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The 1st Generation Mini looks like the 2nd Generation Mini, but it does not have the capacity printed on the back. Before delving into the guts of your iPod, check to make sure the hold switch isn't activated. If the hold switch is on, the iPod will ignore any input on the click wheel and refuse to do anything. If your iPod's problem isn't so easily solved, read on. If your iPod won't turn on, especially if it has not been used recently, you may simply have a drained battery.

Eilermoon 2 years ago. Keep It Charged Lithium-ion batteries perform better if you bump their little electrons around every so often. Be careful not to damage the ribbon cable in any way. As it finds ways to better eucks life, it rolls those tweaks into its iPod software updates. Just weird. Thank You! Good instructable!

Worst time to get an erection. How To Fix Bad iOS 12 Battery Life Drain [Guide]

How do I replace the battery in the iPod mini models? Sep 1, Williamstown, NJ. Get a Samsung YP. And some of Overweight teens poway ca better models have great navigation. August 23, PM. Buyer's Guide. Reasons: 1 - screen is just too small 2 - screen has Ipod mini battery life sucks pretty much all around the border 3 - mnii button only works when lif perfectly in the middle 4 - incredibly awful battery life 5 - Definitely not a dollar device I thought it would hold me over until the next iPad Mini, but batery can't. I gave up waiting on one with a decent camera and bought Even the integrated speakers are pretty good. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Andres Cantu macrumors I will never buy the iPod: 1- You cant put pirated mp3s on it, ok, so you can with third party Ipod mini battery life sucks, but they make it a pain in the ass. The units are practicly indestructable.

I ran my iPod continuously for over 20 hours on one charge!

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How can you keep your iPod continuously pumping out tunes, or help it last through enough video that you can avoid the in-flight movie? Charge ahead with these power-saving and battery-enhancement tips. All batteries eventually lose their charge. However, there are things you can do to squeeze the most minutes of play time from your iPod.

The equalizer the tone controls built into the iPod and Sound Check a feature that attempts to make all music files play back at the same volume also accelerate battery drain, though not to the same degree as backlighting. Just navigate to Settings: EQ and choose Flat. This tells the iPod to ignore any equalizer settings your tracks might contain.

With larger files—for instance, those encoded in the AIFF, WAV, or Apple Lossless format—the hard drive has to spin up more frequently, thus draining the battery more quickly.

You can adjust these settings by going to iTunes: Preferences: Advanced: Importing and choosing an encoder from the Import Using pop-up menu. Choose Edit: Split, select the second half of the track, and press Command-X to cut it. Next, delete the first part of the track the one you just exported. Press Command-V to paste in the second part of your track, and export this as well. Bulked-Up Battery A higher-capacity replacement battery can add hours of music playing to an older iPod.

Keep It Warm iPods run on lithium-ion batteries, which operate best at around room temperature. Once it warms up, it should revert back to its usual performance. If you use or charge an iPod for an extended period at a temperature that exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you could permanently damage the battery and reduce the amount of time your iPod is able to play per charge. Keep It Charged Lithium-ion batteries perform better if you bump their little electrons around every so often. Use the Latest iPod Software Apple continues to work on increasing battery efficiency.

As it finds ways to better battery life, it rolls those tweaks into its iPod software updates. By keeping your player up-to-date with the latest software, you could give your iPod a performance boost.

What then? The most powerful ones feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of their own. You can also purchase less-expensive packs that run on standard batteries and therefore provide fewer hours of play. The capacity of a battery is measured in milliamps mAh. Companies such as Newer Technology and Sonnet Technologies sell replacements that have higher mAh ratings than the original iPod batteries.

How much? According to Apple, the original battery should last up to 10 hours per charge. With the Newer battery on board, my iPod played music continuously for 21 hours and 25 minutes.

But newer models are tougher nuts to crack. For instance, the iPod mini is particularly difficult to open. At that point, there may be little you can do. Here are a couple of common issues.

Fast Rundown If your iPod runs out of juice much quicker than it should, you probably have an ailing battery. The battery could be defective you happened to get a bad one or damaged perhaps from being exposed to too much heat. Or it might be nearing the end of its life iPod batteries should last for around to full charges.

Other companies, such as Small Dog Electronics or the ones we mentioned earlier, can also replace the battery, sometimes for less money.

All my mileage would be unsaved when it shut down or locked up. August 15, PM. Majority of the online music vendors use WMA format. For your convenience, EveryiPod. Think about it, the main reason people leave Apple, is because Apple simply doesnt care a single bit about thier costomers. But the new version is pretty good, and there are alternatives.

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Quote: Originally posted by Tidelwav Don't they have to tell you if it's a refurb? Reply 6 of Might seem stupid - but are you letting it fully recharge? Reply 7 of August 15, PM. Yes, i am. Until it says "charged". I called them. They will ship me a new one. Reply 8 of Quote: Originally posted by Tidelwav I called them. Reply 9 of August 16, AM. Quote: Originally posted by Tidelwav My wife is lucky to get 4 hours on it and she only plays it at low volume.

