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Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of Joseph Smith's character is his willingness to practice or teach something privately yet deny it publicly. He even severely sanctioned other Mormons who practiced what he taught. Links to scans of the original documents cited are provided below. Joseph Smith refers people to extract from Doctrine and Covenants on Marriage which disavows polygamy, stating that this is "the only rule allowed by the church.

Joseph smith quotes wives

It is his duty to be a man of Quotex for a man of God is a man of wisdom, ready at all Plaid pants for girls to obtain from the scriptures, the revelations, and from on high, such instructions as are Joseph smith quotes wives for the edification, and salvation of his household. Smith renewed permission for Anthony W. This should be the condition of the husband, wife, the msith and the mother, within the sacred precinct of that holy place, the quotess. Then I would council you to get a bill from your wife and marry a virtuous woman — and a Joseph smith quotes wives family but if you do not do it [I] shall never throw it in your teeth. I ran out of the house, bent only on escape, I did not think where. I have fifty-seven now living, and have lost three.

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Share on twitter. First if a man forfeits his covenants with a wife, or wives, becoming unfaithful to his God, and his priesthood, that wife or wives are free from him without a bill of divorcement. This brief notice, however, is presented somewhat deceptively. Merrill, the son of an apostle, testified that Catherine bell sex scenes father had married him to a plural wife in Thank you! What these depictions remind us is that the demise of plural marriage was a process, not an event. It Teen kelly site not a dead issue, nor can it be so long as their book of Doctrine and Covenants goes into all parts of the world bearing an alleged revelation which sets forth polygamy and with equal validity concubinage as the will of heaven and says that those who reject these documents will be damned. Related case law. It included 27 women besides Emma Smith. The fact that this husband was the prophet and president of the church added a note of cognitive dissonance to her journal, for her religion Joseph smith quotes wives that she see him as an inspired religious leader.

By , although the Nauvoo Temple was not yet finished, the Prophet had announced the doctrine of salvation for the dead, and he had administered the temple endowment to a group of faithful Saints.

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  • Like Warren Jeffs, Joseph Smith engaged in sex with underage girls despite what robo-Mos dependent on FAIR propaganda peddling may wish to believe--and as proven by Mormon history itself.
  • After receiving a revelation commanding him to practice plural marriage, Joseph Smith married multiple wives and introduced the practice to close associates.
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Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of Joseph Smith's character is his willingness to practice or teach something privately yet deny it publicly. He even severely sanctioned other Mormons who practiced what he taught. Links to scans of the original documents cited are provided below. Joseph Smith refers people to extract from Doctrine and Covenants on Marriage which disavows polygamy, stating that this is "the only rule allowed by the church.

See bottom half of left-hand column. Joseph Smith repeats again statement from Doctrine and Covenants on Marriage to deny all allegations of polygamy being practice. Times and Seasons , vol. Joseph and Hyrum Smith announce the excommunication of Hiram Brown, a member of the Church, for "preaching Polygamy, and other false and corrupt doctrines, in the county of Lapeer, state of Michigan.

Hyrum Smith, with full knowledge and consent of his brother Joseph, publishes statement categorically denying any teaching of plural wives or polygamy, and that all such teaching is false doctrine. Statement denouncing teaching of plural wives as fiendish. States that the spiritual wife system merely allows a man to be married to another wife for time and eternity if his first wife dies.

What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one. I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago; and I can prove them all perjurers. At the time he had secretly taken at over 25 plural wives. The dishonesty regarding polygamy is a legacy that haunts much of LDS history to this day.

It has been perpetuated by Mormon "prophets" to this day, and is exemplified in the following statement regarding these denials by historian D. Michael Quinn:. Even after the Mormons left Illinois in for territories where polygamy was not in legal jeopardy, these denials continued.

These things are too outrageous to admit of belief. By this date in , John Taylor had married twelve polygamous wives who had already borne him eight children. Click to go to full Quinn article. Skip to main content. Mormons in Transition Mormons in Transition. Search form. Joseph Smith Statements Denying Polygamy.

Joel B. Post date:. February 7, IRR Home. Doctrinal Statement. Hard Questions. Where Does It Say That. For Former Mormons.

