Warsaw poland strip clubs-Night Club in Warsaw – New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club

We regularly train our personnel to guarantee the highest standards of our services. We care about good reputation and we do our best to make our Customers pleased. Each and every opinion is essential for us. Thanks to them we continuously develop and improve. We also focus on the product and service quality, knowingly sustaining their outstanding level.

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Well worth a visit. Tha's a place worth coming back what I will do soon: Reply Jan 25th, Take a seat and admire appetizing blondes, dark-skinned brunettes, tempting sttip and peerless girls with Asian, African and Latin-American accents. I can not get the money back because they cheated me! Klub is fantastic, girls as well, prices are good The security men are very aggressive and they've stolen Warsaw poland strip clubs mobile phone!!! Reply Apr 22nd,

Gallery girl masterbates. Night club for demanding guests

We go inside because the girl out of the club said me that was free entrace. Anybody know if Hotcats strip club still open? Sogo Night Club Wroclaw ul. Playhouse The Playhouse is an international sensation with its selection of the stunning Ladies and Japanese long skirts unique and welcoming environment. They offer free shots that drug you then take as much money from your cards that they can. Good for Big Groups. Featured Strip Clubs in Poland. Shots and wrong number of sum for credit card paying. Hey have they robbed you in this club Reply Apr 19th, Authorities do turn a blind eye to indiscretions in this area. Wow, I have heard about some night club scams, but it was few years ago and I Warsaw poland strip clubs know that this kind of things still happen in Poland. Hei alle sammen. Wine Bars 2.

Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city.

  • We regularly train our personnel to guarantee the highest standards of our services.
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  • The capital of Poland has long had a reputation for its popular adult entertainment scene and boasts a huge range of strip clubs, massage parlours, night clubs and bars.
  • Why wait in the rope line and deal with security when you can zip through the VIP door right to your reserved VIP table with all the bottle arrangements already made for you?
  • Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city.

Our night club in Warsaw, located in the center of the capital, is a perfect place for both discreet corporate party as well as exciting evening with your coworkers or even a crazy stag party with male friends. The Club has special VIP rooms for more intimate conversations, which are elegant and sexy at the same time. What distinguishes us from other places like that, is above all the elite character of the club, exceptionally exclusive, elegant atmosphere and the guarantee of safe and private party.

Whether you are planning a big corporate party or discreet meeting for yours company management, we will prepare a perfect offer. New Orleans is not just a night club in Warsaw, it is also a fantastic night restaurant with rich menu for real men.

We also have a very rich offer of alcohols available in our bar — we have beverages from all around the world! You can find bottles that are not available in any different place in Warsaw and even in Poland.

About us. We will create a special, personalized package that will include everything that you need: dinner, open bar, degustation, shows by our dancers, private dances… any many more attractions.

The character and atmosphere of our club was based on London clubs for gentlemen. Unique interiors have become our calling card and have appeared in commercials, movies and photo shoots.

On two levels 30 stunning, talented dances will take you to different, incredibly sensual world. Our dancers make the erotic dance a real art, kind of a performance.

For our Guests who value discretion we recommend closed parties in private VIP rooms, with the service for themselves and company of dancers chosen by them. Contact us to discuss a perfect offer for your company:. New Orleans is not only an elite night club in Warsaw — it is also a night restaurant with incredibly rich offer, most of all addressed to men, as well as fantastic bar with the best alcohols from all around the world.

Steaks from the highest quality beef, fancy appetizers with addition of a glass of the best whisky and all of it in the company of beautiful women.

New Orleans is a heaven for real men!

I had no dances. We guarantee you a crazy fun and unforgettable…. Reply Mar 11th, Same here! Retype Password. Therefore, Warsaw has many erotic massage parlours, sex shows and brothels as well as the lap dancing clubs. Klar - Cocktail Bar.

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs. Most visited cities in Poland with strip clubs for stag and hen parties



Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city. They have a wide variety of customers that include stag parties that now visit the city on a regular basis , businessmen and people out on the town partying. Most have girls that perform strip teases on stage, with an option of paying for a private dance.

A typical price for a dance may be zl, and you will have to pay to get into some of the clubs - but not all. If you are buying drinks for yourself, your pals or a girl, we suggest you check the prices on the drinks menu before you do so! All the main places to go are just a cheap taxi ride apart, so it is possible to check out all of what's on offer very easily. We have gathered a selection of the best strip clubs in the city.

