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Chances are you've heard of something called "the husband stitch," which is as cringe-worthy as it sounds and basically means getting an extra stitch after delivering vaginally. But is that actually a thing? Can they sew you up tighter after giving birth? The answer may spark some icky and disappointing feelings. According to Babble, it turns out that back in the day the idea of getting sewn up tighter was referred to as the "husband stitch " which was performed for the intent of making sex more pleasurable obviously for the men, though it was argued that it would make it better for the woman as well we'll get more into that later.

Tight vagina after episiotomy

You can do pelvic floor exercises Sexy lesbian models and at any time, either sitting or standing up: squeeze and draw in your anus Tight vagina after episiotomy the same time, and close up and draw your vagina upwards do it quickly, tightening and releasing the muscles immediately then do it slowly, holding the contractions for as long as you can, but no more than 10 seconds, before you relax repeat each exercise 10 times, 4 to 6 times a day You may find it helps to imagine you're stopping a bowel movement, holding in a tampon or stopping yourself urinating. For Stephanie Tillman, CNM, vagin certified nurse midwife at the University of Illinois at Chicago and blogger at The Feminist MidwifeTight vagina after episiotomy very idea of the husband stitch represents the persistent misogyny inherent in medical care. It may take some time for your period to come back after childbirth. For a normal vaginal birth, it takes about weeks to recover. Lakeshia Richardson, however, she shared that it's not standard or common anymore, and the only times she's done one is after strongly advising her patients against it. Keeping your vagina clean and healthy Vagina changes after childbirth Vagina problems. Work them regularly: To episiotony Kegels, simply squeeze the muscles and hold for five seconds, and then release for five seconds.

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Sometimes, a tampon is actually the giveaway. Shepherd says, giving you a lighter period. This way, a decision can be made based on both personal preference and medical expertise. Dear Alice, This might be a strange question, but I've heard that after delivering a child, if an episiotomy is done, the Tight vagina after episiotomy can "cinch" the vagina up a little so the opening is tighter during sex. Tight vagina after episiotomy, Meet Inbox Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Can a charcoal facial really make your skin glow? Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray. Although many moms swear by perineal massage anecdotally, clinical research Dominatrix in tucson ax yet to back it up. If you both know what the situation is, you can deal with it together. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. These typically heal within four weeks, Dr. Your vagina after pregnancy may be a bit wider or it may not be. Unlike the less serious tears, these may require surgical repair in an operating room, not the delivery room.

In , Katarina Rivers went to her doctor to complain about experiencing painful sex over the course of four years.

  • Are things going to be OK down there?
  • Will your perineum the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum stretch or tear on its own?
  • The doctor said it to him.

Australian Women's Weekly. It's surprising how taboo birthing stories are given the fact we're all alive because someone gave birth to us. So, to say I didn't know what I was letting myself in for is an understatement. Most women are also prepared for a C-section if the vaginal birth doesn't go to plan or may even have an elected C-section.

But midway through a vaginal birth with my first son, I found myself having an episiotomy — i. Something I'd never really given a thought to before. It had been a gruelling labour, to say the least, a whopping 36 hours. When he was finally delivered safely, I didn't think anything of being cut open— or stitched back up again for that matter.

I was shell-shocked and completely in love with the beautiful baby boy in my arms. We got home the next day and my husband actually joked about my stitches, saying "I wonder if they threw in an extra stitch.

The infamous 'Husband Stitch'. I thought it was an urban legend. It was so ludicrous that people would want their vagina to be sewn up tighter that I laughed along with him. Anyone who's given birth with or without getting stitches! Going to the toilet can be complete agony. The pain from my cut was something else. I was wearing pads to absorb any bleeding, but they kept getting stuck to the wound. I was told the stitches would dissolve by themselves. I had eight on the outside and four on the inside.

I went for my 6-week check-up and was told everything was fine. No medical professional checked the scar tissue but I was told everything was in order and I could have intercourse again.

Only, I couldn't. My husband and I attempted to have sex but he couldn't insert his penis. We're each other's 'firsts' and he actually said to me: "It wasn't this tight the first time round," referencing when I lost my virginity. We tried for an agonising two weeks, using lube, trying to stretch my vagina open.

It was incredibly painful so I decided to go to my GP to ask her what was going on. She examined me and immediately looked horrified: "Honey, you're the size of a year-old down there," she said. Mortified, I had to go back to the hospital to be 're-cut' and stitched back up again. This time, I healed properly and my vagina was soon back in working order, so to speak. I wrote a letter to the hospital in the hope that no other woman would go through the same experience.

I know this sounds awfully sexist but I do wonder if a female doctor had administered the stitches whether I would have been stitched up too tightly. I count myself lucky though.

Because I went to my doctor realising there was a problem, it was easy ish to fix. Some women don't realise there's a problem for years and suffer excruciating pain during sex or problems during childbirth. The fact it's been dubbed a 'Husband Stitch' is inherently problematic to society. The very notion a man benefits from a tighter vagina — "an extra stitch for Daddy" — It makes you want to hurl. My own husband was horrified when I had to be re-cut — nobody who loves you would want that.

Unfortunately it wasn't the last time a birth made me question my own femininity. After the birth of my second child two years later, I had the opposite problem when I had a vaginal prolapse. The pressure of my bub sitting on those organs caused my pelvic floor to effectively cave in. So I found myself having to strengthen up down there. I used a treatment called the wave chair which sends shockwaves through your vagina to your pelvic floor.

