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Vegas Odds: Indiana Courtney Vandersloot. Katie Lou Samuelson. The Sky are still searching for their first road win — maybe it will come against the Fever. Though Indiana opened as five-point favorites, the line has been trending in the direction of Chicago, showing that there's some confidence in the Sky.

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee

I like both a ton here with a slight lean to DeShields just because Vandersloot has been deferring so much. Expect to see the tandem of Dfs jessica model renee and Thomas leading the Sun's offense Wednesday once again. I like all Dfs jessica model renee. If news is received before tip that Teaira McCowan were to start she should possibly be my favorite play on the slate. I like her at that price. Elizabeth Williams. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. The Liberty jessicx on the other end of a mosel loss Friday, which allowed Tina Charles to play just 18 minutes in the contest and a lot of their starters to get some added time on the bench.

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Elena Rochelle Model. BabsProjects says. The GELA. Miss Melis Model. None of the authors has a relevant financial interest in this manuscript. Crystal Larson vs. Ladi Libra. DB made substantial contributions to acquisition of data, interpretation of Dfs jessica model renee and revising the manuscript for important intellectual content. January 4, at am. Marty Howard Model. Natalie U says.

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  • As the weather outside seems to be getting colder and colder, so is the temperature inside our home.
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Sign up HERE. Just a reminder we have an lock today. Two games. I much prefer the late game to the early game as far as plays as well, but without further ado…. Atlanta has recommitted to defense. Achonwa is still too cheap on FanDuel, however. Other than that they are both passes for me. Kennedy Burke is the flat min on FanDuel. She only played 13 minutes last game but was in the twenties earlier two games ago.

Kelsey Mitchell shot the ball seventeen times last game, only made five, but scored 27 fantasy points. There is potential for a smash if she shoots better. The only other player I would consider is Tiffany Mitchell. In GPPs she will be under owned.

Alex Bentley is in Europe. Renee Montgomery only got 20 minutes last game but she is 4k on FanDuel. I like taking shots on her there and think you can even play her in cash. Tiffany Hayes is 5. Brittany Sykes is also a strong play. She had a down game and is inexpensive on DraftKings. Jessica Breland price is too low for this matchup. Yes she has struggled recently, but I refuse to believe she forgot how to play basketball. The minutes are down, which is worrisome, but I feel this is a get-right spot.

If you need value on DraftKings Nia Coffey is in play there. She could get 20 minutes in a prime matchup and is really the cheapest playable forward. On both sites my preferred forward is Jantel Lavender. She appears to have the safest minutes. Stefanie Dolson is still too cheap on FanDuel. In fact the matchup is so great on FanDuel I think you can play them both together. I would not build a lineup on DraftKings without them. Kia Nurse is my big fade for the day. She is such a hot and cold player and I feel people will chase the Sparks game.

My favorite Liberty guard is Asa Durr , who is seeing 30 minutes a night and is a great price on FanDuel. Britanny Boyd had a smash game last slate but benefited from an unreal shooting percentage on her assists. This is the biggest decision of the day: Amanada Zahui or Tina Charles , the established superstar or the young upstart who has put up three straight big games. Both are in about the best matchup a forward can have in the WNBA. What Zahui is doing is not flukey, but I still like Charles at home here.

Charles shot 4-for last game against Nneka defense. Now she gets the Chicago defense. Charles is my projected highest scoring player on the slate. Roster Build : The Chicago vs. New York game is where you want to concentrate your ownership. I like the Atlanta Dream as well and am fine with a full Indiana fade. I've been obsessed with fantasy sports since as long as I can remember. Back in , while seated in the last row of Mr.

MacMillan's math class, I'm fairly certain a few buddies of mine and I invented daily fantasy sports -- popping down our fivers and using nothing more than a newspaper box score, we'd make our NHL player picks for the night's action.

Twenty years later I started out playing DFS on DraftStreet, when three-max tourneys with people were a big deal, and I've been hooked ever since. More than anything, I'm interested in getting better as a player, and in helping you become a better player. Armed with Awesemo's grades and the projections from our experts, we're here to help you take the next step.

You can contact me by emailing support awesemo. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment. Connect with us. Share Tweet. I much prefer the late game to the early game as far as plays as well, but without further ado… Indiana Fever Forwards Atlanta has recommitted to defense.