New Orleans ul. Therefore we avoid banality and crudeness'. New Orlean is an exclusive gentlemen's club located right in the centre of Warsaw. The building, where the club is based in, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the place - luxury and taste that encourage you to have a look inside The club's beautiful and sensual dancers, together with a fully stocked bar serving top alcoholic beverages and, most importantly, its classy, ellegant design, will guarantee a memorable night!

Still wondering what makes this place so special? Just follow one of theirs visitor's advice ' If you are thinking of going there, you should stop thinking and just go..

Sogo al. Jerozolimskie 53 entrance from ul. I have a friend who got robbed at a club as well. That's why I choose the strip clubs wisely. I got scammed a few days ago early morning of July 11, Realized the transactions once I arrived back home.

Maybe someone can help, what should I do next in order make sure the I get my money returned? Do I need to go back to warsaw and file a report to the police? What are usually the outcomes of this type of situation? It happened also to me years ago I tried everything but I couldn't have the money back Hey, It happened to me yesterday. In the morning when I checked my wallet and card, my wallet was empty euros approx , the card was empty euros and even they took my supermarket card from the wallet.

Now I just want to leave this place of poor and full of thieves. Talking to police will not work as they never give you a receipt and not any other proof we have. I talked to my bank and they said it's impossible to get money back.

Bureaucratic stuff over here sucks. The only solution is to move on and never ever carry your cards with you just enough money for a night. I will remember that for the rest of my life for sure Very true guys, this is a life time lesson. Hope people read this first before going out to strip clubs in Poland.

Very bad club, I go to the club with my friends from Germany. They take me with guide who look like little boy, but he is v nice and tricky Do not drink the shots they have drugs inside. One friend needed to go to the hospital because of the spiked drink. Local people have told me it is mafia and police do not care. Rude staff and ugly dancers who do not get full naked but take lots of money. Go to Dark Horse! This place is dangerous. They spiked our drinks and people end up in hospital. They scam money out of you also.

Staff spiked everyones drinks, one member of the group arrived completely sober, within 30mins after just 2 shots of "vodka," was paralysed. Required medical attention. Staff violent and abusive. Attempted to charge for euros by adjusting the decimal place, and becoming violent. Savvy, we bailed moments before as a large group. Failing that you could end up in serious trouble. Locals we later spoke to have ended up blooded and dumped in alleyways, robbed of phones and wallets while unconscious, female guests raped, all while spiked.

Not safe. Under no circumstances visit. Dont go to Foksal!!! It is maffia! We got peppersprayed and our friend got robbed for eur!! Stay away there! They spike your drinks and then steal money from your credit debit cards. They offer free shots that drug you then take as much money from your cards that they can. You will be drugged by spiked drikns and robbed! Your money will be stolen. A lot of good alcohol and even more beautiful women. I've been to many clubs before, but I have not seen such a striptease anywhere.

Nice entertainment for fans of good style. I recommend for real gentlemen who can appreciate beautiful women. This is a post for all those who have been scammed in clubs such as Dopamena, Exotic Club, Club Minus and others.

These clubs are all run by the same people at the top, and we're working with the Polish justice system and credit card companies to take them down. The more victims we have registered, the better.

My trip to Warsaw was quite recently. The thing I liked the most was the old town, as well as the Royal Baths Park. Those are very climatic places, just perfect for a weekend outing. And let us not forget that Poland is a country that has the most beautiful women, great food and plenty of good alcohols. I found all of that in the New Orleans club, which I could never leave again. I was stollen last saturday in Foksal Club in Warsaw. Shots and wrong number of sum for credit card paying.

Did someone who had the same experience manage to get his money back? I was surprised by the high number of people having been stolen in this sort of place. We were 4 friends and we got offered free shots, 2 rejected the shot but me and an other friend accepted it.

I was sure that that shot has something bc of the effect, I was so confused and paranoid. The bachelor parties that I like the most are the traditional ones that take place in a club. After all, it is the only opportunity to have a drink with buddies around pretty dancers. My bachelor party was actually hosted in Poland, at the New Orleans club in Warsaw. Got to admit, it was worth it. The best party in my life! Hi Davide, Exactly the same thing happened to me last year, If you want to get your bank to refund your money, you will have to file a report with the police, even if the police won't take any action.

I can give you a lot more details. Please e-mail me; davebrusa protonmail. Hey I went with a friend not knowing the game.. Saw what was happening. Paid to much then stayed away from bar which was empty.. I had no dances. When I was leaving security came to saying I need to pay.. I asked for what they said drinks. I told em I didn't order an They threatened me. This was at Sogo in Warsaw.

Same history here, spiked drinks. I have been kidnapped for 3 h under drugs.

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs