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Spanking for Grownups. A Way of Self-Control. The way that children are controlled works best. Children are walking, talking subconscious units. The subconscious gulls the ego into thinking it is the controller, while giving it the illusion of continuity.

Granada go top in Spain after edging past Betis. When you adopt the discipline, you will notice a tendency in group power to attempt to relegate you to child-status, and to assert that it may discipline you. When we punish we are trying to induce a degree spankihg pause for consideration when that person is tempted to Demerit system spanking commit the transgression. Often, when you begin doing stuff, you will think of some other things that you want to do. It's important to make sure that when you engage in activities like this that everyone understands what everyone's limits are. It sprang free, and fell aystem her arms as she brought them in front of her again.

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The offender will also receive counselling. You are wondering if this spanking agreement was a mistake. This is a story is about a man who lived during this period of time. At the far end was a metal bar with two handles on it. Although the caning really stung my bottom, I was able to count all 12 out loud. Teenager will bend over bed, rather than lying across lap. Cindy will Demerit system spanking in to Demerit system spanking you so you can get your clothes again. And this is only the beginning! The school's FAQs page adds that discipline is "very strong" and clarifies that corporal punishment is for boys zystem and is applied with parental consent. Then the blows became Derek heart plus vintage and harder. CP is one of the disciplinary options at all three levels.

Although 31 states have currently banned the practice of corporal punishment, there are 19 states which permit it to be used in schools.

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He looked up and turned around to face her. She bit her lip nervously as she stood before him. She was dressed for school, having arrived after the end of her day.

What can I do for you? I'm so happy for you. She asked, "What would that mean for He said, "Well, you're a grown woman, Laura. You can decide what you want. And as I said originally, I won't insist on anything from you in return for living here, apart from disciplining you when it's necessary. After a moment, she said, "Well, I have some things to think about, but that sets my mind at ease. Pete nodded and added, "Good. Pete looked up at the clock and decided it was time to head out to the kitchen to start dinner.

He thought for a moment. He was alone in bed, which was normal for a Tuesday morning. Lana's session was Monday evening, but she usually made her way back to her own bed to sleep. Pete got up and began putting himself together for the day. He made his way downstairs and met Linda in the kitchen. Pete thought she looked distracted as she sat toying with her bowl of cereal.

He said, "Good morning, Linda. Pete asked, "Is everything ok? I'm just preoccupied about something. I have to go to. Early class. She turned and gave Pete a quick look and hurried out the door. Pete watched her go and then turned back and saw her cereal bowl still on the kitchen table.

It had been quite some time since the last time Linda had left her dishes behind, and been punished for it that same afternoon. Pete pondered for a moment whether she had forgotten in her distraction or something else was going on.

But in the end, he decided that the end result would be the same either way. Pete moved her dishes to the side of the table and made himself some toast. The rest of the day went routinely. The girls were off at classes for most of the day. Lana was the first to return. She greeted Pete cordially when she arrived and plopped herself down on the couch to start studying from a thick textbook. Pete had wrapped up his business for the day and was sorting through the mail at the kitchen table, ostensibly, but he was also waiting for Linda to arrive.

Linda was next to arrive home from her day of classes. Pete heard her come in the front door and greet Lana, and then called out, "Linda, would you come here, please? He motioned over to the bowl of cereal, still on the table from Linda's breakfast. Pete said, "I'm a little surprised in you Linda. Did you forget your lesson from last time?

Pete sighed and said, "Well, you know what this means. Come with me. Lana looked up from her book to watch. Linda stood in front of Pete as he sat down. He reached up to her waist and unbuckled her belt and unsnapped and unzipped her pants, then reached to the side of her waist and began tugging both her pants and panties down to her knees.

Linda blushed as he exposed her for her chastisement. When he was done, he tugged her by the wrist to his right side and down over his lap. She moved herself into position quickly and then he began spanking her with a quick cadence. She jerked her head up right away with her eyes wide open and gasped. Her hands grasped for the runners on the chair and she began to sob right away.

