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The following video is a practical demonstration on how to have hot safe sex if you're the top - the guy doing the fucking. The following video is a practical demonstration on how to have hot safe sex if you're the bottom - the guy being fucked. Others like to do both. Whatever the situation, talk about it. Stay in control.

Using sex toys is a really great way to warm yourself up before fucking. Most popular. Read this next. Breathe deeply and slowly, and guide them into you. For further information, please ask us for a gya or view the Privacy Policy now. As Pussy sqiuirt result, using a commercial lubricant may be a safer choice. Take preventive measures.

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Others see as it as the ultimate act of trust, love and closeness. Reviews Dildos. Find out the which thrusting patterns and techniques will double your pleasure. If you have taken then necessary steps to clean your anus, you have nothing to worry about. This is the opening to your anus. Dane JonesGina Gerson. Feces are stored in the sigmoid colon, which sits above the rectum. Additionally, for ultimate pleasure, you may want to let him ride you and take turns. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a function of mood. Steve was determined not to repeat the painful experiences he had with bottoming in the past. Another helpful tip when sliding up and down a piece of Loverboy usa male strippers is to get your guy involved. Learn how to be the guy everybody wants to get under! But the internal sphincter? Your right hand external sphincter is relaxed Instructions to gay anal sex a slight opening was created.

My first sexual experience happened in a hotel room while other guys in my church youth group slept.

  • You tried.
  • Anal sex can be a pleasurable experience for gay men.
  • I think part of my fascination with the topic was directly linked to my strong need to please the guys I had sex with.

My first sexual experience happened in a hotel room while other guys in my church youth group slept. He touched me. I touched him. We were trembling. Getting better at bottoming required me to see through all that, and trust my experience. In my mind, I continuously returned to that first experience. It felt right because it was right. It was the opposite of shame — it was my body doing what it needed to do. Today, bottoming is an awesome part of my life.

If you want to try bottoming, here are five pointers to get you started, with more to come in part two. Calling myself a bottom has pros and cons. On one hand, I have an easier time finding tops — guys who enjoy taking the active role in sex. On the other hand, putting myself in a box is frustrating when I want to top. In my experience, most people are versatile in the right situation, or with the right person — I am. These labels make finding sex partners easier. Before hookup apps like Grindr and Scruff established these words as standard sex vocabulary, queer men used discreet street coding — colored hankies, certain types of clothing — to discreetly tell each other what kind of sex they were looking for and which role top or bottom, dominant or submissive they wanted to take.

Bottoming is usually not extremely fun on its first attempts. For many, bottoming is uncomfortable in the beginning. With practice comes pleasure. Once you get the hang of it, bottoming feels great. Anal sex has just as much risk as vaginal sex for unwanted sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea, and since HIV is more common among certain populations transgender women of color and men who have sex with men , anal sex poses a higher risk of HIV transmission for these people.

I am also HIV-positive. All sex — bottoming, topping, sucking, handjobs — involves risk. Learning about those risks and taking the necessary steps to minimize them protecting yourself and playing smartly gives you the freedom to enjoy bottoming without fear.

Yes they can. My boyfriend leans bottom, and so do I. I love fucking him, and he loves fucking me, but sometimes often we both prefer to get fucked — and we do, by other guys. Talk about it. Try to make it work. First things first: there is nothing wrong with being feminine. We will help you. Enjoy it. Do what feels good. Get the best of what's queer.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter here. I discuss these risks and how to protect yourself in part two of this guide. Can two bottoms be in a relationship? Why do I feel ashamed of bottoming? Tags evergreen sex queer sex. Read More. By Lucy Diavolo. By Michelle Kim. By Michael Cuby. By Elyssa Goodman.

Sex Toy Reviews… from a Cis Male perspective. What are your limits? Will I end up wearing diapers if I bottom for hung guys? The sigmoid colon releases waste stool to the rectum when the body is ready for elimination and only when it is ready. It might be helpful to understand how so many of us came to associate bottoming with effeminacy.

Instructions to gay anal sex. Top Trending Pornstars

In order for you to enjoy it fully, there are a few things you should know before having anal sex and a few tips to help ease the pain. Here are the 6 secrets to gay anal sex. Before having anal sex, let's talk about how the anus works. The anus is the opening at the end of the colon which controls the passage of waste. Waste passes through the small intestines to your colon, then your rectum and finally out the anus.