Reply 10 of August 16, PM. Also, be sure you're using AAC or something similar. Try loading Apple Lossless files onto the thing and you'll kill it in no time. Reply 11 of August 17, AM. Reply 12 of Reply 13 of She wasn't using the equalizer, and all the songs were either from iTunes or ripped at Reply 14 of August 17, PM. Has the replacement mini arrived yet? Reply 15 of It should be in tomorrow though. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Returned the new iPod touch 6th generation. Sort Posts by Likes. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. AmazingTechGeek macrumors Original poster. Mar 6, It's great for an iOS introduction, and the processor is speedy. The cons outweighed the pros. For those interested in the product, take heed on what you really want from it. Reactions: AleXXXa.

Arran macrumors Mar 7, 4, 2, Atlanta, USA. Most people usually keep their mistakes quiet. Lancetx macrumors Aug 11, 1, Texas. To be fair, you can't judge the battery life on a device after just a couple of days.

The battery life was horrendous the first charge cycle or two on my new iPod touch also, but is fine now and I've only owned it for 8 days.

Obviously when something is brand new, you're installing a lot of apps and data, it's indexing files, you're using it a whole lot more than normal, etc. The same thing has always happened to me when buying a new iPhone or iPad too, not to mention the first few days after major iOS updates as well. I always give it a minimum of a full week at least before I make any judgment on battery life. Sep 13, I thought the screen on the 5th gen Touch and presumably the 6th was the same as the iPhones 5.

I have a 64 GB 5th gen Nov and just can't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on the 6th. Being able to use Apple Pay and not being locked out of the watch would be nice extras. I guess I'll wait a few months and see if the iPhone 6 goes on sale. Reactions: ackmondual , PowerBook-G5 and vanzantapple.

Arran said:. Lancetx said:. Reactions: ackmondual. MacDarcy macrumors Jul 21, 1, If you're getting only a few hrs of battery life, I'd take it back. I'm getting a full day sometimes 2 of heavy use. I love mine. Don't want an expensive phone contract as I travel a lot. My set up is perfect for me.

Since my iPT5 died however, I was missing my portable camera. Whipping out my iPad mini to take pics was getting tiresome. The camera on the iPT6 is amazing! Far better than merely "adequate" as the OP wrote. Mar 9, I am also a returner. For me, it was just not enough of an upgrade from the IPT Gen5. Sure a fair bit snappier and the camera better but not as night and day as the benchmarks suggested. To be honest, apple do such a good job with the A5 with the UI that I can live with a bit of slowness.

I am not a gamer Mackinjosh Suspended. Aug 21, 1, 1, Doing the same this week. Reasons: 1 - screen is just too small 2 - screen has yellowing pretty much all around the border 3 - home button only works when pressed perfectly in the middle 4 - incredibly awful battery life 5 - Definitely not a dollar device I thought it would hold me over until the next iPad Mini, but it can't.

Im just going to get a cheap unlocked 5 inch smartphone instead. AngerDanger macrumors Dec 9, 4, 19,

Shocking iPod mini battery life What am I doing wrong?

For many of us, who have had iPods for several years, the time is fast approaching when our iPods will die. They have a limited life-span, like all electronic devices, and at best, the batteries will die; at worst, they will go to hard drive heaven. But even when your iPod is dead, you may find uses for it. Here are some ideas for using a dead iPod. First of all, you need to decide how dead your iPod is. Aside from the hard drive, there are many other components that can die: the screen, the backlight, or the actual digital signal processor the chip that converts bits and bytes to notes.

Failures to any of these components can result in a dead iPod — and many are reparable — but, in some cases, even without going for a fix-up, you can use the iPod. If the screen itself is dead, you can get it fixed, and probably should if the iPod is recent enough though see below for other uses for an iPod. And if the DSP is gone, well, basta; you can use it as a paperweight, or simply keep it on a shelf as a reminder. Or perhaps sell it to your local geek who might want its parts….

However, in my experience, this sort of catastrophic failure is pretty rare. Generally, such events occur early on in your iPod ownership following the general rule of tech problems: the first month is crucial , or after several years of hard usage. The most common reason your iPod will die — aside from your dropping it and breaking the screen or ruining the hard disk — is because its battery will have reached its limit.

Several companies sell iPod battery replacement kits, including instructions — and you can get some from Amazon. Just connect the iPod to the adapter then to your car stereo, or your home stereo, perhaps with an Apple iPod Dock , and turn it on. You may find that having an iPod just for the car or for your stereo is very useful.

Another way to use an iPod sans battery is to use it as a music source for iTunes on your computer, at home or at work. If you manually copy music to the iPod which you can still do, even without a battery, as long as the iPod is connected to power , you can then connect the iPod to any computer running iTunes and play its music back, browsing, using playlists, or simply selecting songs, exactly as if it were an iTunes music library on that computer.

Because of this, it can come in very handy, even with no battery power. To use the iPod in this manner, connect it to your computer. Check Manually manage music and videos , then click the iPod in the iTunes Source list and select everything, then press Delete. Just unmount it click the arrow next to its name in the iTunes source list , and, the next time you connect it, the iPod will power up and mount on your computer.

But as long as it gets power from your computer, it will spin, and you can copy files to and from it. Many people unfortunately never back up files from their computers, then, when something goes wrong, complain about losing all their hard work. With an old iPod as a backup drive, you have no excuse—just connect it, copy your personal files, then unmount it.

Depending on its capacity, you may have a small drive for a handful of files, or as much as GB of disk space to store your photos, music and videos. If you can think of any other ways to use a dead iPod, add comments to this story. There are some evil metals in an iPod, and if you toss it in the trash, it will do some bad things to the environment. So, how about some frivolous uses? Here goes…. Here are two ways to do this:. On a sunny day, stand the dead iPod on end, on the ground, in the vicinity of the building.

Using your above measurements and the principle of similar triangles, you can compute the height of the building:. Using the stopwatch, measure the length of time, t, that it takes for the dead iPod to fall from the top of the bldg to the ground and smash to smithereens.

Using your above time measurement, and knowing the acceleration due to gravity, g, you can compute the height of the building:. When your iPod screen is broken: Go along to Rockbox.

Yup, thats right. It will speak the names of menu items, albums well, folders actually and the names of songs and playlists out loud. I was given an ipod with a broken screen, and it was the first time I owned one, so I never got a chance to learn the menu layout. After installing the rockbox beta and the voice pack, and following the other couple of simple steps for setting up the ipod for speaking file names, i now have a useable ipod without a screen.

Thank You! I just did this and it seems to work. I got the iPod for free because my friend decided to bite the screen to death and then gave it to me. Now I have a working 30 gig iPod. They would simply dissappear randomly! Quite an odd situation…. After a 45 minute wait, my name finally came up! After a couple questions and quick examination of the ipod, the Genius Bar associate ran to the back room and quickly returned with a brand new 1GB Shuffle, still in the wrapped box!

Yes, he completely replaced the iPod for me! Is it because it was only a cheap Shuffle? Or maybe they will just replace your iPod if you have the motivation to bring them the old one? Before turning your dead ipod into some odd science experiment, consider bringing it to an Apple store! You may get lucky like I did! The Sale Of Goods Act covers most purchases that you make everyday and is why consumer watchdogs tell you that purchasing extra insurance to cover breakdowns is unnecessary.

If something develops a fault within 5 years of purchase, your 1st phone call should always be to Consumer Direct. So I got a new iPod! I did a variation on your backup hard drive. I found a slick little USB 2. I now use it as an Ubuntu Linux drive for my work notebook computer. Even the Grub boot loader is on there, so the IT guys from work cannot see any personal files.

It works great. You should go report it at the Planned Obsolete website—they are keeping track of dead iPods, digital cameras, etc. How does one implement the below?

How does one do that? Thank you. In the latter case, it can be a source for a stereo or for portable speakers from the dock. I do want some of the tunes i had on it, some of the functionality back, but honestly the Geek in me wants to figure out and resolve the issue.

My iPod Photo has a different problem. The battery is fine, the backlight is fine, and I can hear the songs. There is light on the screen but no writing. No menu shows up, no letters on the screen. Does anyone have any idea what happened? I have a 20GB ipod and its battery is completely dead, so as you said I want to use it just for the car. When it was new the ipod waited to have a a minimal amount of charge before starting up and connect to the computer but now that minimum amount just never comes along so it never get recognized by the computer.

Also, I cant use it as a portable hard drive for the same reason. Do you have any ideas on how to go around this problem?? This should keep enough power in it to get it to your computer and get it connected to itunes.

It works with mine. Good luck. What about if my ipod tell me nothing but an exclamation poin! It used to be sitting on a JBL Ipod docking station and got recharged automatically. Now the screen is dead and I am unable to recharge it through any option not tried the car adaptor yet. The local Apple store suggested exchanging it for a similar model restored version.

Any other suggestions? There is no apparent damage to the 6 year old model. How long did your ipods last for? Its 2. But you can change the battery.

Is it possible to use an iPod that has been setup for use as a drive along with Time Machine? That way everytime I plug it in, it will automatically complete the back-up instead of me having to manually do it. I have a 60GB iPod Classic which is many years old. It was working fine then one day it just clicked a few times before the whole thing became frozen with the light on.

If I hold it at a certain angle, I can just about see a little iPod icon with a sad face and exclamation mark in a triangle, along with advice to contact Apple support. When working the battery was showing full as I had just charged it. Thanks for the rply, Kirk. Is there anyway I can check without having to contact Apple and probably parting with shed loads of cash? Thanks again, Kirk. I spoke with Apple yesterday and we tried to do a couple of tests, but it never got beyond the sad iPod face.

I checked how old it is — !!