Pete alternated the spanks on each cheek, spreading them all around her bottom, which quickly began to turn a uniform shade of pink. Linda's sobs turned into full crying before Pete stopped her punishment. He quickly tugged her by the elbow back to her feet and marched her over to the corner and told her to put her hands behind her head. Pete returned to the kitchen table and his mail-sorting task.

Shortly after, the front door opened. Pete looked up to see Laura enter along with someone Pete had never seen. He was dressed in a T shirt with the name of what Pete guessed was probably a rock band on the front and black jeans. He had brown hair that was neatly cut. Pete smiled to himself.

The timing of his visit was going to make this introduction particularly interesting. Laura and her beau were talking and laughing about something as they made their way into the living room and then abruptly stopped with a somewhat awkward silence. Laura turned to Lana and said, "Lana, this is Sam.

Sam, Lana. Linda didn't move, but moaned softly. Laura led Sam over to Pete and said, "Pete, this is Sam. Sam, this is our landlord, Pete. Pete smiled and said, "It's nice to meet you, Sam, Laura's told me a little bit about you. Sam replied, "Laura's told me a bit about you as well.

May I May I ask Pete smiled and said, "She didn't clean up after her breakfast. There's a rule about that in this house, and the rules are strictly enforced, as you can see. There was the briefest lull in the conversation.

Pete turned towards Linda and said, "Alright Linda, you're dismissed. She buttoned the top button as she was turning from the corner and nearly ran towards the stairs and up. Pete watched her go, wondering what she might do when she got to her room. He turned back to Laura and Sam.

Laura spoke next, "Sam and I were just stopping by so I could drop off my stuff. We're going to go out. I won't be home for dinner tonight.

Have fun. Sam, it was very nice to meet you. Laura picked up her backpack from where she had dropped it and carefully put it out of the way. She grabbed her purse and she and Sam walked out the door, arm in arm. The girls went off to class in the morning, and Pete went to work in his office.

When the girls started to trickle back in from school, Pete reminded Laura of her appointment that evening as she started in on her homework. She nodded curtly from her books and Pete went off to make dinner. After dinner, as always, everyone went off to find a corner of the house.

Ten o'clock came and Pete was in his room waiting for Laura to arrive when the knock on the door came. Laura was punctual, as she always was. Pete went to the door and opened it.

As he expected, Laura was standing naked in front of the door, but next to her was Sam, wearing an outfit not dissimilar to when Pete last saw him. Pete was surprised, but kept his composure and ushered Laura in, Sam following her. Pete took a seat on the edge of the bed while Laura took her customary station standing in the middle of the room. Sam stood only a few paces inside the door.

Pete said, "Laura, would you please explain why Sam is here? She said, "Sam and I have been seeing each other for a little while now, and we really like each other. I sort of And that you Let me just ask, for the record

St Andrew's Secondary in blue vs. However, you must remember that once you have asked, the matter is probably out of your hands. See also this May news item about the public caning of three senior boys at this school for bullying, and this Oct report about a mass caning for taking upskirt photos of lady teachers, reckoned to have been at this school according to local anecdote. Who knows? The OWK lasted a long time. Here, you will be punished our way. I never expected that I would be punished like this.

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About this website. Overview: CP in United States schools. Other external links: US schools. CP may also be used for a failure to complete assignments where the teacher believes the student has been lazy, but not if the teacher believes he or she has done his or her best. See also the student handbook acknowledgement form , which the student as well as the parent must sign, agreeing, in the event of breaking the rules, to "accept the discipline outlined with a good Christian attitude".

A student receives a conduct slip after two instances of disobedience in a day, and is "sent to the office for swats" after three such instances in a day, or upon receiving three conduct slips within one grading period. In addition, swats are automatic for such transgressions as cheating, lying, fighting and blatant disrespect.

