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Film orgie philippine

Film orgie philippine

Film orgie philippine

Film orgie philippine

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An old virus' new victims: HIV is now infecting the youth faster than any other age group, due in part, to technology and unsafe sex. An old virus, has new victims: HIV is now infecting the youth faster than any other age group, due in part, to technology and unsafe sex. Where are you from? It went on for weeks — getting to know each other, sharing personal information, and later, talking about sex.

His year-old online friend did not have any photos on his profile, but he did send Jake a photo of himself. The first time had been when he was just 18, with a friend, but this one was the first time he had ever slept with someone he met online.

They had sex that one time, and never again. First, his weight dropped so rapidly, his cheeks became sunken, his face more gaunt. Then his throat started to hurt, became sore and painful, making it harder to swallow.

In the evening, he woke up in cold sweats, sheets soaked, despite air conditioning on full blast. And then the flu-like symptoms went away in a week, as quickly as they came.

Jake graduated a few months later, among the top of his class, with cum laude honors. He was all set to become a seafarer, and was scheduled to embark on a ship for his first job. But Jake never made it onboard.

The symptoms were a sign of something much more serious than the flu. A year-old says he never thought he could be HIV positive. Jake had taken the human immunodeficiency virus HIV test on a complete whim, after HIV educators came to campus to inform students about its risks, bringing testing gear with them. There was no doubt in his mind about his status, even when his friend got a sealed envelope and he got nothing. Not even when he was made to wait for two hours.

Or when he was called to come inside, unlike those who came before him. And then the news came — a sudden hit, like a bolt of lighting, unexpected, but with such precision and intensity. Before the diagnosis, Jake had never learned about HIV, never used a condom or learned about how to properly use one, never knew there was a risk of being infected.

Neither did he know that he, a sexually active millennial, was highly susceptible to contracting the virus. It's an old virus, but with new victims. Young, sexually active millennials are seeing a rise in HIV infections across the world, a trend that does not spare the Philippines. Out of the 42, HIV-positive recorded individuals in the country as of March , 11, are from the age group in the country, according to a Department of Health DOH report.

With technology so readily available, finding sexual partners is as easy as a swipe to the right, clicking a follow button, or sending suggestive pictures and messages to strangers. Jake said that while he doesn't personally have Grindr or Tinder, he often receives messages from random strangers on Facebook: "Hi, are you straight? They befriend you. Then when things seem to be going well, they ask you to send naked photos.

Like every month," Figuracion said. The orgies, coordinated online and largely through Facebook, attract not just men who have sex with men, but bisexuals, and sometimes straight couples too.

In addition to technology, lines are often blurred when it comes to sexuality, which has become more fluid. Even those who are faithful to their partners may contract HIV, if their partners secretly have sex with other people, or if they are in open relationships.

While the age group with the highest number of HIV positive individuals remains to be Probably as early as 13, 14, when they were back in high school. Because many young people are not aware of HIV, they don't get tested regularly. Many are unaware they are living with the virus, because in most people, there are no symptoms — until it is far too late. The first few weeks are when the body first tries to respond to the virus. Symptoms go away on their own and are so similar to the flu that very few assume the symptoms are from HIV.

So many live with the virus for years, not knowing they are infected. Most find out they had been living with HIV, only when it turns into full-blown AIDS — when the immune system becomes too weak to fight off infection that they develop illnesses. When Jake first realized he was HIV positive, he tried to contact his former partner to let him know, and to tell him that he believes he got it from him.

But by then, the latter had blocked him from social media and all forms of communication. There is no telling how many other youth in the Philippines are unaware they are living with HIV and having sex — unknowingly infecting others. So many others are living with the virus, that without treatment, is slowly but steadily breaking down their immune systems. Figuracion said FPOP, which has 22 chapters and clinics across the country, has now invested in adolescents programs: making sure they are providing them testing services, teaching them about HIV prevention, and for those who need it, treatment.

It's used to map where their target market is, where the youth are. Their strategy is detailed, analytical — Figuracion like a general sending troops out to battle. Robert Figuracion Jr uses a map to strategize their approach to at-risk youth groups. Where do they usually hang out? In this case, the troops are other youth. Most of our volunteers are also members of the young key population," he said. Their theory is that the youth will be more comfortable talking about sex with other youth.

The same goes with other at-risk populations: for MSMs or transgenders for instance, peer counselors are also members of those groups. Once there, they become more open to take an HIV test. Or they can bring us to their community and we do that sometimes.

And as in any battle, the soldiers go far deep into the war zone, even going to beach parties popular with the youth like Labor Day festivities in Boracay — notorious for beach parties, booze, and sex — where peer counselors distribute condoms, and FPOP makes HIV tests available. Nothing like that.

While it is easier to have sex today, sexual education has not caught up, with many youth still uninformed about safe sex. There is some good news. The government agrees HIV prevention among the youth is a priority. The Department of Education is open to age-appropriate sex education. And even Catholic Churches are advocating for HIV prevention — although the strategy they promote is abstinence, rather than the use of condoms.

