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The sun was setting outside and it was beautiful, with rays of orange shooting across the sky. She stood next to the window with a glass of white wine in her hand, lost in her thoughts. Her chest felt all fluttery and tingly in anticipation. His BDSM stuff was in a bottom dresser drawer. She held her breath as he opened it and took out handcuffs and a blindfold.

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories

So he slapped again, and when he Erotic dbsm stories stop Errotic ran his hands lovingly all over her beautiful curves, comforting her. Being excited like a little girl before prom. First she felt him pushing her hair to the side. The school was run by two sisters, both in their late thirties. Security code:. And I'm a Smiling at how cute she was, Anthony picked up another sttories cube, letting this one slide and melt between her breasts, making her shiver.

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My little secret. Endstation f? Story News. Part 2 First Meeting with a Sadist. Pantyhose gigashare Sex Stories, erotic stories, sexual, taboo stories storjes texts. With his serum, Mitch has taken control of the teen hunk's mind, and turned him into a cum dump. Part 6 Degradation or liberation?? Part 3 Revised A Kind Mistress? Erotic dbsm stories vs. Part 4 A Kind Mistress? The Perfect Chastity Belt?

Even though the story was short, I found it satisfying.

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Poplar Girls no codes by author by Bullockspointbully Review It! Highest Rated. Ladies Room Service! Greg's Wife and Daughter Taming a shrew and shrewette. Shawn Worships Mommy Ch. A Kind Mistress? Lynch Review It!

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories. Change picture


Erotic BDSM Stories | Free LELO Erotica

Feel free to add your own story to our BDSM library, or if you would like to extend one of the existing bdsm stories, please feel free. Dear readers, this is the bare arsed plot. He acquires a young intern, the beautiful and headstrong Alexandra Read On. Being excited like a little girl before prom. She feels a longing for something. It was a short story by an unknown author. Gina pulled the leash until I dropped to my knees. She had me collared and gagged. She had been leading me around her backyard on a leash.

As I kneeled before her she glared at me. She ordered me to climb on the bed on my hands and knees. My hands were tied behind my back and I was wearing only a tiny stringy pink My name is Mike Jensen. It was a Wednesday evening and I had stayed at work a couple of hours after my employees had knocked off for the day. I sat in my office by myself and wished I Picture this, a decaying manor house, grimly clinging to its former grandeur, standing isolated deep in the English countryside, and inside it, a dominatrix called Wanda blew smoke rings and admired her skinny behind in the full-length mirror nailed to the wall of her modest dressing room.

Touching six feet in heels, late twenties, Wanda was a pale beauty with exquisite features, tall Thursday morning, Emma tells Donald to go and shower himself while she tans and is massaged.

She feels such compassion for him now, but she knows she cannot back down from being his femdom yet. The self-realization he has been experiencing these last few days, Emma understands, and his deep desires to explore this side of him. She does not want to deny him this opportunity. So Emma The lamp post stood resolute in the torrential downpour, casting its yellow light in a small circle on the sidewalk. Water dripped from the brim of my hat that was pulled low and from the hem of my long overcoat.

There I stood, alternating between watching the river of water race down the gutter and keeping an eye When both Emma and Donald have cum strongly, she pulls him up into her arms.

This is different for Donald too. He is the one who holds Emma in his arms. But Donald feels safe cuddling against Emma, his ass against her crotch; his back against her soft breasts; Emma kissing his neck and softly stroking his shaft and thighs is magical.

He feels like her sweet pet being pampered by But the truth is I am a guy and I wear panties. Not white cotton briefs that could pass as unisex underwear. I wear lace or silk thong panties with ruffles and bows.

I should clarify that I do not wear them because I have a panty fetish. I do not get any sexual arousal from wearing With the shop all locked up and the rest of the staff heading home Julie and I went up to my office.

She stood with head slightly bowed at the side of my desk. I swivelled around in my chair to face her. I was already erect as I reached for the sides of A chance encounter with my former school teachers ends up with a painful but happy ending. When I was sixteen, I was sent to a private boarding school to study for my A-levels. The school was run by two sisters, both in their late thirties. Being aged sixteen to eighteen, and with a restricted syllabus, You tell me that I am a submissive and I feel that you are right about that.

Yes, you have spanked me, and I love it. I almost always cum when you do it. Kitten is not only my name, it is also my title. A title I earned as an apprentice slave to Master. I met Master as randomly as you meet most strangers. I was shopping at Target when I first saw him. I spied him from a distance, noticing how stunningly handsome he was.

He was pushing his basket down the aisle towards me and I was transfixed on him. As he grew closer I was having a drink with Garima, who said she was willing to put the past behind her but she just wanted me to understand the mess I had created through my lies and cheating. I tried to reassure her that I understood the mess I had created while trying to clarify that she was attributing to me far more animus than was real.

Tracie had sensed something very sexual about Lori when she had first moved in, but had no idea that something like this would ever happen. The taste of her juices still lingering on in her mouth answered that question. Now she had agreed to come Submission wasn't just a job for Jackline. It was a need, a deep desire that she craved every waking hour.

Submitting was an addiction which she constantly needed to satisfy. And even if she didn't have a collar snugly secured around her neck, sooner or later she would have to find a way to fall to her knees before someone, worshiping them, grovelling at her feet. She loved the I introduce my employee Julie to the joys of submission and domination through in-house training. As I turned away from watching Annie and Steven leave, my eyes sought out Malcolm.

It was quite a regular occurrence anyway but it gave it extra impetus to approach him directly and in turn having him telling her that I would be joining her bed in that night. Malcolm enjoyed being cuckolded. I was Jake We were having some bagels and coffee for breakfast.

Margaret gave me the phone and reminded me she would be listening in on the speaker. I let the phone ring once then hung up then again and the last time let it ring properly. I need to see you urgently. They were in his car, heading for a remote cabin in the Catskill Mountains. Michael was kidnapping Karen. And besides, it was her idea. I was feeling very pleased with myself that Saturday morning.

I watched, from my office upstairs, as customers streamed in and out of the shop; singles and couples alike with thoughts of romance and sex. Adult shops like mine had taken a bit of a battering over the last few years. Online shopping had decimated My high school years in Birmingham were typical, I suppose, and although I played football and had plenty of good friends, there was one boy, Jason, who hated my guts.

My name is Ken, and I was the star, starting quarterback on the team for all four years of high school. Jason was never able to take the starting position from me, and he functioned as my backup, either sitting on the bench Totally enjoying his mistress allowing him to have sexual intercourse with her, Donald is very tired when Emma tells him it is time for bed.

So much happened in the last two days, everything is at opposite poles. Where he knows he deserves to be. His head on her calves, they both fall into a deep sleep until morning. Carly stripped my clothes off while dancing around me erotically. I was soon left standing wearing only a purple lace thong panty. She then led me to the bed and put a ball-gag on me and tied my hands and feet and bent me over the bed.

There was a pillow under my hips to make my butt cheeks pooched into the air. I looked over my shoulder to see Carly holding a large wooden sorority She always has, but today, him trying to redeem himself with her it seems he is paying extra close attention to making sure he does perfectly hit each wonder spot.

She ponders if this is how he did it the first time with Subject A to get her to appreciate her desires. And when he looks up at her and asks if he could please pleasure She had such a sexy walk with her swinging hips hugged by tight white cotton trousers. He could see the slight bulge of the keys in the back pocket as her body pulled the fabric one way then the other. He watched her dark hair flow behind her, desperately hoping for one last turn

Erotic dbsm stories

Erotic dbsm stories