The punishment consists of "three swats with a paddle on the bottom", administered by the principal for boys and "one of the lady staff members" for girls.

The conduct slip is taken home for the parent to sign. The main punishment for students in grades 7 through 12 is detention, but they may be spanked if their disobedience persists. Calvary Baptist Christian Academy , American Canyon Corporal punishment may be requested to be performed by the parent.

Covenant Christian Academy , Westminster "No more than three swats shall be administered on the buttocks area only, with a hand or ping-pong paddle. Pacific Harbor Christian School , Wilmington, California "Corporal punishment spanking is left to the discretion of the parent only.

The replacement provision, "Possible spanking by parent s ", apparently applies only in grades K through 5. It is preferred that the parent comes to the school to administer these but, if that is not possible, the school staff will do it. Only female staff may paddle girls. In a hilarious example of the "make it up as you go along, and hope nobody bothers to check" brand of scholarship, the document solemnly tells us that the word paddling comes "from the Greek word paideia, which implies to nurture from a strike or sting".

Actually it comes from the English word paddle , a description of a piece of wood of a certain shape, which originally had and, in most uses of the term, still has nothing at all to do with punishment, but comes according to Webster from Middle English padell , a spade-shaped tool for cleaning a plow!

FLORIDA: private or charter schools Alpha Learning Academy , Orlando This elementary school tells parents that "If the principal deems it necessary to utilize this form of behavior modification [CP], the administration acknowledges your signature on the student pledge of cooperation as your consent".

Family Life Academy , Archer "Parents who do not believe in or practice corporal correction, as a viable means of child discipline, will not be considered for acceptance. Failure to return a signed homework slip, failing to show up for detention, getting six demerits in a day or three detentions in one week, and continued scoring violations, are all offenses that "will result in corporal punishment".

Students over 18 are not paddled why not? Student athletes in grades 6 to 12 who "receive multiple corporal punishments" within one week will be suspended from the game. Gospel Baptist Christian School , Bonita Springs In grades 1 through 4, "Major offenses are taken care of by way of a spanking", which "is to be administered by the parent in the privacy of their home within 24 hours" Joshua Christian Academy , Jacksonville New!

This document is the school's "Paddling Procedures Parent Agreement", which parents must sign in the presence of a notary. New Generation Christian Academy , Davie At this very strict K school "The first principle that the students need to learn is obedience" , "conduct of major significance that calls for corporal punishment at the discretion of the homeroom teacher, though handled by the teacher, will be administered with the assistance of another teacher or the principal.

The parent will be notified immediately thereafter. The parents may witness the ceremony, which is performed by the principal. Pillar of Hope Academy , Cocoa New! If the parent refuses consent for CP, the student is suspended or expelled.

Only the Administrator may spank. Parents are contacted only after the event, but must have signed permission previously. See also this May news item. Victory Christian Academy , Sneads Demerits are earned for disturbances and broken rules.

Seven or more demerits may result in corporal correction, involving a maximum of three strokes with "a simple, flat paddle". Parents must sign a "Corporal Correction Release" form upon enrollment. There is a convoluted warning procedure involving a "pre-paddling notice sent home" and a "paddling notice sent home". The punishment consists of three swats, to be administered by the parent in the presence of the Administrator. There is no mention of parental consent. Bus drivers are not allowed to give physical punishment.

Parents may exempt their offspring in writing. Gilchrist County School District covers Bell, Trenton [DOC] The paddle here is to be "no more than two feet long and one-half inch thick, and shall be smooth with no sharp edges or holes".

In primary and intermediate grades there is a maximum of five strokes per day. At secondary level the maximum is seven strokes. Hamilton County School District covers Jasper, Jennings, White Springs At the elementary level grades K to 6 , corporal punishment is available for a wide range of misbehaviors dress code, tardy, misconduct on the bus , but not for the most serious ones smoking, assault.

