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They don't really emotionally connect, whereas women do. Pongwiffy - as Sharkadder voice. Artsfest programme. Like I say I'm not even a particular fan of their previous work so anyone who is must go nuts for this. Hiv receiver Said Women Aren't Funny? Inthe series transferred to BBC2. The Supergrass was released to VHS and DVD inalbeit favouring the short minute version rather than the longer original which had been released theatrically and on VHS minutes in the late s. Fanny and Elvis Roanna. External Sites. Mr Jolly Lives Next Door. The Jim Henson Hour Badsister 1 TV's Greatest Sidekicks Everybody across this green globe of ours was laughing once Jennifer expanded a sketch to launch the hit TV series Absolutely Fabulous. Retrieved Jennifer saunders the supergrass nude December From London Herself.

While taking a holiday in the country with his mother, Dennis hits on a scheme to impress a girl so that she'll go away on a trip with him as his girlfriend.

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  • The Comic Strip is a group of British comedians who came to prominence in the s.
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  • Jennifer Saunders is an English muffin, a funny lady who not only makes one laugh but is a tasty treat as well, especially with melted butter drooling all over her fleshy body.

Jennifer Saunders is an English muffin, a funny lady who not only makes one laugh but is a tasty treat as well, especially with melted butter drooling all over her fleshy body. She met Dawn French at school, and the two teamed up to bring an alternative comedy to the mainstream in Britain.

French and Saunders made the stiff-upper-lip isle stiff a bit further south thanks to the two tarts' quick wit and sexy ways. Jennifer is a full-figured gal with brown hair and boobs that jiggle often thanks to her infectious laugh. Everybody across this green globe of ours was laughing once Jennifer expanded a sketch to launch the hit TV series Absolutely Fabulous.

On it, she caused a storm of controversy with her pill-loving, liquored-up, drug-addled, couture-wearing, gigolo-boffing waste case of a character Edina Monsoon. Nothing is sacred for this sexy lady. She's squeezed her hourglass body into such tight-fitting outfits that often more of her was slipping out than contained within. But she went all out for her humorous role in The Supergrass , her sole skin onscreen. Take a hit, it'll get you high! Absolutely Fabulous - as Edina Monsoon.

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Jennifer Saunders Sexy Brief Nudity. Biography Jennifer Saunders is an English muffin, a funny lady who not only makes one laugh but is a tasty treat as well, especially with melted butter drooling all over her fleshy body.

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Marital Status:. Jane Horrocks Topless , External Sites. Made with love in Chicago since ! A satire about three losers: a failed actor, his sleazy agent, and a permanently drunk bodyguard.

Jennifer saunders the supergrass nude. Jennifer Saunders Topless (sideboob)

He planned to run The Comic Strip late at night after the play's performances. He sourced the Raymond Revuebar in Soho , but realising it was unsuitable for a theatrical production and running out of enthusiasm for the play he decided to continue with the idea of a cabaret night. He persuaded the double acts and Sayle to move from the Comedy Store along with Arnold Brown , an older standup comic who did not fit so obviously into the alternative comedy scene.

Sayle again resumed his compere duties and decided the running order, with Richardson having behind-the-scenes control.

Richardson put out an advert for female performers which was answered by French and Saunders. Richardson prompted members to sign a contract to signify their attachment to the group. The Comic Strip opened at the Revuebar's Boulevard Theatre on October 7, [2] and ran until , when the troupe went on a national tour and then a tour of Australia.

While the performers gained more exposure, actors such as Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams turned up to watch. A half-hour television documentary about The Comic Strip was broadcast in Richardson approached producer Mike Bolland , the newly-appointed Channel Four youth-and-entertainment commissioning editor to propose a series of Comic Strip films for the channel.

Bolland agreed to his proposal, his first commission for the station and Jeremy Isaacs quickly approved the budget. Richardson was initially to have been involved in the role of Mike, ultimately played by Christopher Ryan , but was not due to differences between him and the show's producer, Paul Jackson. The Comic Strip Presents Each episode was prefixed by an animated lead-in consisting of the words "The Comic Strip Presents" accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of a drum machine and a Farfisa organ rendition of Quando quando quando , together with a bomb labelled "Have a nice day", falling towards a map.

In the early episodes the map was of a section of north Dorset and southern Wiltshire , centred on the town of Shaftesbury. It was written by Peter Richardson and Pete Richens , who wrote most of the early episodes. A meeting was called to discuss the group's future with Channel 4, after complaints from viewers. The final episode of the first series was to have been a spoof chat show called "Back to Normal with Eddie Monsoon" referred to as "An Evening with Eddie Monsoon" by some sources.

It was never produced, as it was considered too vulgar even for the "alternative" Channel 4, and contained material that was possibly libellous. The script—which, uniquely for the Comic Strip, was written as a collaboration by the entire cast—was later published, along with the rest of the series, in book form. A second series of seven episodes followed in —84, including " Five Go Mad On Mescalin ", a sequel to the first episode, and the newly written "Eddie Monsoon — A Life?

Michael White , the theatre impresario and Rocky Horror Show producer who had been brought in by Richardson as executive producer on the series, appeared in this episode as Monsoon's producer, who had been responsible for axing Eddie's television comeback show—called Back to Normal with Eddie Monsoon. The reasons given for the cancellation e. Two one-off episodes were aired on Channel 4 over Christmas , reflecting the tight schedules of the group. The second episode, "Private Enterprise", was the tale of a music business rip-off, where Peter Richardson steals a studio recording session tape and passes the results off as his own work.

