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Monday, August 31, Math: It was a busy day of learning the rules for divisibility Be sure to get the factor worksheet signed by an adult. Be sure to get "Conflict" writing signed by an adult. Be sure to complete story map with quotes.

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Language Arts: Read! I am so grateful to be the recipient of the award and it was an honor to meet the Cannons Ann and Bill. I know he will Boy pageant wear to demonstrate this philosophy as he begins llesson education Mrs cannon hard lesson Chapel Hill to become a physical therapist. Tuesday, August 11, Rachel Harris finished her first year at the University of Southern California. Our two-hand touch games were played amid parked and double-parked cars and stopped by the traffic cutting through to Elizabeth Avenue on our one-way neighborhood Jacques Street.

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  • In this two day lab, students experiment to see how the angle of a rubber band launch affects the kinetic energy of the rubber band.
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Cannon Magazine is published semiannually by the Office of Advancement. Send address changes to rriemersma cannonschool.

Illuminate the Fog Hartung Jr. Patrick J. The Case for Healthy Kids Pictured on the front cover are some of the amazing people who make up our school community. Photo courtesy of Emby Taylor Photography.

Louis, often speaks of the critical mass of talented people working at and affiliated with the university who truly set the school apart within the nation and the world. He will say that buildings, projects, and programs are either secondary to or a direct result of the talented people within the university community. I agree with Chancellor Wrighton that it is always the people within the place that define the institution.

Talent needs a relational context and focus. This edition of Cannon Magazine is all about our greatest resource, the people working at and affiliated with Cannon School. You will have the opportunity to read and learn about people new to our community along with people who have been here awhile who will be doing new things at our school. You can learn about the people associated with the incredible beginning of education that children at this school experience; you can learn about our students at the conclusion of their experience at Cannon.

You can learn about children and faculty all along this broad spectrum of learning and even a thing or two about those who have concluded their education here and have returned to be re-engaged in one way or another. I love the focus of this edition. It is the focus and the fuel of daily life at Cannon.

It is what sets us apart in the world of independent schools. Enjoy your time reading about the people at Cannon School. See for yourself! Page 4, clockwise from the top. Too cool for school. Middle School knows how to party. The world is our classroom. With a little help from my friends. Page 5, clockwise from the top.

Together Everyone Achieves More. Lower School teachers will do anything for a laugh. Teddy bears are people too. Nothing like a warm welcome on the first day of school. Imagine creating sculptures that move with the help of a microcontroller, generating a robot that can kick a soccer goal, making a video game controller out of glasses of water, or designing jewelry that incorporates LEDs.

Sound like fantasy? Not for Cannon School students who use the newly constructed, state-of-the-art ThinkTank, a place which literally puts cutting-edge technology into their hands—as well as their minds. The newly built facility integrates science, technology, engineering, and math with media arts and academics, empowering students to become creative problem-solvers who can practice critical-thinking skills across a range of disciplines.

The lab is equipped with circuitry, 3-D printers, sensors, a green screen, iPads, iMacs, and Chromebooks. This gives students an outlet to explore project-based learning in areas such as computer graphics and simulation, robotics, multimedia, and coding.

Leigh Northrup, Middle School Dean of Innovation and Technology, said the idea for the space originated with the understanding that there was a need to create a place that would allow students to nurture collaboration skills, readying them for the twentyfirst century workplace.

Also important is teaching students to work with their hands. Northrup said. For example, sixth-grade science students in classes with Mrs. Wendy Benz and Mr. Donnie Hayes were introduced to the 3-D printers early this year when they designed and created letters of the alphabet by converting measurements and entering them into the Tinkercad online software program. Students sent their designs to the printer and in a matter of minutes had created their own three-dimensional models.

Pairs began by using software to design atomic models which included a certain number of holes relative to the atom. After sending their designs to the 3-D printers, they used straws to combine the three-dimensional printed atoms to form molecules such as carbon dioxide and water. But classes use the space for more than just the 3-D printers. Benz and Mr. Hayes recently taught their students soldering techniques to create robot pins with LED lights for eyes.

