People on a porch swing-The Best Porch Swing of Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Sign up. Retail is changing — this is not revelatory news. Particularly over the last few years, the business of retail has continued to shift from the transaction of money for goods, to a curated and multi-layered experience. The Gehl team offers six services, one of which is Masterplanning Frameworks. Find out about our approach and see our latest work in this just released booklet….

People on a porch swing

First, you need to find a place where you have enough height available to support the chair and the chains, then enough wide to be able to swing without bumping into walls or whatsoever. With the pilot holes in People on a porch swing, you can place the hooks in the beam. Detailed instructions included. But it is a one person bed. Do not place hot items directly on swings in order to avoid melting. Jan has been inspiring us to create cities for people for 50 years. Handmade from Louisiana Naked mother pictures wood, these swing chairs are naturally beautiful and will become a focal point on any front porch. You might even want to add some cushions. Another important factor to consider is the swing weight capacity.

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Whatever way a porch swing People on a porch swing personalized, its appeal remains universal. Plus, it also has helped us to enjoy our home so much more. That is swihg with a high enough weight capacity and the heavy duty frame work to poorch both myself and my partner without collapsing to the floor. I am happy to pay for shipping. Not to mention, it makes it easier to fit kids and animals on the swing with you. Attach the swing hooks. Hanging chains can be stainless or galvanized steel; if you prefer the look of rope, make sure it is marine-grade braided nylon swlng polyester, and check it regularly for signs of wear. The back appears to be a little lower than some other swings you might be accustomed to. Your choice of swing is entirely based on your personal preference. Yes No.

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  • I lived in 3 different houses growing up and 2 out of the 3 had a big front porch and a porch swing.
  • Here at Walmart.
  • I hope you love the products I've recommended below, just a heads up that as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
  • Your new porch swing was just delivered and you need a basic guideline on how to install your new piece of outdoor furniture.

Sign up. Retail is changing — this is not revelatory news. Particularly over the last few years, the business of retail has continued to shift from the transaction of money for goods, to a curated and multi-layered experience.

The Gehl team offers six services, one of which is Masterplanning Frameworks. Find out about our approach and see our latest work in this just released booklet…. Working with.. Join us to co-create, build and scale solutions for people-entered cities! Our work crosses the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape design and city planning. We have been researching quality of life in public spaces, around the world, for over 40 years.

A Decade of Progress Ahead. And when you want to find out Working with Originally a four part series for Danish television, the international documentary - Great Architecture on a Small Planet Cities for People. The Future of Street Design. Particularly over the last few years, the business of retail has With the launch of Soft City by Creative Director David Sim last week, we sat down with the author to hear more about Designing with Intention.

You must eat but the only Last week, Sidewalk Labs released CommonSpace, an app that allows anyone to organize a survey and collect public life They're these big, overarching goals that Sign-up to our blog to receive notices on openings. Submit through Homerun. Please note that we do not review unsolicited applications unless a job position or internship has been posted via our website or social media channels. Call for interns in the Copenhagen office are made via the news section of our site twice a year: in October with a February 1st start date and in May with an August 1st start date.

You are also welcome to send your unsolicited application. Full-time positions — US. Call for apprentices are usually made in January. Sign-up to our blog to receive a nudge and apply. Internships — US. If you need other portraits or CVs send an e-mail to Vannesa.

David Sim. Henriette Vamberg. Jeff Risom. Ewa Westermark. Kristian Villadsen. John Bela. Matthew Lister. Blaine Merker. Jan Gehl. New York. Sao Paulo. Gehl Logo Package. Soft City is the story of how to build denser and more diverse places that enhances the everyday life of people. An antidote to the increasing complexity of urban life, the book showcases grounded principles and solutions that combine to create a livable neighbourhood and vibrant public life.

You will benefit from his outstanding ability to see, to observe, and to reflect upon the scenes from life and cities. Soft City is an important addition to the growing literature on people-friendly architecture and city planning. Indeed, architecture and city planning need to be quite a bit more soft. Here is a good place to start. David Sim is Creative Director at Gehl. For the last couple of decades he has championed people-first urban strategies and design work worldwide.

CR: Hi Louise! Can you tell us about the PSPL concept and the thinking behind it? These two things are systematically mapped and measured at different times. The PSPL methodology, is one that has been developed and tested over decades and is primarily based on the research and field work of Jan Gehl and colleagues at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen, but advanced and iterated over the years within the Gehl practice.

This knowledge can contribute to making decisions in how we plan or improve an urban area. It can help solve acute problems or contribute to a future vision of an area. And this is where we see the magic of the PSPL methodology! It can be used across context, within different project scopes and on many different urban scales.

