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Eventually he reaches the top of the ninja world, ending the conflict that paralyzed it, fixing its societal flaws, and becoming the greatest of the Kage. While the first message was ultimately a success, the second was sabotaged from the very beginning and ultimately betrayed at the halfway point. Naruto never was and never had been the underdog. His compassion for others who had suffered in the same manner he had was remarkable, a true triumph of the human spirit over his unfortunate circumstances that allowed him to save others, himself, and likely the entire world in the process. But, when it came to the conflicts that ultimately allowed Naruto to connect with characters like Sasuke and Gaara, our hero had a huge advantage.

Naruto trouble

An anime set before Boruto became a ninja has Naruto often making appearances with his new family. Archived from the original on January 7, Archived from the original on December Naruto trouble, During this scene, Kyozuka wanted to depict Naruto at his lowest after his rejection by Hinata. Huang added he felt fatigue by Ratchet slip clutch so Naruto trouble into this fight due to reaching 70 successive cuts at a time. While things did work out in the end, and Sasuke did not manage to destroy Hidden Leaf, this entire situation was utterly avoidable had Naruto just made an independent thought for once in his life. Archived from the original on November 5, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, both looks keep the character's spiralling logo that was carried from his late mother's gone group, the Uzumaki clan. Praise was given by Joseph Szadkowski of The Naruto trouble Times who noted that Naruto "has become a pop-culture sensation.

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Hopefully, once they were out in the open the two would Naruto trouble off on their bickering. Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. She followed the girl's line of sight and found herself staring at the Naurto, rainbow monoliths that had long ago turned the Land of Snow into the Land of Spring. You're in the road! Roger Craig Smith. Party Trobule He does so, but is confronted by Aoileader of the Ame ninja. Than again, when you walk around in a big Naruto trouble and Orange jacket with matching pants, its really hard to Kim possible henti porn noticed. Omake 2 Kazuo Oka. After Narutoo, it was only a letter marked urgent from the Kage of the most powerful country in the world! Sakura agreed, but kept it to herself. Hideo Watanabe. Chapter 13

Serving as the eponymous protagonist of the series, he is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure.

  • Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine.
  • The Sasuke Recovery Team turns out to be nothing but Naruto 's shadow clones.
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  • Naruto Uzumaki awoke with a groan.
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Kimimaro continues to keep Naruto away from Sasuke 's coffin, using his dances and bones to prevent any of Naruto's shadow clones from getting through.

Elsewhere, an injured Kiba and an incapacitated Akamaru hide from Sakon. When he sees that he is leaving a blood trail, allowing Sakon to follow them, Kiba abandons his coat and flees down river with Akamaru.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru is given no opportunities to attack, Tayuya 's control over her Doki allowing her to cover all possibilities. Playing a new tune on her Demonic Flute , Tayuya has the Doki attack. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is the article on the chapter. For the volume, head to Trouble…!! Summary Kimimaro continues to keep Naruto away from Sasuke 's coffin, using his dances and bones to prevent any of Naruto's shadow clones from getting through.

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But even the sight of her couldn't bring him out of this funk, as he replied with a rather glum; "Hey Sakura.. But the image would linger in her mind forever. As Kiba goes for a killing blow, Ukon exits his body to avoid further damage. Meanwhile, Kimimaro is able to destroy wave after wave of Naruto 's shadow clones , his dancing, acrobatic movements and his ability to use his own bones as weapons being more than a match. It's been a year since I moved into my current apartment and I just recently realised something

Naruto trouble

Naruto trouble. Episode data


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The series starred a young boy named Naruto growing up in his pre-teen and teenage years anxious to one day become the leader of his village. While the action is always fun, the best part of the series is its heartwarming tale, showing Naruto's youth as he struggles growing up. This is certainly a might accomplishment for the series.

Considering the amount of millennials that watch the show, the millennials have done what they do best with problems in shows: make memes. Over the years, Naruto has seen a many number of memes, with a good chunk of them made with one sole intent: pointing out some of the glaring issues of the show.

Naruto has a number of interesting characters, but the one that is certainly the most off the charts is Sasuke, who is essentially the number two character on the show. Even though he is supposed to be an important member of Naruto's friend group, Sasuke tends to be all over the place with his motivations. Fans have described Sasuke as bipolar.

