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We've all got our own little kinks in the bedroom, fantasies of all types and fashions that provide a thrill from the bizarre to the sublime. Abi Wilkinson received a message from a man offering her cash, for which she'd have to do nothing. It made her wonder, is the world of financial domination too good to be true? It made her wonder, is the world of financial domination just too good to be true? It happened on Instagram, out of the blue.

Glans financial domination

Glans financial domination

Sep 20, Retrieved 22 May For someone who is using a cock cage for the first time, an example first few sessions might progress as follows:. I talk to 10 like that for every one who actually buys me something or gives me money. Tease and Dominstion him by forbidding discussion of chastity or mentioning the cage for a whole day, or even a Glans financial domination Cock and ball torture and Galns busting both hit my sadistic buttons. It took me a while, but I decided to respond.

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Financial domination can also take many forms — some slaves want to be slowly driven to ruination, and other just get a kick out of sending tributes.

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His entire body trembles, every touch threatening to overwhelm him. Finally, after months of denial, he is just a few strokes away from release. His hips buck forward, seeking, yearning…. Though he did not orgasm, the good feeling does not leave him. His body continues to rock and twitch with pleasurable sensations as his chastity continues for another day. Does the scenario above sound hot? All of the above, but also a little bit intimidating? Achieving that kind of pleasure and trust in your relationship is much simpler than it seems.

The journey into male chastity can seem a daunting one, paved with rules, stress, and expectations. But male chastity is more than just complex scenarios and endless rules.

The most popular male chastity devices include cock rings, sounds, chastity belts, and, of course, the classic cock cage. Cock rings are better suited to one-time play sessions, while chastity belts are expensive and must be custom-made for each user.

A cock cage envelops the entire penis and secures the testicles, allowing the man to urinate freely but preventing his ability to become erect, orgasm, or even touch and rub his own cock. Cock cages typically sport a comfortable ring- or tube-based design which does not chafe, itch, or fall off.

Most men will entrust their chastity to either their partner or a trained professional keyholder. This keyholder gets to decide everything, from how long you remain locked up to whether or not you have earned an orgasm when you are freed. At Lock the Cock, customers can choose between a cage with an external padlock or one with an internal locking device. Choose a cage which will fit snugly without being too tight — you want to cut off your ability to orgasm, not your circulation!

To learn more about measuring a soon-to-be-caged cock and picking out its perfect new home, check out our helpful guide here:. Plus, slooooowly slipping him into his cage and locking him up is a perfect opportunity for teasing! Cages come with one of two types of cock rings, hinged or solid. To put on a hinged ring, open it to its widest extent and place it around the penis behind the testicles. You will hear a click when the ring is closed properly. To put on a solid ring, first ensure that the penis is completely flaccid.

Push the testicles through the ring one at a time; finally, bend the penis downwards and gently slip it through the ring. Using a small amount of baby oil or your favorite lube can make applying a solid ring a smoother process. Again, baby oil or the lube of your choice is a recommended tool for this step, as is making sure that the penis is completely flaccid. Adventurous keyholders can even apply ice or lower the temperature to make the cock tinier and the application process even smoother!

Gently rub or have the keyholder rub! Attach the tube to the ring — most of our products use a series of pins to make connecting the two components extremely simple! Fasten the padlock and have the keyholder store the key somewhere safe and secure. All Lock the cock products come with two keys, allowing the keyholder to display one prominently on their person while keeping the other in a protected location such as a safe, drawer, or even post office box.

Make sure to choose a location where the key cannot be lost, stolen or damaged. When the lock clicks shut, your chastity lifestyle has begun! While cages may be uncomfortable, they should never cause the user pain. A properly cleaned, well-fastened cage should not chafe. If you are experiencing any signs of chafing, including redness, itching, or sore, tender skin, this is likely a sign that either you are not cleaning the cage properly or that you are not drying it thoroughly enough.

Make your cleaning sessions a bit more frequent and pay extra attention to drying off until the redness clears up. A well-sized cock cage should not fall off under any circumstances. If your cage is falling or slipping, this is generally a sign that it is too large for you, or perhaps not the right shape.