Albanian shqipe. Why We Cannot Believe. Joseph meets the criteria given by God for identifying a false prophet. Kinderhook plates forgery. More resources on Joseph Smith.

They told me. McLellin, in a letter to one of Smith's sons, added that the ensuing confrontation between Emma and her husband grew so heated that Rigdon, Frederick G. I want to tell the truth, and bear a faithful testimony. What doctrine was it Joseph was advocating that was being resisted, yet one which he could not name publicly? This apparently casual attitude toward a sacred vow with eternal consequences suggests that Joseph did not take his marriages as seriously as those to whom he was married. Smith published many revelations and other texts that his followers regard as scripture.

Joseph smith quotes wives

Joseph smith quotes wives

Joseph smith quotes wives

Joseph smith quotes wives

Joseph smith quotes wives

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Hannah Stoddard and James F. Stoddard III. Note: LDS Answers encourages civil, constructive, online discussion examining the important issues involving the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Due to the sacred nature of the topics discussed in this article, all irreverent or disrespectful comments will not be approved. Thank you for understanding. For those who are antagonistic to the mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith, please, do yourself a favor and leave this subject alone.

However, many are surprised, even shocked, to learn that eleven according to current research of his wives were already married to other men. In fact, fully one-third of his plural wives, eleven of them, were married civilly to other men when he married them.

So in this early period polyandry was the norm, not the anomaly…. Polyandry might be easier to understand if one viewed these marriages to Smith as a sort of de facto divorce with the first husband. In the eleven certain polyandrous marriages, only three of the husbands were non-Mormon Lightner, Sayers, and Cleveland and only one was disaffected Buell. All other husbands were in good standing in the church at the time Joseph married their wives.

When viewed in the light of the Biblical record and the premortal life, the issue is more easily resolved. Before beginning, please note that the following article deals with subject matter that is extremely sacred. These subjects should not be spoken of without the utmost reverence. We mention them here because of concerns that have been raised with Joseph Smith. We feel that these concerns need to be addressed and answered.

Many of the controversial issues surrounding the Prophet Joseph Smith and his life can be clarified by turning to the Bible. We must remember that the Prophet Joseph Smith was a restorer. His mission was to restore the sacred principles, doctrines, ordinances and power that existed in the Primitive Church, as was had among the righteous Israelites and as was possessed by the ancient antediluvian Patriarchs.

As we sing in one of our hymns,. Joseph Smith on the other hand, operated from a Biblical worldview. He then took up the Bible.

We teach nothing but what the Bible teaches. We believe nothing, but what is to be found in this book. I believe in the fall of man, as recorded in the Bible;.

In the Bible a rule of conduct is laid down for him; in the Old and New Testaments the law by which he is to be governed, may be found. If he violates that law, he is to be punished for the deeds done in the body. His successor and personal friend, Brigham Young, later taught:.

We take this book, the Bible, which I expect to see voted out of the so-called Christian world very soon, they are coming to it as fast as possible, I say we take this book for our guide, for our rule of action; we take it as the foundation of our faith. It points the way to salvation like a fingerboard pointing to a city, or a map which designates the locality of mountains, rivers, or the latitude and longitude of any place on the surface of the earth that we desire to find, and we have no better sense than to believe it; hence, I say that the Latter-day Saints have the most natural faith and belief of any people on the face of the earth.

President Brigham Young commented:. The man Joseph, the husband of Mary, did not, that we know of, have more than one wife, but Mary the wife of Joseph had another husband. On this account infidels have called the Savior a bastard. This is merely a human opinion upon one of the inscrutable doings of the Almighty. That very babe that was cradled in the manger, was begotten, not by Joseph, the husband of Mary, but by another Being. Do you inquire by whom? He was begotten by God our heavenly, father.

On the contrary, there are several verses conveying that Jesus Christ was the literal , begotten Son of God. Luke , 35 31 And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. John For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son , that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John Jesus answered them. Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest ; because I said, I am the Son of God? If I do not the works of my Father , believe me not.

Luke And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.