While at times he is heroic, other times he creates more problems than were there to begin with. While this certainly keeps things interesting in the show, as a loose cannon is always a great way to spice up the action, it still begs the question: why does Naruto keep Sasuke around? Considering how much trouble Sasuke has gotten Naruto into after all of these years, Naruto should've dropped his friend many years ago. Maybe he always saw the best in Sasuke, but eventually, enough is enough.

Instead of hiding their entire suits, these sly dogs figured it would be enough to just put on hats.

How this ever worked is simply miraculous. The logical reason, from a storytelling perspective, for this to work is that the viewers would be able to identify the disguised people rather than just seeing them as random people with straw hats. It's a common practice among movies and shows in order to keep the focus on the subject of the scene. Their faces are clearly visible and enough of a distinguishing feature for us to connect to.

The cloaks were just overdoing it. However, the character with the most unique and magnificent power has to be Kakashi's ability to not catch fire, despite being pressed against a mouth that breathes an intense amount of fire through the mask. The most memorable defining feature of Kakashi is his mask that he almost never takes off.

As cool of a feature as this is, it is never explained how it does not catch fire when Kakashi breathes flames through his mouth. In addition, it is never explained how the mask even lets the flames pass through it. While the mask is cool and the fire-breathing is cool, together they just don't make a lot of sense.

In order to not interfere with any important content that would actually be important down the road, filler episodes were created that would often be, quite frankly, nonsensical.

That's where this particular episode came in. Sasuke has Chidori, Neji has Byakugan, and Naruto has a whole bunch of stuff. However, one vital character to the series who never seemed to get any powers or abilities, while still having a whole bunch of screen time, is Sakura. The love interest character is one of the series' most notable characters, but never really got the chance to show her own strength.

While one could go into a long argument about how this is poor female representation, let's not get into that. Instead, it's just worth mentioning that it would've been nice to see Sakura kick some butt at least once. While electrical technology like computers and radios do exist, the ways of the past still exist, with many people acting as though electronics don't even exist.

One of the most pointless examples of this is Naruto's insistence on sending all of his messages using birds. These people already have radios and computers, in addition to TVs and countless other ways to communicate or broadcast an urgent message Naruto never provides any realistic explanation for Naruto's bird obsession. Though Naruto is often seen as a great hero, considering that he is the protagonist and titular star of the series, we often forget that he is still young. Whether it's when he's a pre-teen or a teenager, Naruto is not always the brightest and can easily be outsmarted.

However, this instance was just a step too far. Considering that Hidden Leaf is Naruto's home village that he has sworn to protect, you'd think that he'd do a better job of protecting it.

While things did work out in the end, and Sasuke did not manage to destroy Hidden Leaf, this entire situation was utterly avoidable had Naruto just made an independent thought for once in his life.

He was so madly in love with her that he even challenged Sasuke to a duel over the girl's love. However, with no logical explanation, Lee's love over Sakura disappeared and was never really mentioned again. It's almost as if the writers of the show and manga suddenly regretted their decision to put the two characters into a romantically-tense situation and decided to just stop doing anything with it.

While this wasn't really a bad thing, as most people would agree they didn't want to see that relationship continue, it was sort of nonsensical the way the writers went about it. While the character Naruto may be very entertaining, he is not the best hero. Naruto has proven time and time again that he is not like any other hero, and this isn't particularly always a good thing.

When even the other characters in the show start to doubt whether or not the protagonist should actually be a protagonist, there is certainly a problem. Naruto is amusing, but his incompetence becomes very hard to overlook at times. Of course, there is a positive side to this.

Sakura rarely gets her chance to shine. The one time she did start working to achieve something, though, no one seemed to care. Finally breaking her limits, tired of always being a damsel in distress, Sakura began working and training to try being just as strong as Naruto and Sasuke. And did it pay off?

Heck no. Instead of being met with cheers and support, pretty much no one seemed to care about Sakura's accomplishments. Maybe it's because she wasn't male like them, or maybe it's because they always saw her as a damsel in distress.

Whatever the reason, though, no one seemed to care, and Sakura's beautiful moment was wasted. Now it could be argued that for this entire situation, Naruto was repeating "Water Prison Jutsu" for anyone who didn't happen to hear it mentioned literally a moment before.