The activity illustrated different melting points and how heat added to a substance can change its state. It also helped prepare students for an upcoming Rube Goldberg machine project in which they will use soldering tools to create circuits which work with Arduinos, which are digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world. Northrup hopes that at some point, students will be able to use the space independently during study hall or lunch.

It is a crisp October morning, and Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Emily Davis is drowning in apples. They are scattered all over her classroom— green ones, yellow ones, some shiny, others bruised. They have compared and contrasted colors, shapes, and sizes.

They have estimated weights and placed each fruit on a scale to discover the accuracy of their guesses. And of course, no Apple Day would be complete without a taste test. Children happily munch and announce their preferences to anyone within earshot. Each day finds Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students celebrating learning in fun, unique ways. Cultivating this curiosity early creates children who are invested in the learning experience and who make the most out of every learning opportunity.

Cultivating Autonomy Autonomy occurs when students feel a level of ownership in their learning and classroom environment. This is honed through self-direction, choice, and voice. By celebrating the choices they make, JrK and K students feel their voices are heard within the classroom environment.

Inspiring Learning There is a joy that comes from learning. It spurs the imagination, engenders excitement, and leaves one thirsty for more. Many are hands-on, collaborative, experiential, and multi-sensory. Students are challenged with the proper support which promotes their growth as learners and critical thinkers. Celebrating Each Child Each child is unique. Therefore, Cannon does not take a one-sizefits-all approach to teaching and learning. Teachers are dedicated to knowing and understanding each child, both as a learner and as an individual.

There is an understanding that children develop at different paces and grasp concepts in a myriad of ways. The feeling of family, warmth, and energy is undeniable in our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms.

We hope that the next time you are at Cannon, you stop by and see for yourself. Who knows? Someone might just offer you an apple. Framed paintings and instruments? As a result, students are engaged as never before. The two are currently painting the hands of students in Mr. Sound like a preschool project? Not exactly. After the paint dries, Sami and Myranda scan each one and pull them into Photoshop.

The yellow handprints join dozens more that the girls have collected for a project they have created in Mr. Each one is carefully resized and arranged inside a Cannon Cougar logo that has been uploaded to Photoshop. The goal is to have the handprint of every Upper School student captured and merged into a cohesive piece of art created through both traditional and modern channels.

We are able to connect with more students who love the tech, but are less excited by traditional media. Of the students enrolled in the Upper School Visual Arts Program this year, ninety-seven will be doing digital work. Another exciting opportunity students now have is to use the new digital painting workstations to create art. Students use graphics tablets and software, as well as a pen that can act as a variety of brushes, charcoals, pastels, or markers.

Students can mix colors or mediums the same way one would traditionally. The two mediums are scanned and combined, resulting in art that is truly unique. Under the new umbrella of Visual Foundations, students will work in the studio, and then the Media Arts Lab to see how what they have created can translate to different arenas.

The Music Technology class is designed for people who do not have music experience or background, but who with some lessons early on, can get off the ground with technology and quickly start making music of their own.

The class began with learning some music theory that includes reading basic rhythms, understanding chords, and studying musical form. Then students picked a cover song they loved and began working with it in the GarageBand app. Some students did a replica of a song; others completely changed the genre and instruments.

A guitar wails, a keyboard hums. GarageBand is the centerpiece to the Music Technology class, which is a new addition to the Upper School roster this year. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like an antiquated model.

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Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson

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Monday, August 31, Math: It was a busy day of learning the rules for divisibility Be sure to get the factor worksheet signed by an adult. Be sure to get "Conflict" writing signed by an adult. Be sure to complete story map with quotes. You will receive a notice tomorrow if you have a spot in the STEM lab.

Posted by Mrs. Friday, August 28, Happy Friday! Math: We worked on prime factorization. Complete worksheets will be eligible for a smartie party in your mouth! Language Arts: We worked on our story maps. All pictures were completed today! Keep these, we'll use them on Monday. We took a vocabulary test. Science: We completed the states of matter questions, these will be graded and returned on Monday.

Thursday, August 27, I decided to hone in on cheeseburgering with multiple digit divisors. Your children should have an interesting statement for you about this Language Arts: We began story maps.