First Presidency: Scriptures embodying the ordinary signification—literally that of Parent—are too numerous and specific to require citation. Elohim is the Father in every sense in which Jesus Christ is so designated, and distinctively He is the Father of spirits…. Jesus Christ is the Son of Elohim both as spiritual and bodily offspring; that is to say, Elohim is literally the Father of the spirit of Jesus Christ and also of the body in which Jesus Christ performed His mission in the flesh, and which body died on the cross and was afterward taken up by the process of resurrection, and is now the immortalized tabernacle of the eternal spirit of our Lord and Savior.

The birth of the Saviour was as natural as are the births of our children; it was the result of natural action. He partook of flesh and blood — was begotten of his Father, as we were of our fathers. Smith: Now, we are told in scriptures that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God in the flesh.

Well, now for the benefit of the older ones, how are children begotten? I answer just as Jesus Christ was begotten of the flesh… Jesus is the only person who had our Heavenly Father as the father of his body. His biological father was God, the Father. As Son of God, Jesus represents the Father and acts as his agent in all things.

Jesus was not the son of Joseph, nor was He begotten by the Holy Ghost. He is the Son of the Eternal Father. McConkie: As far as this life is concerned, [Jesus] was born of Mary and of Elohim; he came here as an offspring of that Holy Man who is literally our Father in heaven.

He was born in mortality in the literal and full sense as the Son of God. He is the Son of his Father in the same sense that all mortals are the sons and daughters of their fathers.

Her marriage to Joseph was for time, while her marriage with the Father was an unbreakable union that spanned into eternity. We are not surprised that his life contains elements paralleling the Son of God. Mary Elizabeth remembered:. In , [Joseph] was commanded to take me for a wife.

I was a thousand miles from him. He got afraid. The angel came to him three times, the last time with a drawn sword and threatened his life. I did not believe. If God told him so, why did he not come and tell me? The angel told him I should have a witness. An angel came to me — it went through me like lightning — I was afraid.

Joseph Said he came with more revelation and knowledge than Joseph ever dare reveal. Brigham Young sealed me to him, for time and all eternity — Feb. Joseph said I was his before I came here and he said all the Devils in Hell should never get me from him.

Mary Elizabeth also remarked:. Joseph made known to me that God had commanded him in July, , to take me for a wife. But he had not dared to make it known to me, for when he received the revelation, I was in Missouri and when he did see me, I was married. But he was again commanded to fulfill the first revelation or suffer condemnation, for I was created for him before the foundation of the earth was laid.

A careful study of Church doctrine, the teachings of inspired Presidents of the Church and scripture reveals that the premortal life is more like this life than perhaps we have realized. We, the authors, do not know. Imagine forcing someone to stay in the wrong relationship from a mistake made in ignorance, during mortality.

This would be the true injustice. The issues that seem so difficult to deal with in this life can often be easily explained by an understanding of the premortal existence. Also consider the following statement by Joseph Smith, recorded in the journal of Joseph Lee Robinson. We also heard him [Joseph Smith] say that God had revealed unto him that any man who ever committed adultery in either of his probations that that man could never be raised to the highest exaltation in the Celestial Glory and that he felt anxious with regard to himself and he inquired of the Lord and the Lord told him that he, Joseph, had never committed adultery.

This saying of the Prophet astonished me very much. It opened up to me a very wide field of reflection. The idea that we had passed through probation prior to this and that we must have been married and given in marriage in those probations or there would be no propriety in making such an assertion and that there were several exaltations in the Celestial Kingdom of our God, the highest we supposed to be the Godhead and we conclude that there are several grades of exaltations in servants to the Gods.

Be this as it may, this is what he said. We will know the truth of the matter some day. There is much concerning the premortal life that is yet to be revealed. Joseph Smith was not able to reveal all or even a small fraction of that he knew. Brother Joseph, the brethren you know well better than I do; you raised them up, and brought the Priesthood to us. The brethren have a great anxiety to understand the law of adoption or sealing principles; and if you have a word of counsel for me I should be glad to receive it.

Be sure to tell the people to keep the Spirit of the Lord; and if they will, they will find themselves just as they were organized by our Father in Heaven before they came into the world. Our Father in Heaven organized the human family, but they are all disorganized and in great confusion.

Joseph smith quotes wives

Joseph smith quotes wives