Atlanta Dream Forwards Jessica Breland price is too low for this matchup. New York Forwards This is the biggest decision of the day: Amanada Zahui or Tina Charles , the established superstar or the young upstart who has put up three straight big games. Related Topics: featured3. Nolan Kelly. Continue Reading. You may like. NFL Week 8 Yahoo! Click to comment. You must be logged in to post a comment Login Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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It seems to be just the right size for heating one room well. Desiree Dunbar says. Nataliia Palamarchuk Model. Published online Feb I have heard that they work great and would love to have one for our den.

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee. Assistance

This makes the fire cube great for year round decoration and enjoyment. All you have to do is enter the easy peasy rafflecopter below! Be sure to come back daily if you want to snag some extra entries. Good luck! The Welcome Winter Event Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. Amber is a college student and avid fashionista. Amber loves all things beauty and fashion and spends her time reading and thinking about Channing Tatum.

I would put this in my living room. My basement is really chilly so I would put it down there. Can you host a giveaway for some estrogen?

I like the electric stoves. I would probably put this in the computer room. I spend a lot of time in here. If I were the lucky winner, I would put it upstairs in my bedroom. For some reason it is much colder than the rest of the house. I like the style and look of the Oil Filled Convection Heater. I like the Parabolic Oscillating Heater from Duraflame.

I would use in our living room. The ceiling is very high so we lose a lot of heat in the winter. I also like the Oscillating space heater. It seems like that would do a great job of heating a larger than average room. It would go perfectly at my desk! I had no idea that Duraflame made this and I would love to have the Electric Fireplace insert with heater FIARU for my fireplace and I would definetly put it in there and not have to deal with smelly smoke and cleaning chimneys, I would love the electric log set with heater.

I like their Duraflame Tower Heater. My office area is always so cool in the winter, this would really warm up my office space! Ceramic Desktop Heater that would be perfect to put on the floor under my desk to keep my feet warm.

When it is this cold outside every little bit helps. I want one. I would put it in our garage to keep it warm when my husband is working at his work bench. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging. I would put it in my living room to keep nice and warm. Our whole house has cold spots, especially the older part of the home. It would help keep the room warm and be a fun thing to look at.

I love the Dual Quartz Radiant Tower because its big and would heat up a while room and I love the style as well.. I would put it in the living room to warm everyone up..

This would fit right in with the decor of the living room plus providing the extra warm feeling just even looking at it. I would love to have this to take to my office. I have a wall of windows not 5 feet from my desk and it is soooo cold. Their electric stoves that LOOK just like a woodburner is so nice! SO good-looking!! I could use one in our basement! SO nice. I for sure would feel like I had a cozy fire!

I could use this in my basement for when I am doing my DIY makeovers on old furniture…. I also really like that it is Infrared Heat…. Good Luck To All!!! I loved the small electric heater — DS I could put it in either my office or our bedroom.

It would look lovely in either location. It would save on my gas bill and keep the living room toasty. It also looks good. I would love to also try the Crackling Log Set. I would put it in the livingroom where it always seems coldest. I really like the electric stove with space heater. I would put this in my sun room which is currently freezing! I like the digital ceramic tower heater! His room is the only room in the house without a radiator. I would put that in my right in my newly remodeled family room that my hubby did all by himself.

It looks fantastic and this stove will make it look even more better. This looks like a great product. I would love to have it in my basement or garage where I have to work sometimes. I would put it in my bedroom. That room is always so cold! I would love love love the Electric log set with heater.

I feel like you. I have no desire to have a real fire place in the home. It always seems to hot to me. However, I love the look of a fireplace and I think that an electric fireplace is the way to go. It looks safer and more economical than the propane heater I use now. Plus it looks like a fireplace. It would work very nicely in my living room. The Dual Quartz Radiant Tower would be nice to put in our bedroom.

One of the infrared heaters. Great to aim at the pipes under your sink to keep them from freezing up during this frigid Minnesota winter! I like the oil filled convection heater because it comes with 3 settings and adjustable thermostat.

We do not have a fireplace, I would put it either in a corner in our living room or upstairs in our master bedroom. I like the Convection Heater. I would use it in my bedroom that is the coldest room of the house. I like the Infrared Rolling Mantel. I would put it in my bedroom for a little extra warmth on the cold nights.