The ring has clicked shut. So…what next? Enforced chastity is about more than just the cage, right, so…. Some questions you might discuss: How long is the cage going to stay on? That might be one hour a day. It might be one day a year. The only right answer is one that you and your partner decide on together! For someone who is using a cock cage for the first time, an example first few sessions might progress as follows:. First, the caged partner is locked up for 24 hours, to make sure the device fits properly without pain or chafing.

Second, the caged partner is locked up for three days. Whether or not orgasm is allowed at the end of this period is at the discretion of the couple, but release from the case definitively occurs after 72 hours.

Both cage and penis are given a thorough cleaning and inspected for any injuries or damage. Third, the caged partner is locked up for seven days. During this period, experimentation begins with rules or tasks — earning an earlier release for good behavior or prolonging it via misbehaving.

However, the caging should ideally not be extended beyond 30 days, as this is still considered part of the trial period. Never play without a safeword. Once the three trial sessions are complete, you and your partner can move on to experimenting with long-term chastity if you choose — a week, a month, three months or even a year without orgasm!

The only limits are the ones you choose to set yourself! Does this mean the caged partner will never orgasm again? Does this mean the dominant partner now controls every aspect of the relationship, from what you eat for dinner to what you spend your shared finances on? Those questions represent three of the most common misconceptions about long-term male chastity relationship: that the caged man never receives an orgasm, that chastity automatically equals female led relationship, and that it must by extension include elements such as financial domination and complete lifestyle control.

However, what chastity is truly about is the ways in which it strengthens and deepens the relationship between partners. When a man has an orgasm, his brain releases a chemical called dopamine.

Basically, dopamine makes you happy, physically and emotionally. After orgasm, the brain follows up with a second chemical, known as prolactin. In men, prolactin forces the dopamine to leave your system quickly. This is the reason that the average male orgasm tends to be short lasting only seconds and the tired post-coital feeling comes on so quickly. But what does a male orgasm look like after a month of being snugly denied within a cock cage? Studies show when a male orgasms after a significant period of denial usually several days to several weeks , his brain releases more dopamine and less prolactin, allowing for a longer, more intense orgasm.

Additionally, the dopamine stays in his system longer — for up to several days after orgasm — allowing him to continue feeling happy and energized. In short, there is a valid scientific reason why enforced male chastity produces longer and better orgasms with pleasurable, beneficial after effects. There are other reasons beyond the scientific to engage in male chastity.

You get to submit to your partner. You get to make her or him, or them — people of all orientations enjoy chastity play! You get to be reminded of the submissive little slave and pet that you are. Most likely, the reminders come in physical form — you can constantly feel that cage keeping your poor neglected cock from getting hard or ejaculating. Maybe your caging is a permanent one, with orgasms earned by good behavior.

Are you a fan of foreplay? A simple cock cage cleaning session can turn into an extended tease that sets your every nerve on fire.

How about prostate stimulation? Exhibitionism up your alley? Have your keyholder take you out in public in tight pants as you try to hide the bulge of the cage and the rattle of your padlock. Feel like some feminization? The sissies among us can invest in a perfectly pink cock cage, and how about adding some nice tight panties, stockings or garters?

Chosen by your partner, of course! Does an enforced male chastity dynamic include ways for me to feel good, experience pleasure and leave satisfied?

Where does that leave you? What it does mean is that you make the rules. What does your caged partner need to do to earn his orgasms? This is a great way to make your own interests or kinks a part of a chastity relationship. Is your man a virtuoso with his tongue? Maybe he provides those services daily for a week. Want to walk him around the house on a leash while calling him your pet, or have him lick your high heels? The decrease in focus on his own orgasm gives him time to learn more about your body and what makes you moan, wriggle and have orgasms just as explosive as the ones he — occasionally — enjoys!

But wait, you ask. Also fabulous! Start slow and small. Tease him by wearing his favorite dress of yours, or one of his shirts, around the house all day. Tell him about a sexy dream you had while he sits patiently caged.

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Glans financial domination

Glans financial domination

Glans financial domination

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Glans financial domination