But there's still a lot of work to be done. Government offices coordinate with NGOs and other stakeholders to help curb the epidemic. Figuracion said there's a need to engage all stakeholders — from the education sector to parents at home — to train teachers on comprehensive sex education, to fight stigma, and to get the youth to access testing and treatment when needed. He said they also need to highlight that treatment is available and free for those with PhilHealth, since less than half of HIV positive individuals in the Philippines actually seek treatment.

That's legislating ordinances to have an HIV program city per city, province per province, and then towns per towns. There's also a need to change the current law, which dictates that minors under 18 need parental consent to get tested for HIV — which is a challenge, since many LGBT youth cannot even tell their parents about their sexuality.

It does not discriminate on sex. Not even on social class or economic class. Jake said he has told only a handful of people of his status, his most inner circle, but that his relatives have an inkling he is living with HIV. So every time that I drink using their glasses, or every time that I stay in their house, it broke my heart because I saw those plates I use — they actually have it thrown away.

Even oral sex has very little to no risk of HIV transmission. But even basic HIV information like this, is not known to many. Jake hopes this would change, that more youth would read up on HIV and get tested, that talking about safe sex need not be taboo. So every time that I drink using their glasses Nowadays, initial HIV test results are instant, and all it takes is a prick.

I just wanted to work, just locally. Push it. We'll help you. We're here. We are going to help you. You're going to work onboard and we're going to help you. And while he will need to take medications for the rest of his life to suppress the virus, like anyone who is infected, antiretroviral treatment in the Philippines is readily available.

This is another little-known fact: medication for those living with HIV is free for those with PhilHealth. At just 21, he very much looks forward to a long life ahead of him. He said he no longer regrets anything. While it initially felt like the universe had played a trick on him — he contracted the virus the one time he slept with a guy he met online — the stars did align when he found out about his positive status soon after.

If they're negative, they have to be able to know how to stay that way in order to be safe. Then if they know that they are positive, then they'll be able to know how to undergo medication to prolong their lives. Top photo from Shutterstock ; all other photos by Dyl Tolentino for Rappler. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.

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Film orgie philippine

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Ninja Party can be described as a sexually-charged, coming-of-age drama based on a frequently hushed about rumor about upper-class youth organizing orgies with anonymous partners. It is one of the five films competing in the newly established Sinag Maynila film festival, which is ongoing until March 24 in selected SM cinemas.

The week-long festival, spearheaded by Solar Entertainment mogul Wilson Tieng, with the help of Cannes award-winning director Brilliante Mendoza, seeks to open the perception of audiences here and abroad about socially relevant issues deserving of attention. Direk Jim, known for helming the breakthrough film Tribu Cinemalaya Best Film of , devises an utterly familiar world of rich high school students dipping their toes in the sordid realities of sexual exploration, despite their juvenile values conflicting with each other.

Perhaps it is already known that Direk Jim was once the famed erotic writer Xerex — well-received for his creatively vivid and imaginative narrations of sexual encounters of common, everyday people.

That said, this film feels like one of the stories he failed to publish but was saving for bigger, more profitable spectators. The sex scenes though subtly edited to meet the R rating , are rich in sound with enough skin to make your pants grow so to speak. They partake in naked soirees while wearing masks; hence, the title. He relied on female friends and colleagues namely screenwriter Iris Lee to flesh out the characters and bring the story to life.

Much like what he did in his two previous efforts, Tribu and Happy Land , Direk Jim chooses to use actors that are of the same social class and upbringing as the characters they are trying to portray. This casting dynamic worked remarkably well with Tribu using real-life gangsters in Tondo but the same cannot be said about Ninja Party. The material did not present enough room for the actors to be natural though Ms.

Dolonius did show some fiery promise and the story lacked enough meat to sell us the plot and get us interested in what these girls are going through. In this way, the message can be sent across more effectively as the material already teeters towards that direction anyway could have been a worthy Asian counterpart of American Pie. The strong supporting cast the beautiful yet underused teacher, the scarily authoritative Mother Superior, and the strikingly gorgeous Teresa Loyzaga as the jet-setting rich mom presents the opportunity to survey the story deeper why not have Mother Superior express her subdued sexual urges?

She already showed that hint early in the film. Instead, the narrative only made these actors look like mere caricatures. We get the idea — what these girls are organizing orgies with anonymous partners , how they are doing it, and most importantly, why.

But considering the purpose of the film festival it is a part of, Ninja Party falls short in making any of these truths relevant in any way. High school girls are having sex with high school boys, sure. Ninja Party presents a topic with enough bravado that we might be able to squeeze it in conversations over beer with friends.

Unfortunately, though, the effect only triggers a worthy-enough discussion — but not exactly a necessary one.

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Film orgie philippine

Film orgie philippine

Film orgie philippine