Luckily, it worked for me but some of my 'friends' made some very cruel jokes about the prolapse along the lines of how loose and disgusting my vagina must be. I feel like birthing stories need to be shouted from the rooftops. I had no idea what to expect from an episiotomy or a prolapse. Look after yourself down there. But keep these conversations going for the sake of the sisterhood — it's your vagina, not society's. Magazine Today pm. Love Island Stop everything!

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Tight vagina after episiotomy

Tight vagina after episiotomy. Lasting pain from the extra stitch

Michelle, from Bedfordshire, visited Dr Dawn on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies because she was keen to gain relief from the persistent agony she had been left with after birth. Michelle, whose son is now seven months old, said: 'I'm in pain walking, sitting, sex is a no. It does take its toll after all this time. Family plan: By cutting out the scar tissue and restitching it, Mr Abdallah Fayyad aimed to reduce pain and allow Michelle to continue with her family plans.

After inspecting her vagina, Dr Dawn concludes that Michelle was 'cut rather than tore' when giving birth to her 7lbs 6oz baby. The baby is in distress. The mother needs a forcep or vacuum assisted delivery. The baby is in a breech presentation and there is a complication during delivery. By cutting out the scar tissue and restitching it to relieve the tightness, Mr Abdallah Fayyad aimed to reduce pain and allow Michelle to continue with her family plans.

Michelle is thrilled with the results and has been able to resume a physical relationship with her husband. Twelve weeks after the operation, Michelle returned to see Dr Dawn for a check-up. She said: ' Everything is back to normal, totally pain-free, it's brilliant. Thrilled: Dr Dawn inspects Michelle's new vagina and Michelle is thrilled with the results and has been able to resume a physical relationship with her husband. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

New mother, 30, who was stitched so tightly after childbirth she could no longer have sex or use tampons, rekindles love life after operation to relieve constant pain Michelle, 30, left with discomfort after having her episiotomy sewn up Found it excruciatingly painful to walk, sit or have intercourse Visited Dr Dawn on Embarrassing Bodies and had operation to reduce pain Thrilled with results and can now enjoy sex with husband By Bianca London for MailOnline Published: GMT, 12 March Updated: GMT, 12 March e-mail 55 View comments.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: New mother who was stitched too tightly after childbirth looks forward to rekindling her sex life after operation relieves horrific vagina pains e-mail. Most watched News videos Brexiteer attacks Caroline Voaden for calling for a People's Vote Jo Swinson confirms she won't swap seats to ensure re-election CCTV footage of man who pleaded guilty to the murder of June Jones 'Knifeman' held down on floor at Oxford Road station in Manchester Police arrest 'knifeman' at Manchester Oxford Road station Bystanders take action against armed robbers in Shepherd's Bush Metro passenger distracted by phone falls onto tracks in Madrid Simba the lion is saved from 'canned hunting' and finds new home Peter Wilson prepares for first ever landing of Stealth Fighter Ambulances continue transporting people found dead in lorry Hilarious video sees a fabulous parrot dancing at a rave Excruciating moment couple are told by stewardess to stop having sex.

Comments 55 Share what you think. View all. Keep in mind, an extra stitch is not needed, especially if the woman has done Kegel exercises throughout her pregnancy. In addition, Kegels can help intensify orgasms, and whip pelvic muscles back into shape more quickly after delivery. If you are concerned about episiotomy or vaginal tightening, it is best to speak with a health care provider — preferably before a woman goes into labor.

This way, a decision can be made based on both personal preference and medical expertise. All materials on this website are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Quizzes Polls. In an Emergency On-campus Resources. All About Alice! Go Ask Alice! Get Alice! In Your Box. Episiotomy, childbirth, and vaginal tightening. Dear Alice, This might be a strange question, but I've heard that after delivering a child, if an episiotomy is done, the doctor can "cinch" the vagina up a little so the opening is tighter during sex.

Husband stitch: Sewn up too tightly post-episiotomy | Now To Love

If not on late-night television, at least to each other. Here, six women on their post-baby vaginas. What I do remember, though, is what happened at my six-week postpartum appointment. Like most women, I had to bring my son because … who else would take care of him?

After about a second of looking, she announced that some skin had grown over the stitches and she needed to use silver nitrate to burn them off. Then she just went right ahead and burned my vagina, with my son balanced precariously on my chest.

And that was it — that was how my vagina was cared for after giving birth. Her final recommendation was to have a glass of wine before sex, because it was probably going to hurt.

I hate this country. The other thing I will say in the post-birth-vagina department is that I rarely get wet anymore. I used to get wet quite easily. I still get horny; I still like sex with my husband. But pregnancy dried me up. I need lube now! Fucking lube?! And when I make a big poop, to this day, I swear my tear opens back up.

She needed three blood transfusions. I broke her vagina and almost killed her. I swear I could hear myself tearing during delivery. I still remember the shrill of the pain. What I also noticed most recently was this: So I used to hate Pap smears.

It was the only time I ever took a Xanax. It was all so spacious and airy down there! That freaked me out. Kind of. Well, getting there …. No stitches that I know of. But I pushed for so long that what got damaged was more like the muscles in my vagina. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: self childbirth talking to motherhood health More.

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Tight vagina after episiotomy