Please do your best work; we're creating a museum piece out of these masterpieces. Due by tomorrow, finish working on p. Other: Remember 2 iReady reading and 2 iReady math lessons are due each week. Wednesday, August 26, Math : Today was a happy rainbow and sad rainbow day Complete factor worksheet 2. Get p. Due by tomorrow: Write about a conflict you have seen in a movie or TV show. History: Rough drafts are due tomorrow about what you learned about prehistoric Americans. Thank you to the families who have donated for the MKS fund!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, Math: Today was an introduction to prime and composite numbers, aka sad and happy rainbow numbers We played Shoot the Fruit; I promise it was a productive reinforcement of prime vs. MANY students got detention for not getting their math quizzes signed by an adult.

Signed, Mrs. Zierhut today Please follow this link and think about the tragedy of terrible sandwiches Monday, August 24, Finish the division worksheet and get the place value quiz signed by a parent. Language Arts: We introduced the spelling words, began the v ocabulary map for "Line Drive" words-due Wednesday. You are all turning into vocab map mavens , and I'm not be conceited when I say that you are the best class so far! Don't be mortified if I post your work in the hall!

You can just smirk and know that you can reign supreme on the playground, even if I reign in the hallway. Hallways are the designated places to post student work! History: Mr. Shelton reviewed the important points about the prehistoric peoples paragraph-Rough Draft due Thursday.

Science: We finished our diagrams about states of matter! Other: We're off to a great start. Please be sure to send your children with water-it's going to be an extremely hot week. CELDT testing begins this week for students who are still designated English Language Learners-these students will be pulled out for this testing.

Friday, August 21, HAVE YOUR children practice their multiplication tables if they cannot answer multiplication questions as fast as they can say their name. Language Arts: We read "Line Drive" and reviewed rules for discussion. Shelton reviewed the pre-historic peoples. Science: We took notes on "States of Matter". Other: Beginning on Monday, all students are required to finish two reading and two math lessons per week.

Thursday, August 20, Shelton assinged a rough draft due next Thursday on "First Peoples" Science: Read pages , yes this counts as your reading!!! Here's a link to the " cool" video we watched today about ice crystals. Wednesday, August 19, Math: Place value Worksheet p. Coax your parents into coming to back to school night.

See you then! Orchestra begins tomorrow. Tuesday, August 18, Math: We continued our work on saying and writing numbers and place value today. Please make sure that the worksheets on expanded notation and place value are completed. Ask your children what "OOYB" means. Sandoval and Mrs. Parents remember: Tomorrow is a minimum day.

Back to School Night is tomorrow night, Wednesday, , at 7pm in the cafeteria. Monday, August 17, Complete p. Science: Explain "density" to your parents and show them your notes. Wednesday is also Back to School Night. Friday, August 14, Math: We worked on base ten models today Language Arts: By Monday: bring 5 Me Bag items, at least two of which need to be 3 dimensional items. You may draw or print or bring a picture for 3 of the items.

These items should be representative of YOU! Thursday, August 13, Math: We started switching today for language arts and math, so it was another rules day And, during math time was the music program assembly. Language Arts: Please cover your books! Or, you may bring a parent note telling me by when your book will be covered.

Science: Please cover your book or bring a note signed by a parent which tells me when you'll cover your book or bring a brown paper bag and I'll help you cover the book at school. Parents: The music program and student conduct paperwork are in this week's Thursday Folder.

Chess and Robotics are coming to Keppel again through Parker-Anderson. Look for the flyers in the next week's Thursday folder. Upcoming Assemblies and Events. Wednesday, August 12, I told students that I expect them to get your signature by bringing you the paper to be signed with a pen, a hard surface to write on, and a POLITE request.

It is the student's responsibility to take care of school papers and get the required signatures. Students who don't return papers with signatures MAY bring a note from home explaining why they don't have the papers.

I understand that sometimes parents want to keep work to review with the student at a later date. However, students who fail to bring a note or a signature do receive a 7 minute morning recess detention. Tuesday, August 11, There are still a couple of items that require attention: 1 I asked your children to ask your permission to give your phone numbers to a couple of other students in the class in case they wanted clarification about an assignment.

Mrs cannon hard lesson

Mrs cannon hard lesson