This can range from a very detailed study of a particular public space — a street section or small park, to inform a very detailed urban design — all the way to a very large study covering a whole city center or defined neighbourhood, to get a general picture of how the city is functioning — where public life takes place, what general qualities an area has, and how those factors are related to one another. It is also important to say that, with a PSPL being adaptable according to scale and local context, its process is never set in stone.

We always plan and carry out the PSPL methodology in close collaboration with our clients. Many planning decisions are based on data related to car traffic or physical installations that need to be in place, so you can say that engineering has been the driving force behind many decisions in cities in the past. With a PSPL, cities are given an alternative, people data perspective, to inform their planning process or design.

We know that data and numbers are things that you can agree on objectively, a layer underneath the subjective feeling and opinion of place, and this is important when planning decisions have to be made — to have the hard numbers. Public space and public life may appear as something quite subjective, the experience of a place is subjective, but with the PSPL we are able to withdraw tendencies, nuances and patterns, transforming the subjective experience into more objective data and reasoning.

Given the fact that a number of cities around the world have carried out PSPLs, we have a substantial amount of data that we can draw upon, to identify common patterns in human behaviours according to spatial design. This gives cities comparable data, to understand how your city performs in relation to public space and public life in other cities. PSPL data began to be an input into those discussions, turning the subjective questions — what is livability?

Increasingly we see a focus on improving quality of life and the human experience in cites, with a major part of this dependent on the quality of public space. This focus on people is a way to influence the larger themes and challenges in cities; on health, climate change, inequality and so on.

Seeing the city through a PSPL lays the foundations for a different kind of understanding of the city that can ultimately be used for many purposes. It is for that reason that it is important to keep developing and adding new layers to PSPLs. In recent years we have been doing this to capture new nuances, such as social mixing and diversity, or to capture different groups of people and how they use public space.

In the future I expect that this tool will continue to be relevant and continue to be developed as a means to capture those otherwise unseen nuances and perspectives.

It allows you to measure the original conditions, decide on what changes will get you to your goal, make those changes and measure the conditions again, thereby accurately comparing what effect these changes have. This is an agile tool that lets you run a measure, test and refine process, one that is extremely valuable in giving support to, for example, politicians carrying through a transformation process.

Learn more about the West Hollywood Sunset Strip project here. Excited by the highlights in the film? Learn more in this longer PDF version:. Wishing everyone a happy holiday! Join us to co-create, build, and scale solutions for people-centered cities!

Cities are on the front line of the most urgent challenges of our time. Without a collaborative platform to reconcile needs and capabilities across sectors, civic trust erodes and prototyping new solutions becomes slow, risky, and difficult. We convene interdisciplinary, cross-sector teams to build civic trust and prototype solutions that put communities at the center. Integrated Mobility How might we effectively integrate new mobility technologies such as autonomous vehicles with basic human mobility behaviors to meet changing habits and diversifying needs of community members?

Holistic Public Health How might we improve the public health and wellbeing of community members, including access to active lifestyle choices, social support structures, and everyday needs that provide agency and comfort? Other Interests? The themes of our portfolios are shaped with our members and partners. Please get in touch to discuss additional topics. Reach out to learn more: Iben Falconer — iben gehlpeople. Learn about our approach and see our latest work in our just released booklet ….

German version here:. Our Public Life Data methods make people visible in cities, and in almost every project we have been conducting surveys and engaging people in the process. In addition, we have worked with Alexandra Institute Copenhagen to develop Tree.

Prototyping is an integrated approach to urban change in many projects as it provides evidence of the shared value the public realm offers to all people.

We continue to engage in new urban developments, such as a new city district in Lille , and India Basin in San Francisco , as well as large urban schemes transforming central parts of Mexico City , as well as rethinking gated communities in Tigre , Argentina and transforming clients mindsets.

We have also just begun the development of a masterplan in Spellhaugen , Bergen. We have developed our mobility services further in projects such as the Victoria Cycle Plan , Cardiff Cycle Plan , Boise Transportation Plan , continued advice to Hamar in Norway on repositioning their train station and tracks, by advising Glostrup in Copenhagen on their transit hub and related development, and along the Monon Trail outside Indianapolis , as well as a new BRT line in Sydney.

Swing Bed Mattresses And Covers. Rounding out this porch swing is the curved 58 inch wide seat. Keep in mind that seven foot long chains hung from a beam 8 feet above the ground or floor will hold the swing approximately 17 to 19 inches off the ground. We use to have a porch swing hanging from a tree. Modern Enjoy the fun of a porch swing with a modern flair when you select a metal porch swing in bright colors like turquoise or lime green.

