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The first two will improve as your training progresses, but the third item requires a carefully planned investment. But what defines a good boxing glove? Well in my opinion, a good pair should provide proper protection for your knuckles and wrists. In addition, it should be manufactured using such high quality standards that it will last for many years. But usually the latter is an issue.

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Check rviews their Facebook photo album to see all the possibilities. You can choose from many customization options. There are no fancy graphics here, just Twins gloves reviews logo of the company on the back of the glove and the Velcro wrist fastener. I hated the gloves within 5 minutes. This experience comes from being in a serious boxing gym—with dozens of champions training inside at any moment. Most boxing gloves are remarkably one-size-fits-all. I have been using a pair of these for training for several months now and glovee no complaints….

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Would 12oz fit 9. The company is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of Thai-style Twin drip gloves; its products, known for their longevity and comfort, are Twins gloves reviews to martial revieews gyms and dojos across the reviewd. September 8, Philip Wong. However, the padding on a 10 oz glove does not provide enough protection for a sparring partner, where 16 oz gloves is the usual standard. The gel makes for a lighter option without sacrificing adequate protection. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The outside is made of premium leather, Twins gloves reviews contributes to it being able to withstand the beating a professional will give them over an average of a couple years. The bulky padding gives you quite a lot of protection when you shell up with a high guard with the ounce gloves that is, Twnis less so with the 8 — 10 ounce you actually fight in. I've been using 14 oz gloves for two months now and I'm pretty happy so far.

Summary: We found these gloves to be a high quality Thai-made glove.

  • The first two will improve as your training progresses, but the third item requires a carefully planned investment.
  • When you think of Muay Thai gear, you think of Twins Special.
  • Boxing is a competitive fighting sport that primarily relies on fist strikes to defeat an opponent.
  • Summary: We found these gloves to be a high quality Thai-made glove.
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  • They like all TWINS products are manufactured in Thailand and are hugely popular there — many of the top Muay Thai fighters in the sport fight using these gloves, and if you go into any Thai gym, most of the trainers and fighters own a pair or three.

When you think of Muay Thai gear, you think of Twins Special. Twins have been a staple in the Muay Thai game for over 25 years. The best part about Twins Special is that everything they produce comes directly from the source in Thailand itself, the homeland of Muay Thai. There is just something very authentic and special about Muay Thai gear produced in Thailand from fighters who test out the equipment daily.

Twins Special knows the perfect formula when it comes to designing and developing the best gear possible. Everything Twins Special produces is crafted with the highest possible quality and craftsmanship. Not only does Twins dominate the Muay Thai world, but they have also branched out into Boxing and MMA , as well as other combat sports.

My first pair of Muay Thai gloves were a bright green pair of Twins Special gloves. These gloves lasted me a very long time and I can tell you all the good things that these gloves have to offer.

This is the most unbiased review that you will find online, because I genuinely do love Twin specials, however I love the integrity I stand for. Knowing that people can come to The MMA Guru looking for an honest product review means everything to me. The truth is, I only ever buy Muay Thai gear that comes directly from Thailand. Almost all Twins Special gloves include a velcro wrist fastener which is made with the highest of quality. It also means you can take your gloves off and on with a breeze.

This is very important for quality reasons, you never want to buy cheap leather. The air mesh is also a really nice touch for breathability. There are multiple vents in the inner side of the glove which allow them to be breathable. Last but not least, the overall look and design is absolutely amazing. There is various designs available, from the fancy boxing gloves , to the traditional solid colorway.

These gloves took years to perfect, through many design flaws and mistakes made by the Twins team. However I think they have done an amazing job making the absolutely best Muay Thai equipment in the game today. Again, this is something that can be avoided by cleaning them regularly.

However I know people who never clean their gloves or training equipment gross and things like leather naturally start to smell. I highly recommend looking at our guide on how to keep your gloves clean and smelling fresh!

The Twins Special Boxing Gloves are good for bag work. The reason I originally purchased my Twins gloves was for heavy bag use and pad work, they did outstanding from the very beginning.

