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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. William Afton finally makes his way into hell. What waits for him are nightmares beyond his own comprehension.

There were hands all over me, feeling me up, exploring me, caressing me, playing with Lissanna. Most of the personalities are inspired by rebornica, Old Sport, Dave and Phoney belong to directdoggo check out his games I didn't need to feel their hands invading me. He began to grind in return, his hips moving back and forth against her own hips, which pushed against him in a similar motion. Rosaline heard a gunshot, then another, and screams. Please consider turning it on! Like to Lissanna pirate literotica how many inches of hot meat she can take.

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No boat for you, a generous couple with a kind offer? He scoops his hands under my shoulderblades and grabs on for the ride of my life, holding me close against his chest. The chiselled definition of his abs astounded her, and she propped herself up on one elbow to trace the outlines of his muscles. And with one last thrust, deeper than Marianna had literotics possible, William came inside her, his hot cum filling Lissanna pirate literotica up until it leaked down her legs. Shipwrecked and Stranded Ch. Pleasured by A Pirate She's romanced and seduced by a pirate's great-grandson. Holy Mary please give me strength! His fingers in my cunt are separated from his cock in my ass only by the thin wall of my lierotica flesh. Then he slides under me, fitting his cock into my cunt and raising my ass in the air, hooking his feet over my ankles and spreading my legs apart. I returned home and slowly began to rebuild Lissanna pirate literotica life. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Deirdre started with Cole and Ann started with me. William let out a small, deep moan, filling her with confidence.

Months ago, when Wayne asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I facetiously said something like, "I'd like to have a fantasy come true.

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  • Marianna felt watchful eyes on her as she tended to the patrons of her Aunt's Inn.
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  • In the sheltered cove the two landing boats touched the sand at the same time, about a hundred yards apart.
  • Deirdre and I had heard that a great way to see the world on a cruise was to book on a freighter.
  • We'd been looking forward to this vacation for a long time.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. William Afton finally makes his way into hell.

What waits for him are nightmares beyond his own comprehension. Old Man Consequences gives him a sliver of hope for escape from Hell. But to escape it he must beat his own creations. He must fight his own flesh and blood. After the Player does some ill-advised file reassignment, waves of sentience ripple throughout the multiverse contained on his computer, and thus begins an epic adventure through nine ten?

Yes, you heard right. Nine different indie games. Kids die and possess the animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, nothing new here, but they aren't alone inside. In fact, there are demons in there with them. Take a look inside Freddy Fazbear through the ages. It was a crisp October night, and three boys were arguing. Was Halloween pointless? No, no it's not.

And tonight, Mr. Kiyotaka and his two friends are going to learn the true meaning of frightening, as they go through haunted houses based off of some horror games. Aka williams an asshole and scott just wants to do his job. Most of the personalities are inspired by rebornica, Old Sport, Dave and Phoney belong to directdoggo check out his games And Ana Stark soon realizes that she can live with knowing that. The pizzeria has become her home, and Freddy and the other animatronics have become her family.

But there are still plenty of other secrets left for Ana to discover, some of them buried below the pizzeria itself…and the worst of them wants to be found. This book contains strong adult themes, including adult language, drug and alcohol references, depictions of child abduction, violence towards children and adults, graphic gore violence and sexual content. You have been warned. Everything else is a product of my own imagination and no similarity to actual events, locations, or people is intended or should be inferred.

Do not reproduce, repost or copy any part of this story without my permission. Jeremy knows hardship at this early stage in his life. His responsibilities erode any hope of sharing his time with someone he could have a future with. But when tragedy hits, he sees hope. As one door closed to him, he found another door open and waiting. Luckily his best pal, Foxy, is always around to support and bail him out.

A storm of lightning strikes the pizzeria and studio in both worlds at the moment the two Mikes are perfectly mirroring one another, and reality tears just enough to switch them…. Mike Schmidt had absolutely no idea what he was getting into when he applied to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. This is a collection of short chapters, or one-shots if you will though they will somehow link to each other , about the Fazbear gang -along with the help of "The Night Shift"- taking care of a new arrival.

Animatronics dealing with a steambot from a very young age will be interesting, especially with a Cockney musician of a robot gal known as Sprocket. Curious how a character may be in bed? Come here to request a character your curious about or just see all the other characters I already have written.