I like to have it warmer in there than the rest of the house I hate to get out a toasty shower and be cold. I would put it in my room to keep me warm at night!!!

I am always cold and it looks wonderful. I would put it in my living room. It would have come in handy last February when our gas furnace bit the dust! I would use this one in our family room which always feels cold. I would put it in our bedroom because there is always such a draft in there. I would put it where I use my computer, I sure could use it now.

Well, the first thing I like is the log set. We have a fireplace but I despise having to clean it out! This would give me a way to enjoy the ambiance without the mess. I like the Dual Quartz Radiant Tower.

I like the infrared rolling mantel. It looks like a real fire even though it is really a space heater on wheels so that you can move it from room to room.

I love the Fire Cube in red! It would be perfect for when my husband is working out in the garage. I would put this in my bedroom since the heat duct in that room seems to be blocked by previous owners. It would also be great to have in case electric would go out. I would put it in our family room and it would be a great addition, toasty warm and beautiful! I like the two heat settings and the colors available. I would use this on our sun porch where we spend most of our time every day.

Perfect and stylish! Looks so real! I would put this up there to keep it warmer. I like the Black one. We definitely need one of these right now with all this cold weather around. I liked the tower heater and would probly put in my room next to my computer because this room is really chilly. I would use it in my living room or dining room, it is drafty in my home and it would be nice to place this next to where I sit.

It is degrees now where I live and my computer room is usually cold anyhow so this is where I would put this if I win it. I also love the 10HMW Livingston that is on their website. I would put put it in my basement to warm it and make it more cozy. I especially like that the flames can be turned with or without the heat. I would use it in my bedroom to help me relax and sleep. Thanks for the opportunity! I love that you can use this with or without heat. I would put this on my enclosed porch which is not insulated.

Hello, I would love the Infrared Rolling Mantel for my bedroom. I always wanted a fireplace in there and this would be the next best thing. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would get the black electric stove with heater.

I also really like the small ceramic tower heaters! Hope I win! I like that it has a door so it is easier to keep clean. I would put this in my bedroom after I finish decorating it!! I love the Parabolic Oscillating Heater.

I would put this in my bathroom where it always seems to be cold and turn it on before a shower so it will be nice and cozy when I step out. It looks as if it would do well in adding some extra heat to my bedroom. It gets a bit cold in there for the reptiles in the winter and they need the extra heating over the house heater. I love that it heats up to a square foot area. I would love this for my office at work.

It is an open space and I need heat on my feet! Thank you! My last space heater cracked up so I could really use something like that. I really like the plastic safety guard in case something bumps up against it.

That would make it so warm even in below zero weather. It will be perfect for my living room where we have palatial ceiling. I really like Druaflame products. It would look great in my living room. Hope to win! It seems to be the coldest room even with the heat on. It seems to be just the right size for heating one room well. We could really use that in my husbands workshop in the polebarn.

It is nice looking and would work in our den! I have heard that they work great and would love to have one for our den.

It is not going to be heated with furnace vents so we will need a small heater for it. So perfect because you can change the wattage use. So perfect it is the right color! Thanks for hosting.! I would love to have one of the rolling mantle heaters, the light oak is very pretty. I like that it is functional but also puts off quite a bit of heat. I would put it next to my computer.

The area where I have my computer gets cold. I like their electric stove that has the logs in it. The convection heater looks nice too. Thanks for having this contest. I recommend the Duraflame Fire Cube, which can heat up to a square foot area. If you use a space heater, be sure to always read the […]. Dawn is a full time travel and lifestyle blogger. She currently resides in North Carolina with her dog, Daisy. But Keep It Classy. Comments Sheri Ferguson says.

January 3, at am. Laura Lanza says. Sherry Compton says. Oh warmth!!! Sandy Cain says. Dawn McAlexander says. January 3, at pm. I sometimes run it in the winter, too. Perhaps you and I should be roomies. January 4, at pm. It would go great in my living room. Cindi Decker says. I like the red electric stove. It would look good in my family room. Jen V says. Chrystal D says.

Claire Rheinheimer says. David says. Sacha Schroeder says. Darlene Owen says. Dorothy Teel says. Linda G. Renee Concolino says. Cynthia P says. Pauline Milner says. Sheila Owen says. January 4, at am. Wendy R. Lisa Brown says.