I will say one thing though, if you plan on hitting the heavy bag much more than the pads I would size up. The Twins Special Boxing Gloves work best for pad work. However, unlike bag work I would suggest sizing down to hit pads with 10 to 12 ounces. These gloves are also great for clinching too, they have great wrist support which allow you to clinch your partner with no problem.

I originally started sparring with my Twins 12 ounce gloves but eventually sized up and bought another 16 ounce pair specifically for sparring. The gloves are highly padded which offer tons of protection for both you and your opponent. The padding gives you a good amount of protection for blocking when you shell up with a high guard. I actually included these gloves on my top 10 boxing gloves for sparring list.

The trick is to get the best size that is suitable for your specific type of training. I myself bought a 12oz pair because I did a lot of heavy bag and pad work when I first started training Muay Thai. However if you plan on sparring a lot I would recommend getting a bigger pair such as oz.

The reason why these gloves are the standard of Muay Thai gloves are because of the supreme quality they are constructed with. Triple layer foam makes these gloves feel like pillows on your hands. The velcro strap is amazing for quickly getting your gloves back on after a water break. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find a Signature Glove that fits you.

Like all Twins Special gloves, they provide long-lasting protection and outstanding comfort. Similar to the Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves, these gloves are great for bag work, pad work, and even sparring, it really all depends on the size of glove you purchase. The Velcro wrist design is particularly supportive of your wrist, and the glove offers excellent hand protection. Twins Special gloves are internationally recognized as setting the highest standards of quality.

The design is great and the overall look is very eye catching. The price-point is also affordable when compared to competitors such as Hayabusa and Fairtex. The Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

The choice of materials does not necessarily reduce the quality, but more so offer a different set of benefits. Wong felt training youth for a life dedicated to Muay Thai was his way to give back to his community. You will most likely be training on speed bags , heavy bags , with partners, in and outside of the gym. It has a smooth texture and doesnt feel as rugged as many leather gloves do, but the quality seems to be superb. Twins have been a staple in the Muay Thai game for over 25 years.

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews. About the gloves


Twins Boxing Gloves Review - After 3 Years Of Heavy Use!

I also cover the history of different brands and how they evolved or even copied one another over the years.

Some of you guys know my story. Well… a lot has changed since then. There used to be only a few brands to choose from and it was easy to tell who made the good stuff. But nowadays, you have more brands and more choices design, color, price-range with all claiming to be the highest quality. I can tell you if the glove will harden quickly, be hot and sweaty, be hard to make a fist, where it will tear, those kinds of things.

This experience comes from being in a serious boxing gym—with dozens of champions training inside at any moment. I got to try out many different gloves and see what everyone else uses. I also get free gloves regularly because of my website. I hope to shine some light on the boxing glove industry instead of confusing you with more pretty pictures and BS features. Whatever you buy may earn me a small commission.

I only promote gloves that I would personally use and NEVER because of commissions although many companies have tried. In a sport like this, integrity IS safety. Read the whole thing to see detailed glove reviews, company write-ups, and get a stronger understanding of how quality gloves are made. Most pros and amateurs prefer Winning gloves for training because they have the best protection.

The most budget conscious will go for Title, really cheap but functional. First-timers, beginners, and especially MMA guys are known to walk into the gym with cheap Everlast, Fairtex, Hayabusa, or even Venum—many of which are not on my top 5 lists because of poor quality or overpriced.

Some people will be lucky enough to have found Title, Fighting Sports, or Ringside, which go on sale often. Top criteria for training gloves are quality-of-construction and protection, then comfort. Gloves made for sparring have softer cushion to minimize power transfer and protect sparring partners.

There are also gloves that are made for both; ideally, they use multiple layers of foam of different densities. Because every hand is different, some gloves will fit and protect you better than others. Females will be 14oz. Winning — the 1 brand, best cushion and comfort. Also great build quality with perfect stitching.

The 1 brand for the past decade if not longer. Winning is the most protective glove ever created, with the best padding cushion most pillow-ey thanks to the marvel of Japanese engineering. Top quality materials and perfect construction. Comes with an expensive price tag to live up to and yet not a single person has ever called them over-priced. Many pros and amateurs refuse to wear anything else. See full brand review. The laces version has more support, also more popular like to Their velcro glove, while not as supportive as the laces, is also the best velcro glove on the market!

Quality leather, buttery smooth inner lining, perfect thumb position, protective pillow-ey padding, and total comfort all around! Standard A-level gear used by everyone. Premium pricing for a premium glove. Yes, they are absolutely worth the price.

A completely redesigned glove from inside-out, and truly a piece of art! Some of you may still prefer the softer Winnings but there is no dispute, these are by far the better-made glove.

Highest quality gloves ever; unrivaled materials and craftmanship! Customization available. Padding replacement options available! Many unique features available. An amazing boutique glovemaker with limitless customization options and expert craftsmanship. The limit is your imagination. Many customizations available. Rival — high tech styling with amazing ergonomic comfort, wrist support, and hand protection.

Unlike other companies that hype empty gimmicky features, Rival fans can actually feel the difference in comfort and support from their unique glove designs. Casanova like other Mexican brands — great leather, padding, wrist support, comfort and craftsmanship.

They feel amazing and support my wrists like no other brand. Campeon and Classics are also similar quality. Or go with Zepol for customization but slightly lower quality. Great wrist protection. Beautiful nolstagic old school vibe. Mexican leather is much better than usual cheap Pakistan leather. With that said, they are still favored by many fighters and now offer models with extra padding.

Grant, alongside Winning and Reyes, is considered as one of the top 3 brands in boxing especially amongst professional boxers. For many years, custom-made Grant gloves were the most stylish and most premium quality boxing gloves anybody could have.

There are many complaints about inconsistent quality especially with stitching. Their last unique feature was offering customization but new brands like Sabas offer the same features for a much lower price point. What was once amazing and unique about Grant has been successfully imitated and even exceeded by other brands.

However, Grant still remains a household name synonymous with pro boxing , due to its sponsorship of many top boxers in the sport. A beginner or anybody else could probably make do with other gloves. Or do what the pros do—go lighter on the heavy bag! The velcro version costs more. Tons of fun colors, too. My only annoyance was that the inner lining could be smoother. This could arguably have been 5 on the top five boxing gloves list.

Very unique shape unlike any other boxing glove but surprisingly comfortable and protective. The foam feels really thick and about above-average density. Protects your hands well on the heavy bag and almost soft-enough for sparring although I prefer softer, maybe these can be worn down. I love the dual wrist straps; better support for different wrists. Quality glove at a great price especially when on sale. This model unlike their others most closely matches the shape of a boxing glove.

Good leather and good cushion suitable for sparring and bagwork. Some colors are cheaper! Good sparring glove, and occasional bagwork. Can be used for sparring and bagwork. Many of them are also padded with horsehair which only lasts up to 30 rounds. There are also MMA fighters who like to use professional boxing gloves foam version for their training, since MMA usually wears lighter gloves. Professional fight gloves 8oz, 10oz are usually worn for professional boxing fights, specific boxing training, or by MMA fighters in training.

Most fighters especially power punchers will choose Reyes by default and Grant as an alternative. All of these gloves are good for transferring power. Winning is the most protective but unfortunately transfers the least amount of power to your opponent. Horsehair model is used in pro fights for maximum power transfer. Good power transfer AND protection more than Reyes.

Another favorite among pros for its great power transfer and comfort. They also sell a foam version on their website of these gloves for bagwork. Many MMA guys use this for training. These new custom models have been said to be exceptionally high-quality and made to rival Winning, Grant, Rival, and Reyes.

Di Nardo is the real deal. Absolute works of art in the form of boxing gloves. These are such beautiful gloves, you have to see them in person to really appreciate. Most other high-end gloves are simply standard boxing gloves but with better materials and craftsmanship. Di Nardo gloves however are a completely revamped take on boxing gloves, re-imagined and improved in everyway.

They are structurally superior to anything on the market and far more beautiful aesthetically. What else do you expect from an Italian craftsman? Probably not the best quality but much cheaper than the big names.

Some are filled with foam; some have a horsehair blend.

Twins gloves reviews

Twins gloves reviews