 is the newest of the Instax family, with five colors and fun new features like automatic exposure measurement and a selfie mirror. Once printed, she can hang them from clip lights or display them in a glittery frame. Ace for the girl who plays sports year round, the Charge 3's personalized fitness score can help track her progress, as well as track sleep, steps, and calories.

These Beats were made for concert lovers, sounding superb on low-end dubstep and modern, auto-tuned vocals — all for 40 hours on one charge. But that color selection, though.

Choose from metallic, matte, and vibrant shades to match her personal style. The Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Brush claims to remove six times more makeup than wipes and unclogs pores to make skin more receptive to cleansing. The spinning helps reduce oily spots, dry patches, and already-there blemishes, while making skincare actually fun.

Starbucks: Cool to Instagram, way too expensive. Save your teenager some time and money without making her skip out on her caffeine.

The HyperChiller is a portable iced coffee maker that keeps coffee and ice in two separate stainless steel chambers, so the brew can be cooled without being watered down — in less than a minute. Forget selfie sticks — the Amazon Echo Look is the new camera in town.

Aside from playing fashion police, the Look can be used for Alexa commands like asking for the weather or ordering pizza. If she's an aspiring photographer, something more intense than a Polaroid is necessary. The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is ideal for beginners, featuring a user-friendly menu and touchscreen with illustrations to show her the ropes. Because it's a DSLR, she can also switch lenses to her heart's content.

It's a little pricey for a starter camera, but it's going to last her for years — so you can sleep well knowing she's getting her your money's worth. Mirror selfie levels: Maximized. She'll be ecstatic to see her name, initials, or favorite Instagram memories on the back of a phone case from Casetify.

Font and backdrop combos are endless, including glitter, marble, pressed flowers, neon sand liquid, and more. Plus, this ensures that no one grabs her phone by accident. Not only are they the cutest ever, but they're also encased in rubber to absorb shock from drops up to 6. The Asus Chromebook Flip C is it.

Weighing under two pounds, transporting the Flip in a backpack will be a breeze, with a Her files will be cloud-stored, so she won't be screwed if something happens to her device. The hour battery life makes long study sessions a go, and the laptop can easily follow her to college. Desert plants are the hippest little decor pieces nowadays.

Even the drabbest rooms or college dorms can be brightened up with a mini terrarium full of colorful succulents, small enough to sit on her desk or a small shelf. Amazon's Plant Shop sells them in packs of five, and then all she'll need is a precious hexagonal glass planter to show the off in. Care is minimal, so being a full-time plant mom isn't required. The Hommit 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler is the answer to hair prayers, featuring rounded, negative ion plates to straighten, curl, or wave while locking moisture in.

Hommit isn't as well-known as the Revlons or Chis of the world, but this puppy sees more purchases and better reviews than the expensive 2-in-1 models. Named after its ability to switch from TV to on-the-go gaming, the handheld Nintendo Switch is a middle ground if she's not into the bigger consoles — complete with detachable controllers to play with friends and a 6-hour battery.

Classics like Mario Kart turn the most boring days into parties, with new versions of Super Smash Bros. A Birchbox subscription for a teenage girl is a no-brainer. For girls who like dogs more than they like people, Pooch Selfie is the selfie stick alternative made specifically for taking pictures with doggos. Clip it to your phone and show Fido the tennis ball on top. Pooch Selfie gets him or her to do the impossible: Actually look at the camera, basically guaranteeing money shot after money shot.

There's also one with a little bell for cats. Some girls prefer to sport an oversized purse as a backpack, while some would prefer a durable, adventure-ready knapsack.

The Scandinavian designers at Fjallraven have perfected their classic school backpack, the Kanken, and teenagers have taken notice — these things are everywhere. The water and dirt resistant Vinylon makes these durable enough for years of wear and tear, plus each has countless pockets including one for a laptop and comfy straps.