The opening and closing of the anus is controlled by the internal and external sphincter muscles the most important muscles when engaging in anal sex. The sphincter muscle is a sensitive membrane with many nerve endings and thus the source of pleasure or pain. Pain associated with anal sex can be due to pressure or friction against the sphincter muscles, hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Some pain can be reduced by properly lubricating. Seek a gay-friendly doctor for assistance with hemorrhoids , fissures or other medical conditions.

The more familiar you are with your body, the more enjoyable anal sex can be. Each person's sphincter muscles react to penetration differently. Since the muscles control the opening and closing of the anus, you need to learn how yours works. Spend time safely exploring the sensitivity of your sphincter and how it reacts when you are relaxed or tense. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Use a small sex toy, then gradually increase the size. Exploring the sensitivity of your sphincter is an exercise both you and your partner can enjoy prior to penetration.

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Is anal sex safe? 6 potential risks to avoid

Knowing the risks associated with having sex and choosing the best prevention options is always important. The risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs is greater for men who have sex with men than for other people. The risk of contracting HIV and other STIs decreases through being informed, getting tested frequently, and taking preventive measures for having sex, such as using condoms.

Still, transmission of HIV can occur regardless of sexuality. HIV is a chronic health condition that can be transmitted through sexual activity or shared needles. Men in sexual relationships with other men can be exposed to HIV through:.

Exposure to HIV occurs from contact with fluids near mucous membranes. These are found inside the rectum, penis, and mouth. Individuals living with HIV can manage their condition with antiretroviral medications taken daily. Individuals with a partner who has HIV may choose to use medications like pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP to decrease their chance of contracting the virus.

PrEP must be taken daily to be effective. This medication is known as post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP. PEP must be started within 72 hours of exposure. This medication is identical to antiretroviral therapy, and so should be taken in the same manner, whether it be once or twice a day.

In addition to HIV, other STIs can be transmitted between sexual partners through intercourse or the touching of skin around the genitals. Both semen and blood can also transmit STIs. There are many STIs, all with different characteristics. Symptoms may not always be present, which makes it difficult to know when a person has contracted an STI.

A healthcare provider will discuss the best course of action to treat an STI. Managing an STI varies from condition to condition. This will help them maintain their health and avoid transmitting any of these conditions to a sexual partner.

The organization also encourages anyone who engages in sexual activity with risk of exposure to get tested more frequently. Immediate treatment after being diagnosed with any STI can prevent or reduce the risk of transmitting it to others.

Condoms help prevent the transmission of HIV and some STIs by blocking the exchange of bodily fluids or skin-to-skin contact. Condoms made with synthetic materials like latex are the most reliable. Other synthetic condoms are available for those allergic to latex. Lubricants prevent condoms from breaking or malfunctioning. Only use lubricants that are made from water or silicone. Using Vaseline, lotion, or other substances made from oil as lubricants can lead to a condom breaking.

Avoid lubricants with nonoxynol This ingredient can irritate the anus and increase the chance of contracting HIV. Knowing the risk with different types of sex is particularly important for those concerned about contracting HIV. For HIV-negative people, being on the top the insertive partner during anal sex can decrease the chances of getting HIV. Talk to a healthcare provider about these vaccinations.

The vaccination for HPV is available for men under the age of 26, though some groups recommend vaccinating up to age Intoxication from drinking alcohol or using drugs can potentially lead to making poor sexual choices. Getting tested before engaging in sexual activity can also help in this regard. Home testing kits are a good option for quick results. Regular testing for STIs and preventive measures during sex can also assist in maintaining sexual health.

Learn how to have a safe and healthy relationship with a partner who has HIV. Get the facts on helping a partner manage their HIV, medications that…. Discover the best time to be tested for HIV. Discussing HIV-related issues can be difficult or uncomfortable to bring up.

Use the following guide as a blueprint for how to get the conversation…. Find out how it has impacted his life. Take preventive measures. True Serodiscordant Love Stories. PrEP vs. Read this next. Partners Living with HIV. HIV Tests.