Terry Cover says. Cynthia C says. Evelyn Driver says. Helga says. It would be great for my living room. Cathy French says. Debra S says. Michelle Willms says. Sharon Brown says. I like the Duraflame Desktop heater. It would make a great addition to my desk at home.

If you know the where the chair was purchased they may be able service it for you or recommend someone. There also are companies that service mobility aids and equipment for the disabled. You should be able to locate one locally. I agree with William, Burbank IL. First, I'd like to ask what was the chair doing, or having done to it, before it got stuck. For example, were children playing on it? This could be a clue. Second, I'd like to ask about your courage. If you have the courage, then you can turn the chair on its side with the handle up, pull out the staples on the black cloth, and look at the mechanical parts under that dust cover.

The levers that are holding the rest open should be like scissors at some point. While wearing a glove, and the chair unplugged, can you pull on the joints of the levers to see if there is any movement at all? Sometimes as a mechanism ages the holes where the levers are connected to each other wear and become elongated, or out-of-round.

This would be real bad. Perhaps they just got jammed. With the chair on its side, you can plug the cord back in, and actuate the switch to make it go. Is there a hum from the motor, or a little box somewhere in there? If so, then that's bad too. Turn the switch off and on several times to see if you can jostle loose a stuck mechanism. You may decide you'll need professional help. The manufacturer should be able to help you if they're kind enough to do so without trying to sell you a new chair.

You'll need to write down the make and model of the chair. Unfortunately, if its one of those made in China, there probably won't be any immediate help for you. If made in America, then there's hope. Any of the electrical components in the chair can usually be replaced, even without the manufacturer's help.

If you can isolate the component, then you can read sometimes its information on its housing, look it up on the internet, and buy a replacement. An electrician c-a-n help you but I fear it will cost an arm and a leg. A handyman may be worse, because many will tell you they understand electricity and can do certain things, but they exaggerate.

You can call around town and find a shop somewhere that has someone capable. When I'm stuck, I call the little appliance shops that do washers and dryers, and although they may not be able to do it themselves, they may know another shop that does have the capability. Calling around gets a lot done. In our area, you can call the fire department for lift assist, they will send over their 2 biggest guys to safely life the person out.

Ours does not charge for this service. Then get the chair fixed or replaced. There's no power on either end. And on one end it's stuck in the up position where I was sitting. It just quit all at once no warning. Did you get it working and if so how??? What was the problem??? I helped a friend who had such a problem. After some troubleshooting, it turned out that there was a electrical disconnect inside the motor housing. I removed the end cap of the motor by removing about 6 screws and found the disconnect of two single pin flying connectors.

Pushed the pins back together and it works now. I have a corner couch, the lights on the front if it that controls the buttons for up and down is out I can see what to switch it to How do I replace the bulb.

My electric recliner was making a clicking sound for a few weeks then my daughter had a sleep over and one child that came to visit was caught jumping all. Any help greatly received. Mine won't go out of the recliner position either. I almost KNOW mine is in the switch. The switch is on each end of the sofa and looks like a round hard piece of plastic. One side is up and the other side is down.

Months or weeks after I got it it stopped working and you could slap the switch and it would work again. I live alone and it never gets used and I sort of forgot because it's worked for the last few years. It's 5 years old. My mom stayed over after I had surgery and she kept trying to push the feet down with her feet and I kept telling her she had to stop that or she was going to break it! She wouldn't use the switch but it wouldn't go down no matter how hard she'd push then she'd remember she had to use the button.

This morning she woke and it wouldn't go down at all. The button is dead. There is no humming sound or anything. The motor isn't even trying to clothes it. I did get a slight move farther open! I thought maybe she got the mechanics in a bind, I tried to open every "joint" area to make sure it was in a good position to clothes. Slapping the switch doesn't work anymore. I'm a 56 year old widow. Do you think it would be worth it to pry off the switch?

Would it be obvious enough to an untrained ignorant eye if there was a short or wires not connected or is it a complicated wiring system under there? I've don't things like repair a cut wire on a small appliance and installed a thermostat to the wall, but no complicated wiring or even anything as simple as install a light kit or ceiling fan.

I think I could. I understand the concept of 3 wires, one being the ground wire and a hot and neutral wire. Green is ground, red is hot and it's black or something like that for the neutral.