Join The Discord today! Chica wakes in a strange room. She doesn't have a clue where she is. Her arms are restrained and her body is in pain. She meets three new friends; Bonnie, Foxy and Freddy. The children are all confused as to why they're in this strange place.

Chica quickly discovers she's been placed in a mental ward. They all want answers but as time goes on Chica realizes she needs to hurry and get out before it's too late. Is it already too late? Even after escaping Hell, William is still haunted by his past. Back as Springtrap, he's forced to confront his past self, accepting either atonement or annihilation. To his surprise, he gains unexpected assistance from Sam, who is investigating the rumors surrounding the new Fazbear location….

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Never Forgive, Never Forget. One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

William let out a small, deep moan, filling her with confidence. Shortly thereafter five more black men rushed into the room. Indian Wife and the Sailors Ch. The Pirate Queen Ch. The Rift Walker Ch.

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Months ago, when Wayne asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I facetiously said something like, "I'd like to have a fantasy come true. I'd like to be captured by two naked pirates and then blindfolded and ravished to within an inch of my life. I thought about it. And they've got to be naked because there's something awfully primitive and frightening about the idea of being taken by naked men with great rampant hard-ons who obviously only have fucking in mind. I'd know it was you. But I won't refuse the other offer.

On my next birthday Wayne gave me a beautiful bracelet and a really sexy nightdress that hardly came down low enough to hide my pussy and the dribble of cunt juice that always seemed to trickle onto my thighs when I dressed in something sexy, and we were going out to dinner in the evening. I went into the bathroom to shower before I dressed, thinking about what the nightdress would do later to Wayne's cock when he saw my tits almost bursting out of the neckline and my cunt peeping out of my blonde muff below the hem.

I'd just stepped out of the shower when the bathroom door burst open. I screamed, and grabbed a towel to cover myself.

The bathroom seemed full of people. I stood ass naked in front of these strangers, and tried to gather my wits. I'm going to enjoy this. The two long mirrors made it seem as if there were more. They were big men, taller than Wayne and built like prize fighters. But the most obvious thing about them was that they were both naked, as naked as I was.

More naked, really, because they both flourished great upstanding cocks that they were stroking as they looked me over. Perhaps I should call them pricks, not cocks. One had a thick one that stood straight out from between his thighs. The other had a longer one that curved up at an angle. I couldn't take my eyes off those two rampant peckers.

I was frightened, but I was fascinated. Then they were talking again. Like to jerk myself off between those beauties. Looks like she's been playing with them in the shower. Like to see how many inches of hot meat she can take. Before I knew what was happening he'd picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I let out a scream, and he slapped my ass hard.

He carried me out of the bathroom, into the bedroom, and dropped me crossways onto the bed. They both stood by my head, towering above me, their rampant hard-ons reaching out over my face. Rampant hard-ons?

Wasn't that what I'd said my two pirates must have? Naked men with great rampant hard-ons, I'd said. They've been saving all their jism just for you. And when these beauties cum, you won't have any doubt about it, baby. Grab hold of them. Feel how hard they are. They're like iron. They were hard, and smooth, and stiff, and hot. One of the men put his hand behind my head and lifted it off the bed. The other took something from the bed- table and wrapped it round my head, over my eyes, and I could hear the velcro fastening.

I was blindfolded. I could see nothing. I had no idea what was going to happen to me next. Blindfolded, just as I'd asked for. And then it began. There were hands all over me, feeling me up, exploring me, caressing me, playing with me.

Two hands were cupping my breasts, squeezing them, kneading them, fingers pinching my nipples and rubbing my large aureoles. Two more hands were feeling their way over my belly, probing in my navel, playing with my pubic hair. And then my knees were being lifted up and pulled apart, my thighs were spread open, and I knew they could see much more of my twat than they'd been able to see showing through my bush in the bathroom. In fact, my cunt was already beginning to cream, and I felt sure they must be able to see my cunt lips opening out to welcome them.

The hands explored the soft insides of my wide open thighs, slid under my ass to feel my cheeks, pressed into the crack between them, and then a finger found the eye of my anus and began to twist its way inside. I'd never tried anal sex beforeWayne and I just hadn't got around to itand I didn't like it at first. But then it felt so different from anything I'd ever felt before, and so intimate, and so wicked and dirty, that I began to hope he'd go all the way in.