People on a porch swing

People on a porch swing

People on a porch swing

People on a porch swing. TOH Network

Choose a strong, sturdy limb when hanging your swing. Protect the limb from abrasion by padding the hanging chains with a rubber hose. Then fasten the chains around the limb with a heavy, rust-resistant bolt, remembering to add an inch or two to the swing length when positioning the chains.

Keep your tree happy: never use hooks to attach a chain directly to a tree limb. The Swing Stand Option If you discover that your ceiling can't sustain the weight of your porch swing and you don't have a sturdy tree limb to hang it from, take a look at our free-standing A-frame swing packages.

They come with a stand for convenient placement anywhere on the lawn, in the garden, or on a large porch or patio surface. Keep in mind that seven foot long chains hung from a beam 8 feet above the ground or floor will hold the swing approximately 17 to 19 inches off the ground. This is the standard height range of comfort. Taller people tend to like the 19 inch height and shorter people tend to like the 17 inch height. Swing Beds. Porch Beds And Daybeds.

Swing Bed Mattresses And Covers. Arbors Outdoor Benches Outdoor Chairs. See Color Options. See Size Options. See Details. Previous Page 1 2 Porch Swings Nothing says neighborly like a porch swing. About porch swings Designed to be hung from a porch ceiling or underneath a deck, porch swings usually seat two or three people and are available with or without cushions.

Traditional Classic porch swings are crafted of wicker or hardwoods like cedar, oak, or cypress, and either stained or painted white.

Modern Enjoy the fun of a porch swing with a modern flair when you select a metal porch swing in bright colors like turquoise or lime green. Read More. With Back. With Arms. Free Shipping by Amazon.

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity. My husband was skeptical — thought the old one still sufficed — but he thanked me for ordering this once we had it in place.

It was easy to put together, is amazingly sturdy as well as comfortable, and the cup holders are a great addition. This year we decided to try buying one online. We could not be happier with the quality and beauty of this swing. Everyone who comes to our home compliments us on its quality and craftsmanship. It was very easy to assemble and we know it will outlast the other three swings put together. The parts were packaged very well and effectively.

Our two high school-aged boys actually took the swing out of the box and put it together. They also had it installed and attached to the underside of our second-story deck within a short period of time. In our case, the swing was installed with all of the hardware included in the box. I love the feel and look of the wood. We may purchase a cushion for the summer months, but so far we have found that the seat is very comfortable with no additional padding needed.

We love this swing! I put it together and hung it all by my year-old self, though it would have been a lot easier with another person helping. Very heavy and very solidly built. I love the solid wood uprights, which are so much nicer than holding onto a chain.

This swing holds a whole generation of grandkids. The directions were, um, minimal, to say the least, but the assembly is intuitive. It has the heft and hardware of something that will last until those grandkids have kids of their own. The packaging was unbelievably good — it could not possibly have been damaged in shipment unless a truck ran over it. The instructions for assembly are excellent — it took me about an hour and a half to put it up.

What really impressed me was the quality of the swing itself. It came partially assembled and those partially assembled pieces fit together just like they should, which is unlike some of the other junk I have bought. As an added bonus, it is made from recycled materials by Amish craftsmen right here in the United States Pennsylvania. And, lastly, it is beautiful. Those craftsmen obviously care about their work; there is simply nothing to criticize.

I am sure this swing will still be swinging long after I am gone. This swing is a high-end front porch swing. Very comfortable. We anchored our swing so that I — and our future grandchildren — can swing high and fast. This has added a friendly appeal to our front porch. You cannot go wrong with it. So strong and so much fun and I am 59 years young.

They look great and are comfortable! Highly recommended. I was swinging in it approximately 20 minutes after putting it together. Nice quality, color, and it adds so much to the back of my yard under the walkout deck. I would highly recommend it and would definitely purchase it again.

Nice price, too. When my parents passed away, I had the swing moved to my backyard. For my birthday I asked my husband and sons to remodel the swing for me, but I wanted a porch swing put in its frame. They sanded away all of the rust and repainted the iron frame and had me pick out a porch swing for them to install. I looked everywhere and found this metal patio swing and decided to give it a try. I could not be happier with it.

It is a beautiful swing! It has an oiled bronze-like finish and kind of an antique look, so I do not think it needs paint at all. It is nice and heavy, sturdy and well-constructed, and I believe will last for a very long time.

Plus, it is really comfortable. We used to have a wooden swing and got tired of it weathering and the constant repairs.

This swing hangs on a large tree in our front yard. We LOVE this swing and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone! The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape.

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Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing. Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing. Cambridge-Casual Arie Porch Swing. Tags: the strategist people's choice home decor furniture. Read Article. Hunter Original Short Play Boots. Hunter Original Play Tall Boots. The Ainsley Chelsea Boots. See More on Sale.

People on a porch swing