Or some such colors that's obvious what's what, right? Will the switch be that simple? When one of my client's recliners acts up, I get on YouTube to watch a few of their videos on that specific brand of chair, and then attempt the repair, unplug the chair first Sign Up Sign In with Facebook. Lisaalt40 Hometalker Swedesboro, NJ. Asked on Oct 17, What to do with an electric sofa recliner that's stuck?

My electric sofa recliner is stuck in the feet up position. Will not retract. Unplugged, replugged nothing works. CK on Oct 18, Johnchip on Oct 18, William on Oct 18, See 2 Previous. William on Oct 19, Meticularius on Oct 19, Lisaalt40 on Oct 23, Crystal on Jun 28,

WNBA DFS Picks: DraftKings & FanDuel Picks August 20th (FREE)

By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline. The unknown year-old claims the firm delivered a half-leather, half-synthetic sofa despite paying extra for an all-leather material. Among those to ask the OAP 'how' was Lee Kelly, who posted a picture of the protester and his story to social media. Among those to ask the OAP 'how' was Lee Kelly, who posted a picture of the protester and his story to social media pictured.

Also the seat has sagged in 1 Week. The post received over 19, likes and 11, comments from Facebook users who were outraged with the furniture retailer. The unknown man claims the firm delivered a half-leather, half-synthetic sofa despite paying extra for an all-leather material. Speaking today, Lee confirmed that he has been in contact with the man involved and says the issue has been resolved. A statement said: 'We've been made aware of an issue this weekend regarding one of our customers and a leather sofa that he was unhappy with.

We've spoken to the customer concerned, and are pleased to say that the issue has now been resolved. A spokeswoman for DFS said: 'We are extremely sorry that the customer in question was dissatisfied with his order, and that he felt the product he received didn't meet his expectations.

Share this article Share. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. I expect to have a speaking part! Gisele Bundchen is all-smiles as she gets into the Halloween spirit at the pumpkin patch with daughter Vivian Seemed to be having a blast Meghan King Edmonds is feeling 'so raw' amid divorce from husband Jim She swore she was happy to be curvy - now she's suddenly lost three stone. Patmore aka Lesley Nicol teases Maggie Smith's return in the film's sequel in the works Liam Gallagher's daughter Molly Moorish changes Instagram handle to include his surname a year after their reconciliation Kanye West buys poo emoji cushion for his infamously minimal home while shopping in NY Meghan King Edmonds' husband Jim files for divorce Reformed gang member who was living on the streets at 13 but turned his life around when a judge gave him a Ban applause?

What utter claptrap! Professor lashes out as Oxford becomes latest university to insist on Shard climber's parents blast year-old's 'outrageous' week sentence and say the court 'made an example Queen's dresser Angela Kelly reveals how Her Majesty Prince Charles's staff blocked The Crown stars from attending an event alongside him, Prince William and Gown worn by William and Kate's three babies for christening was dyed in Yorkshire Tea, reveals Queen's Ex-Liverpool player Stephen Darby, 31, describes his battle with 'horrible' motor neurone disease a year on One click can reveal what the internet search giant tells Strictly Come Dancing: Catherine Tyldesley becomes fifth contestant to be voted off ballroom show after Will Boris Johnson get his Christmas election wish?

After all, they're singing from the same Archbishop of Canterbury faces backlash after suggesting Boris Johnson is pouring 'petrol' on divisions in Operation designed to keep traffic flowing on the M20 in case of disruption to cross-Channel services starts Thousands of homes are at risk of flooding with more than warnings and alerts in place across Britain as NHS chief Simon Stevens blasts homeopathy as 'dangerous' and blames the industry for fuelling antivaxx Drug-driving teen who killed two men in horror crash faces new police probe after giving his version of Grenfell Tower survivors are ordered to sign gagging orders before being allowed to view long-awaited report Family of year-old graduate feared to be among the 39 Essex lorry victims slam the 'cruel and evil' Irish lorry driver, 23, who 'drove the container filled with migrants to Zeebrugge ahead of its doomed trip French police arrest two Romanian lorry drivers after British border guards in Calais discovered eight Police release haulage firm boss, 38, and his wife who were arrested over death truck on bail - after Don't spook bats in anger!

Noel Gallagher's property revamp is delayed after experts find bats roosting in Saucy o'clock! Students sport fancy dress for Leeds's famous Otley Run pub crawl Back to top Home News U.

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee

Dfs jessica model renee