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Free cde cuckold

Free cde cuckold

Free cde cuckold

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For those who enjoy cuckold porn that revolves around the fantasy of women being knocked up by their other-lovers.

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For those who enjoy cuckold porn that revolves around the fantasy of women being knocked up by their other-lovers. Cuckold porn posted should be of the unprotected sex variety.

Discussion posts are welcome, as are news stories. Friends of the Sub. I love the genre, but am a little tired of trudging through all the stories that fall short and vary in quality. Interracial impregnation, Black Men, White Women. I also really enjoy cuckolding, cheating, hotwives, that sort of thing. Second to that, I love fantasy stuff. Monsters, Orcs, egg laying tentacles.

The more extreme, the better. Breeding farms, multiple breeding, cows, lactation, all of that. Thanks for the recommendations. It's one of my favorite parts of cuckolding as well, the ultimate if you will :o!

I like CDE, though I've read a lot of his stuff already, do you know if any of it is new? It looks like he's part of the Kristen Archives, which is a good site :. I love these stories as well, though I only tend to read them when I'm locked in chastity, ha.

I've come across a few that include forcing the cuckold to get a vasectomy or even be castrated as part of the breeding process. Here is one that I wrote, no breeding yet but it has some interracial cuckolding. I plan to write more once I have time, any good ideas where I should go with the story? My wife made me get a vasectomy to make sure that everyone one knew when she got pregnant with her next child , it wasn't mine. Here are some of the relevant tags: mating , pregnancy , breeding , biology.

I also really like this story. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. CuckoldPregnancy comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. CuckoldPregnancy join leave 21, readers 36 users here now For those who enjoy cuckold porn that revolves around the fantasy of women being knocked up by their other-lovers.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. I'm looking for the best, and figure the community here might have an insight ; My favorite kinks are: Interracial impregnation, Black Men, White Women.

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. It looks like he's part of the Kristen Archives, which is a good site : Never seen the impregorium before, looks great : Have any personal favorites to recommend?

Please feel free to send me your breeding farm story when you're done if you want :.

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Free cde cuckold

Free cde cuckold

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I really don't quite know where I should begin. The resort was private, exclusive, beyond expensive, and nestled in the Texas Hill Country. The awards ceremony, and after-parties, were going to be swanky affairs to say the least.

This is a print version of story Company Cuckold by Deecee29 from xHamster. My name is Donald, and as I review the last 20 years of my life and marriage, I can only say that it seems that my destiny is to be degraded and subjugated by stronger women and men. I'm married to a wonderful and beautiful creature named Darlene. She is a vivacious woman without question.

Even though she's an assertive wife, she has a wonderful personality with a touch of capriciousness thrown in. When in reality, none of them resemble me in the least. That's not really surprising to me, since for the entire time Darlene and I have been married, she has demanded that I wear a condom during the times we've had intercourse, even during the 6 times when she was pregnant.

So I've never had the pleasure of having my prick in her without a barrier between her hot juicy pussy walls and my cock. I've never gotten her to reveal why she won't let me have her bareback even when she's pregnant. Whenever I press her on this matter she's always evasive and changes the subject. The other puzzling thing is that she does use the pill, except when she stops taking them to conceive.

Anyway, over the years, I've come to the conclusion that she just has a thing about me putting it in her luscious pussy bare back. Therefore, I've just left the matter alone. As all of you know, we husbands have to put up with our wives little quirks. Darlene and I are Caucasian, with blue eyes, and have dark hair. We also have one light tanned son with straight hair, one dark tanned son with obviously Negroid curled up hair, one daughter with dishwater blond hair with hazel eyes, and one daughter with black hair and brown eyes.

The company I work for was nice enough to pay for the legal fees to have these documents drafted up and authorized. But more about the company I work for later. But for now, back to my wife Darlene. When I first met Darlene, I had no idea how promiscuous she was or had been. But I soon found out. However, she was a slut the entire time we dated, were engaged, and all throughout our marriage, even up to the current day.