Claiming to be one of the most powerful out there, this mini portable charger can apparently fully charge an iPhone almost twice. For something the size of a lipstick, that's amazing. A girl who's the life of the party deserves a gift that keeps up. This cylindrical speaker is adorable, easily transported, and more powerful than it looks: The pod shape offers degree booming sound, plus 10 hours of battery life.

It's also waterproof enough to be submerged in three feet for 30 minutes, so when things get wild the tunes will stay on. Aesthetically pleasing bath art? Hypnotizing smells? Soft skin? She'll love these. Not only are these fizzing and sometimes glittery balls of soap super 'grammable, but they come in relaxing amber, mood-boosting citrus, and about 15 other scents. When trigonometry sucks, the soccer season looks bleak, or first dates are hell, bath bombs act as a makeshift spa day.

The coolest part? The Da Bomb company is run by a pair of teenage sisters. When traditional picture frames just aren't enough, an Alexa-enabled digital picture frame from Nixplay can do the trick. It'll shuffle through her best memories photos and videos and change when it senses motion to ensure that each gets its time to shine. Now she can skip the hassle of printing and hanging by adding her new pics to the queue through the app.

These tiny firefly lights are strung along a foot copper wire and can be placed however she wants. Drape them up and down the wall like the photo above or wrap them around furniture.

They even make for some artsy backdrops for her selfies. These aren't your run-of-the-mill sunglasses; they're frames with audio speakers built in. The music plays loud enough that she'll get clear audio, but not so loud that everyone will hear what she's listening to.

There's also an integrated microphone for making phone calls. Plus, they don't compromise style for function. FaceTory is a subscription service that will deliver sheet masks to her doorstep either once or on a monthly basis. There are two plans that include either four or seven masks a month. FaceTory is a relatively cheap way to pamper your favorite teen. The Echo Input is not a speaker itself, but it connects with external speakers to give them Alexa capabilities.

It's even compatible with car stereos, so she can get voice commands in her vehicle. This means she can make hands-free calls and commands, and stay a bit safer on the road. This is like the Rolls-Royce of aromatherapy diffusers. She can also set the diffuser to run on a schedule. The large tank allows up to 12 hours of continuous mist and the diffuser features different colored LED lights. It will make her room feel cozier and smell nicer.

If you know a girl who always has her nose in a book, gift her a Kindle that gives her access to millions of books, magazines, and audiobooks. The Kindle has an adjustable front light that allows her to read comfortably for hours wherever she is, day or night. The e-reader's battery lasts weeks, so it's great for traveling too. Weighted blankets have gained popularity for their ability to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. When selecting the weight of the blanket, go for one that is one-tenth of her body weight for optimal benefits.

This blanket comes in a handful of color options, so you can match it to the color scheme in her room. This light box is a great way for the teen girl in your life to express herself.

She's able to display photos and put together custom sayings in the text slots. The light box comes with a set of letters, numbers, and symbols to give her creative freedom, plus it'll make a cute addition to her bedroom. Help her channel her inner Carrie Bradshaw with her own personalized name necklace. This necklace is customizable in length, metal finish, and font choice.

The Etsy shop owner is even open to sending you a font mock-up before you commit so you can ensure it will look perfect. Help her wake up easier and more refreshed with this alarm clock from Philips. It gradually increases in brightness leading up to a scheduled wake-up time to simulate the sunrise for a more natural wake-up.

Don't worry, it still has a snooze button so she can catch those extra 10 minutes of sleep. The Riley Chain Clutch from Coach is an ideal day-to-night bag as it works for days on the go and nights out.

Fishtail braids look awesome on long hair. Go in for a sporty theme that has been discussed above, or in case your boy loves the beach, stylize his personal space with a sea side image imprinted on the walls. Ponytails are definitely great teen hairstyles, but boxer braids two French braids are quickly gaining popularity to compete or complete ponytails. Eat healthy and exercise. Uncommon Goods. Her room will look so trendy with a light box she can switch up with punny, cute phrases. Part of being cool is being adventurous and trying new things.