Outside of this completely ridiculous argument, we really have to wonder what it is the writers were thinking when creating this moment of repetition.

Perhaps the writers were trying to connect the actions if this new enemy to the previously mentioned events from earlier in the episode. However, the most likely reason of all was that the writers were just too lazy to come up with any logical response for Naruto, so they just used copy-and-paste. Of all of the "out-there" characters in Naruto, the weirdest of them all has to be Condor, the run-away pet ostrich who trained in the ways of the ninja and eventually became the leader of the Four Ninja Animal Warriors.

This talking, fighting ninja ostrich has, for whatever reason, appeared during a number of occasions over the years. He has vowed to defeat his sworn enemy, who for whatever reason is Naruto.

While his motivations and reappearances don't make sense, neither does the fact that he is a talking ninja ostrich, so it is what it is. For better or for worse, this ostrich kept coming back.

The transition from manga to anime isn't always the most flattering. Things that look cool on paper don't always turn out looking cool when they're animated, and vice versa. Unfortunately, this means that when the manga is calling the shots and deciding how everything turns out, the anime may end up having a poor result. That is how this scenario came about. While this looks peaceful and relaxing on paper as non-moving images, it had a completely different effect in animation.

The spinning and movement looked more like the ballet than anything else, taking many of the viewers out of the moment. While the animators easily could've changed the adaptation to make it actually look cool, they passed on that opportunity, leaving us to watch one of the show's greatest heroes spinning ribbon through the air like he was on a stage.

However, the insane amount of similarities between the appearances of Nagato and Yahiko are just a little too hard to look past. They both have spirally, mysterious eyes, red hair, and a headband. While Yahiko will often have his hair down covering his face, this is not always the case, leading him to occasionally having the same hairstyle as Nagato.

Because of all of these similarities, and more, it becomes hard sometimes to identify which character is which. Many anime fighting shows have a trend of showing a close-up on different characters during intense moments like fights and confrontations. When you pause the close-ups or even slow them down, you start to realize how unnatural and frankly disturbing these confrontations actually are.

Unless you want to see all of the gums of Nagato's teeth, or the spit flinging out of Naruto's mouth, do not ever under any circumstance pause the show during these close-ups. While they may enhance the show, they are truly unnatural moments that can leave you scarred for life. One of these strange abilities that was actually super useful was the jutsu allowing Naruto to summon large, fighting toads to do his bidding. Shortly after learning this power from Jiraiya the Toad Sage, he used his newfound toad ability to win a fight against Gaara.

The toads panned out to be incredibly helpful in the fight, proving this jutsu to be one of Naruto's powers. Unfortunately, since this was just a filler episode, this ability never appeared again.

This becomes a bit of a problem for the show's continuity, though, considering the number of situations Naruto could have used these frogs in to fix a problem. One of the issues this caused, however, was that the characters would solve big issues using practical methods, when it easily could've been fixed with the electronic technology of the time. While this certainly helped take care of a few issues, it created a bigger issue: how did the technology disappear as time went on?

While it was a gradual change, it wasn't entirely off-putting to most. However, if you watched a more recent episode, and then jumped to an episode from the first season, the lack of technology would become very apparent. One change that did not pan out the best, however, was the lack of more powerful villains. With Naruto being young, his enemies never needed to be as strong as some of the enemies from other shows who would have to face off against powerhouses like Goku.

However, considering that Naruto's enemies were almost always weaker than normal anime villains, it lowers the stakes of the show for many viewers. While many of Naruto's enemies may be fairly strong, they arguably don't pose as much of a threat to Naruto as characters like Frieza pose against Goku. Itachi was a big part of his life, and losing him became a big moment in his life. However, this did not stop Sasuke from disobeying Itachi's one dying wish for Sasuke to protect the Konoha village.

Instead, Sasuke did the exact opposite and decided it would be a good idea to completely destroy the village. While Sasuke's actions were out of vengeance for his brother, as he blamed the political standing of Konoha for Itachi's passing, his actions were still uncalled for and completely disrespectful to his brother's memory. It's this sort of nonsense that keeps Sasuke from being an actually likable character.

For most anime, if a character trains for a long period of time, they will usually receive a massive power boost that completely changes the stakes of the show.

Naruto trouble