The whole situation had really got to me by now. It was going to be real hard core sex, the kind of kinky sex I couldn't even tell my friends about, real dirty sex that I'd dreamed about in my secret fantasies. Here I was, blindfolded, stretched out stark naked and helpless to resist, while two naked hunks with their cocks standing up stiff and ready to gang-bang me used my body to do just whatever they liked.

I didn't need to feel their hands invading me. Just the idea of it had my cunt twitching and my thighs opening wider all by themselves. And then it was mouths. Simultaneously one mouth fastened on my left nipple, and another pressed between my open cunt-lips. And while one sucked on my aureole, teasing the nipple with the tongue, the other drew my cunt lips inside and sucked them hard until my whole vagina began to twitch.

And then the mouth began to enclose my nipple, sucking at it unmercifully, and I really was cumming, the ecstasy in my tit spasming all the way through my body to a cunt that was clenching and surging and convulsing out of control as the other mouth sucked at my clitoris. I was still cumming, moaning and crying, when the exquisite sensations stopped. If you've ever had an orgasm cut short you know what agony that is. Two hands grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms above my head, stretching me so that my breasts were thrust out from my chest and my nipples felt as if they would burst.

Two more hands took my feet, and pulled me across the bed till I could feel the edge of the bed beneath my ass. I was stretched so straight I felt as if I was on the rack. And yet all I could think of was the sight I must be presenting to my two piratesa naked girl in the middle of an orgasm, stretched out helpless and blindfolded, tits thrust out with the nipples red and swollen like little penises, everything that was most secret and private between my thighs open and displayed for them to gaze at.

And do whatever they wished with. But I didn't have much time for those thoughts. My feet were lifted into the air and held apart.

I could feel my crotch wide open as my thighs were spread. My twat must have been a great raw drooling cunt hole between my protruding lips. I wished I could have looked down and seen myself in this most vulnerable of all positions, being held down and stretched wide open by two naked men, my twat gaping ready for whatever invasion they liked to commit.

They must have been looking themselves, enjoying the sight, because nothing happened. And then suddenly my vulva was filled with heat, my vagina was forced wider than it already was, and a hard, hot piston drove its way steadily into the depths of my cunt.

My thighs instinctively tried to draw together to help my vagina muscles hold it in, but my legs were still held wide apart. The piston withdrew, and began a rythmic thrusting, each thrust seeming to reach further up inside my vagina. The pinions round my wrists were released, and I almost felt disappointed that the sensation of rape was to be reduced.

But then knees were kneeling on the bed each side of my head, I could smell the warm perfume of a man's naked genitalia close above my face, and something hard and round was pressing against my mouth. I knew what it was, and I opened my lips eagerly to take inside the hot knob of a prick that was wet with pre-cum juice. For a while I sucked the swollen smoothness, pressing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, exploring every sensitive part of it, drinking every drop of pre-cum that I was able to suck out of its cum hole.

Soon the pumping in and out of my vagina had my whole twat and my whole belly and pelvis heaving and throbbing in time with it. This was gang rape.

I was being held down and forcibly fucked simultaneously in both orifices, in my cunt and in my mouth. The physical sensations of the most wonderful fucking I'd ever had and the most delicious fellatio were only increased by the awareness that this was the kind of forbidden dirty, kinky sex that most girls would never experience. That was when I began to cum again. I couldn't see, I was blindfolded. I couldn't move, other than to give way to the spasmodic lifting of my cunt to meet the driving thrusts of the pirate's great prick.

I couldn't grab my clit and mash it in time with my orgasm, because two knees were pinning my arms over my head. I couldn't cry out with delight because I was effectively gagged by a plug of hot meat, which at that moment began to surge and pump my mouth full of hot, creamy jism.

The knowledge that I was sucking my pirate to an orgasm made me suck even harder on that throbbing dick, sucking and sucking in time with the spurts of cum, and swallowing it greedily down.

And then the ejaculations from the other prick began, and great gushes of hot semen flooded into my vagina. A fuck is heaven on earth, and a man's prick pulsing and thrusting inside my cunt is something I can never get enough of. But for me a fuck isn't really a fuck until I can feel that lovely cum surging into me, and I get a lift knowing it's my cunt and my cunt alone that's draining the sperm right out of the depths of that cum pump.

It makes me feel so powerful. I know that whatever a man says about dominating a woman during sex, it's really the woman who's sucking the very manhood out of his cock.

And here I was, sucking the manhood out of two rampant cocks at the same time, one with my cunt and one with my mouth.