I had recently graduated from college and had just gotten a job as an entry level analyst at one of the biggest employer in Phantomville — GB Industries. Darlene's parents didn't have to say it, but strongly implied that their daughter had finally started going out with a more respectable guy. That made me feel good about myself, even if I did worry about the types she'd been dating previously. I-I would never do that.

E-Excuse me m-ma'am? You do have one don't you? I became speechless at her clarification. I've felt him when we were making out. He's little even when he's hard. Then she had more to say as she turned toward me. She continued to talk, as she directed her words now to her parents. And also he's a virgin and his mama makes him wear a cock lock to stay that way until he's married.

Her words made me want to sink beneath the love seat we were sitting on. Yes, Darlene had met my folks. It was quite by accident — I think. Darlene and I were at the mall enjoying a bite of lunch one Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a formal date, just some shopping and getting to know each other. We were at an outdoor patio style restaurant, when Mom and Dad showed up unexpectedly. This was the first time I had mentioned to mom or dad that I was seeing a girl regularly.

Dad was very pleased, but Mom was not so pleased. Basically, because she had expected for me to have told her about Darlene and not have met her the way she did.

You see, my mom is a rather controlling type person and she rules the roost. She basically dominates Dad and me. Well more about all that later.

But it was at this chance meeting that Mother told Darlene about me basically never having engaged in sexual intercourse before and that she thought it would be good for me to save myself for the right girl. Mother talked entirely too much and all I could do was sit and turn beet red. I knew I dared not interrupt her. Dad also was blushing, but knew not to say anything either. We both knew our places.

To my surprise, Mother and Darlene, as they conversed and conversed, they found they had a lot in common. I was so embarrassed when Mother told Darlene she encouraged me to masturbate myself to take my mannish edge when I went out on high school dates.

I just think it's proper for a mother to oversee these things to ensure he strokes himself properly, as well as milk himself properly too. Darlene's face was all aglow as she smiled and looked at me. I had to turn away, feeling ultra small and utterly embarrassed. I almost fainted from shame. I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. I again felt ultimately small. To ensure he doesn't do anything foolish, he's been wearing one of the Phantomville Penis Management Control Company's devices aka electronic cock restraint for several years, starting back in his teens.

In fact we just had their latest model installed two weeks ago. This one even has GPS built in. That's how I knew you were here dear son. I felt super little as mother continued to tell Darlene all about the features of this latest model I was wearing. It doesn't let him get away with anything. Darlene had a very broad smile as she looked at me while agreeing with mother. Mother kept talking to my total chagrin and utter embarrassment.

I really felt minuscule. What happened next really threw me for a loop of further humiliation as Darlene added her input to the conversation. Didn't it Donald? That must've been the reason I got that alert last week about you messing up your shorts. You didn't tell me the whole story did you baby? You little devil you. They say the mother is always the last to know. Most guys are trying to get in my panties from the second they come on to me.

But Donald wanted to know about me the person, and from there we worked on being a bit intimate. Actually, it was I who guided him to do me orally, as he revealed that you wanted him to save himself for his wife to be, whoever she was. Well, I thought that was so noble and sweet, that's when I proposed his going down on me. I hated her reference to me as a boy, which strongly implied that I was a mama's boy. I told him that I wanted to save that for when we got a bit more serious.

And it's only fair that if he's saving something — namely his virginity, then it's only right for you to save something for the one you'll marry too. It was obvious that mother liked all that Darlene was telling her. I was mortified at the whole conversation and stayed a deep blushed red the entire time we sat there. But alas, I could do nothing but sit and continually be embarrassed. Well anyway, the aforementioned conversation that day is where Darlene got the information to tell her folks that my mom had verified my virginity.

Well back to the conversation I was having with Darlene and her parents. I like you even more Donald. I finally got my voice back and tried to carry on some polite conversation as the conversation moved on to a news item that was on TV. I was hoping that no more would be mentioned about me or Darlene and such extremely personal subjects. However, I was wrong. You haven't fed any of your cream pie have you? But to answer your question, yes I've fed him some, but not with a lot of cream.

But he really liked what he ate. It was obvious that I was missing something here, for I could not see anything to laugh about. That's why I like him so much mom and dad. It's like this

Free cde cuckold