Cool teen girls

Cool teen girls

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We may earn a small affiliate commission from purchases made from our editorially chosen links. Typically that time period between tween and teen can be significant. What they like at 11 or 12 years old will be totally different than what they might be into at 16 or When it comes to finding the perfect gift for them and there are a lot out there , just try to remember that it really is the thought that counts.

Shop our picks for some, dare we say, cool Christmas gift ideas for the loving tweens and teens in your life in Shop Now. Introducing the new AirPods. These are, of course, wireless, come in a self-charging case, are bluetooth enabled, and the battery actually last way longer on this updated version.

Now your teens can tune you out even more between each charge. Learn more here. This is officially one of the highest backed games on Kickstarter of all time. Pretty impressive. The point of the game is pretty simple. You have to build an amazing and magical army of unicorns and the, of course, go ahead and betray your friends. This one is suited for ages 14 and older. This pretty genius ideas is a large poster with some of the most popular and must-read books of all time.

There are in total and when they finish reading them or have already read them all they have to do is scratch it off. Will they be able to scratch off all books? Only time will tell. It comes with 2 translucent goals, 1 glow disc, 2 LED glow light pods. Let the nighttime fun begin! Bring the trendiest nail salon ever to your very own home!

Finally we can afford an actual arcade game cabinet! This is a 5-foot tall in-1 arcade with super fun built-in games like Astroids, Centipede, Missile Command, and so much more!

There are so many fun activities to do on each and every page of this journal that has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide! And now, it finally comes in color! Check it out in a bunch of different colors too. Now they can get celebrity-quality selfies each and every time. In fact you can even choose the self-cleaning mode so it gives it a little clean-up every two hours.

Check them out in a bunch of different colors too. Everything old is new again! This time around the bestie bracelet is back! This colorful bracelet pack is mix-and-match, can be traded with friends, is waterproof, and a portion of the money goes to local underrepresented artisans. Or just go the gift card route so they can decide!

This super comfy crocheted mermaid blanket currently has 4. These blankets also come in a ton of other color options too. This super on-trend felt board comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, green, pink, red, grey, and more. Bad skin! They have it bad enough as it is. Help them to make it more fun to keep their face and pores squeaky clean with the best-selling Clarisonic cleansing brush.

You can buy the set of just pick out the specific ones you want. This one is a best-seller! It comes in some really cool color options too! You can use it for your favorite ice cream, soup, snacks, and more! You can also get it in a bunch of other really cool colors too. Bow down. Weight blankets are all the rage with just about everyone this year.

This one comes in a ton of different colors, sizes, and patterns. You can even choose the weight of the blanket you want too. Giving them a better night sleep is the gift that really keeps on giving.

Yes, Birkenstocks are officially back and, yes, every tween and teen is sporting them. Kids, right? They come in a bunch of different colors and are oddly inexpensive. These stick-on holders come in great colors and trendy patterns like palm leaves, pineapples, floral and more.

This one comes as a two-pack to they also make great stocking stuffers this holiday season. No, for real. It also comes in over 20 different colors to choose from too. It comes in a bunch of other colors too, like lime green, ice blue, flamingo pink, and white. Yes, fanny packs are totally a thing this year. If only they knew about the early 90s!?

The camo trend continues on this year! This is one of the best-selling backpacks from the uber-trendy Herschel company. The padded shoulder straps make it super comfy and all the different compartments will hold all their stuff and school books too.

Although we do kind of wish it was real. There are a ton of different boxes to choose from too. The perfect gift for the teen who loves to travel or has big travel plans!

Now just about everyone in the fam can charge all their devices at the same time in the car! Your tweens can add super cool and vibrant colors to their hair with this easy to use hair chalk that, yes, totally easily washes out when they shampoo it. It comes with 5 different colorful chalk pens, colorful beads, elastics, and so much more.

This one smells clean, fresh, crisp and one he can spray on each and every day. This one was one of the most backed projects in the history of Kickstarter, is family friendly, age appropriate, and super addictive to play.

Cool teen girls

Cool teen girls