At the County High School, CP is not one of the listed responses to any specific offenses, but "may be substituted for listed consequences upon parent conference and administration approval". A high-school student may not be spanked on more than three occasions per school year. CP is mentioned for a wide range of specific offenses in grades K-5 only. This might mean that secondary students are not spanked, but the document does not spell that out. Highlands County Schools covers Avon Park, Lake Placid, Sebring "Paddling shall be administered on the posterior of the student and shall not exceed five 5 swats.

Holmes District Schools covers Bonifay, Graceville, Ponce de Leon This school district "has no rule against reasonable and proper paddling of students for disciplinary reasons". It must be administered by the principal or designee. The Code of Conduct says there is a maximum of three strokes for any given infraction, but this March news item with video clip quotes the Superintendent as saying that the maximum is two licks.

See also this March news item , according to which at Holmes County High School the paddle is made in the school woodshop and measures 16 in. Stats: This Apr news item reveals that 9. No student is to have more than one paddling session per day. See also this March news item about a paddling at Joyce Bullock Elementary School that was contrary to the parent's wishes. And see this Apr news item. It is particularly mentioned for a second bus offense. A form on page 2 requires the student to sign to confirm among other things that he or she has reviewed the corporal punishment consent information.

The Policy Manual lays down a maximum of five 5 licks. Subsequently, the high school decided to implement corporal punishment on a substantial scale. Nassau County Public Schools covers Bryceville, Callahan, Fernandina Beach, Hilliard, Yulee Unusual due process here: students in presenting their side of the story before being paddled "must have the opportunity to present witnesses to the incident".

Students known to be under treatment for an emotional disability may not be given CP. Stats: See this Nov news item , according to which there were a mere 18 spankings in this district in the latest year. Okeechobee County School District Very unusually for a public school district, CP here must be administered by the parent at the school max. There is a maximum of three swats "on the posterior part of the body".

These must be delivered by an administrator. School principals may give approval to any teacher to use corporal punishment, for disciplinary reasons but never for lack of work or unsuccessful work, and never in anger.

It must be administered to the student's buttocks. History: See this March news item. Washington County Schools covers Chipley, Vernon CP is defined as "strokes applied as a penalty for acts of misconduct administered by the principal or designee upon the student's buttocks with a paddle".

There is a maximum of five strokes per incident. It is not to be given to students under medical treatment. Parents may request exemption. See also this Nov news item and this Nov one with video clip. These Florida public school districts also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details: Columbia County Schools , Lake City elementary level only See also this May news item.

Written parental permission must be given. Canaanland Christian School , Chatsworth covers Whitfield, Murray, Gordon County This K school provides "Automatic corporal punishment" for a variety of offenses from "pushing and shoving" to five demerits in one day or two detentions in a week.

A paddling is also administered for a third "Scoring violation". Citizens Christian Academy , Douglas Corporal punishment is one of the "corrective actions" here.

Parents may withhold consent, but then the student is suspended for up to five days instead. The student will be taken into an office and the door closed. The student will place their hands on their knees or piece of furniture and will be struck on the buttocks with a paddle. This school's decision to introduce CP caused a lot of media publicity -- see this Sep news report.

Grace Christian Academy , Covington Paddling is to be administered in the presence of the parent, who must have signed a statement that they agree with the CP policy. If the parent fails to cooperate, the student may be expelled. Greater Augusta Christian Academy New! Here there is a maximum of five strokes with "a simple flat paddle". Heirway Christian Academy , Douglasville "I invest authority in the school to discipline my child as needed.

I understand that this includes the possibility of paddling [ A note will be sent home the day of the paddling to parents. The student is punished again, with escalating severity, at each further 25 demerits. If a parent objects, or the student refuses to accept CP, they will be asked to withdraw from the school. John Hancock Academy , Sparta New! If parents withhold consent for CP, the student is suspended for three to five days.