The first of these, " The Bullshitters ", was a parody of television spy and detective shows such as The Professionals. It was not broadcast under the Comic Strip name, partly because of the original group only Richardson appears he is the only performer to appear in every single episode , and partly because co-star and co-writer Keith Allen did not want to be so closely associated with the group.

The third series was broadcast in , and some episodes had longer running times, mostly around 50 minutes. Five of the six episodes all except "Funseekers" were given a limited theatrical release.

Jolly and Nicholas Parsons. Peter Richardson and Pete Richens only contributed one episode to the third series, allowing cast members such as Planer and Sayle to get their ideas on screen. In , the series transferred to BBC2. Richardson and Richens took over the bulk of the writing again, and Richardson also took over as director , having previously directed the two feature films, as well as The Strike.

The six-part series was followed by three individual specials in , and a final six episodes in In , the original team reunited and returned to Channel 4 for the first time since , for a one-off special, Four Men In A Car.

After a five-and-a-half-year hiatus, another minute one-off special, "Sex Actually", was made in Four Men in a Car was notable for being the first broadcast, on either television or radio, to involve Rik Mayall since his quad bike accident. Permission was thus given by Mayall's family to show the special. In June a casting call went out for a new hour-long episode, starring most of the original team.

In May , it was announced that Gold would broadcast the next new scripted episode of the series, "Five Go to Rehab," along with a 30th-anniversary documentary. Richardson wrote and directed the film. The film showcased the characters thirty years on trying to recapture their youth.

The film broadcast on Gold 7 November For "A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques", a short sequel was made broadcast in several parts, showing the two main characters reunite, despite the ending of the original episode. Unshown scenes of the original episode were also aired for the first time. Some of the telling of the Bad News story was real, due to their real-life signing to EMI, and some fictional, such as the scenes from More Bad News detailing the recording of their debut album.

A lot of the original cast were interviewed for the documentary, alongside other people involved with the series at some point such as James Buckley and Stephen Mangan. Nervous Breakdown", or Channel 4's "The Hunt for Tony Blair", these were the first time clips from these episodes were aired on the channel.

It combined archive footage with revelations from many of the stars involved—such as Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, John Lloyd, Paul Jackson and Lise Mayer—while later comedians discussed its impact on British comedy generally. In , Virgin Video released various episodes of the programme dating between and '84, which have now become rare.

The series was released on video the same year by Palace Video, each episode having its own video. When the Virgin and Palace Video videos went out of print in , the rights were transferred to Polygram Video. After three years all the Channel 4 episodes of The Comic Strip were released on video.

The Supergrass was released to VHS and DVD in , albeit favouring the short minute version rather than the longer original which had been released theatrically and on VHS minutes in the late s. This included all the Channel 4 and BBC episodes finally canonising The Bullshitters as a Comic Strip episode plus The Supergrass across eight discs, but not Eat the Rich due to rights issues , and was released too early to include Sex Actually.

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While taking a holiday in the country with his mother, Dennis hits on a scheme to impress a girl so that she'll go away on a trip with him as his girlfriend. Although he fails to gain any interest from the girl, the police take a great interest in his story.

From this point on, Dennis digs a deeper hole for himself at every turn. Peter Richardson Pete Richens. Robbie Coltrane - as a man on a mission - walking along the seawall of Hope Cove, Devon as the choppy tidal waves crash about and around him, all to the tune of Two Tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ought to be one of the most iconic moments of 80s Cinema and British films in general. But sadly it is often overlooked, probably because some view it as a TV show grabbing an opportunity on the big screen, as opposed to taking it on its own merit.

One of Peter Richardson's finest achievements both in front of and behind the camera. A beautifully played, well-directed comedy thriller with a nice slice of ambiguity thrown in - just how much does Dennis know? It never forgets it's meant to be funny too, with lots of strange little characters thrown in - sexually confused drug dealers Wong and Gunther, an irritating motorcycle cop, Harvey's bizarre commander Robinson. A very underrated film that deserves a wider audience.

This spin-off feature keeps the absurdity at the right level and the extended run-time allows the characters to gain a third dimension. It's not great and much of it isn't particularly funny but there is still a lot to enjoy.

The secondary characters come off best, especially Alexi Sayle's slightly pathetic rural motorcycle cop; but particularly Nigel Planer and Keith Allen's cross-dressing undercover smugglers. There are so many things that I could say about this pair but what cracks me up the most are their ethnically inappropriate names: Gunther and Wong?

It's a passing detail, never commented upon and all the funnier for that. Love everything about it, especially the actors and soundtrack. Definitely the best thing that a Comic Strip member has put out before Young Ones premiered.

The comedy is all over the place and the story is great. Highly recommend for anyone who is into British film. The film noir genre generally refers to mystery and crime dramas produced from the early s to the late s. The Supergrass. The Supergrass Directed by Peter Richardson Synopsis While taking a holiday in the country with his mother, Dennis hits on a scheme to impress a girl so that she'll go away on a trip with him as his girlfriend. Director Peter Richardson. Genre comedy.

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